Thursday, 15 February 2018


As the winter breaths in the thorns of the roses, MAAC Kolkata enlivens to set up for its mesmerizing beginning with its Annual Picnic at the core of Monobitan near Joka.

Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.

The Picnic is conducted in relevance with the three centres of MAAC Kolkata- Chowringhee, Rashbehari and Ultadanga and all the students of these centres.

The best part of this Annual Picnic is that every student from all the three centres participates to make the day grand at its celebration.

On this day, the students, faculties as well as the founder of the MAAC Kolkata gives up all their differences and positions and begin to celebrate together with cheers.

The gay mood of the day begins with an elegant breakfast differently for veggies and non-veggies.

The Picnic is arranged in a way that covers numerous other amusement and fun activities, foods, drinks and inspiring prize distribution ceremony.

Games that were played at the Annual Picnic comprises of marble spoon games, relay racings, 100m racing, three legs and many more.

The two main attraction of the day was Cricket league and Football league between the MAAC Chowringhee and MAAC Rashbehari, MAAC Ultadanga.

What happens during the entire day is all students from all the three centres as well as faculties and staffs gather at a place and elate themselves.

Faculties and staffs also join this day as the day is not only for the students but also for the faculties and staffs too.

In this year, the Annual Picnic was organized on 10th of January on 2017 and the Picnic venue was Monobitan Amusement and Theme park.

On pick time at morning 8 a.m. luxurious buses came to the destined place at Chowringhee and picked up all the students and faculties from the place.

Luxurious deluxe buses were arranged for the purpose of the comfort of every one of MAAC.

Subsequently, all the students and the faculties got together along with their comrades and mentors to the allotted buses.

The students were super excited to reach the destination and start crumbling to rock the floor.

After reaching the above-mentioned venue they had their energetic breakfast.

With this breakfast begins the full of life part of the sports series.

At the very onset, boys had their cricket league.

Boys hopped to the cricket ground and played their best.

Both the MAAC Chowringhee and MAAC Rashbehari played well, however, at the end of the day MAAC Rashbehari won the Cricket match and brought home their auspicious trophy.

Coming to the ground two of Monobitan, different other sports were also conducted that comprises of 100-meter race, spoon and marble, three-legged race, 100-meter relay and so on.

Both the students and the faculties were indulged in the games.

Mentors too were well involved in the various amusement activities.

Students long waited for this occasion and by getting it at hand, students applauded gaily.

But after all, at the end of the day, all waited for the Football match.

Amidst all such entertainment games, the lunch break interrupted the session and the students along with the mentors are led to the lunch room for having their lunch.

From the fresh veggies to the paneer cuisines, from the smoky fish recipe to the spicy chicken, all add to the vigor of the beautiful day.

The Chatni and the desserts bring to the day utter sweetness of the relationship between the students and the mentors.

Last but not the least, it is to be mentioned that the green leaf mixture curbs out the elegance of the day with its scented fragrance and inner components.

After the lunch the players relaxed a bit, reenergizing themselves for the next upcoming event.

As each and every second of the day passes, with it triples the excitement of the students.

The day progresses to a perfect afternoon and it was time for the football teams to march their envy against each other.

On this part, all the students and the counsellors stood together to give the best of what they could.

All the teams gave their efforts equally and also equivalently showed their enviousness prominently but at the end of the day what brought the trophy to the MAAC Chowringhee is the joint efforts of the MAAC Chowringhee students and the MAAC Chowringhee mentors.

Throughout the journey of the entire day, the Director of MAAC Animation Kolkata, Mr Naveen Choudhary joined with the gang of mass and shared the thrills and enjoyment together.

As the game was over, the cool breeze of the dusk refreshed the fragileness of the tired players.

With this refreshment comes in the super cool, serene taste of the strawberry and butterscotch ice cream.

And don’t think it to be the last, as there is waiting the final moment of what can be said ‘revelation’ or ‘the prize distribution’.

Our honourable director, the representative of ground heartedness, Mr Naveen Choudhary is on the stage to distribute awards to the winners of the day.

Awards were distributed to the respected students and the winners.

One thing that can never be missed is that a ton of photographs was clicked rapidly and sometimes momentously to get the special moment’s forever recorded in the camera.

One can rewind and go back to the memories back to transcend the happiness together.

All these days are unforgettable, indeed.

A marvellous day spent a fantabulous experience to be shared and nonetheless, the fabulous foods ate, all summed up to the embellishments of the day.

All the events are recorded too on Facebook live in the page of Animation Kolkata so that viewers can get an idea of the grand celebration of MAAC Kolkata.

At the end of the previous day, all the students and the mentors are taken and assembled together to their allotted buses.

The buses left the venue only after ascertaining that all the students and the faculties including the staffs are present in the buses and the drivers set off for their journey back.

Subsequently, they were destined to their proper locations comfortably and without any haste.

The students went back with a heavy heart recalling the memories of the day and counting for the next year’s Picnic revitalizing the academic preparations of the upcoming exams.

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Disneys Grand Big Hero 6

Disneys Grand Big Hero-6 is out today’s topic of discussion highlighting some significant aspect of the movie.

Light is significant.

In the sense, light not only spreads brightness and transparency when you are going through dark but encompasses the vicinity with happiness where it lies.

In an obvious way light is that element that expresses happiness, sadness, fear and expression.

It has the capability of conveying an emotion all on its own.

Now in films, directors rely on light more than a setting or an actor.

Light is all it sets the progression of the sequence; it is the one that leads to good when evils are around you.

Today’s’ blog is about Big Hero 6, Disney’s one of the biggest production and film.

Hyperion is the new astonishing rendering tool that gave life to the Big Hero 6.

In this case, it will be good to mention that Hyperion was also used for creating the animated film Feast.

This film has featured a gorgeous food-driven dog that eats to the extreme.


To the point, in the film, the Animation is done by expert professionals.

However, they are aided by the unique Hyperion rendering tool.

This tool is used by the animators to create and simulate more naturally the behaviour of light.

In addition to it, the lighting operations are done more precisely and in a specific way.

It is a new type of lighting system that abets and supports global enlightenment.

The lighting system is an efficient system that helps in path tracing of a scene with a lot of geometry.

It is certain that without the help of Hyperion, the illustration and visual achievement of Disneys new Marvel hit just wouldn’t be possible.

The way the city of San Fransokyo is created brings out the Animators’ skill in animating.

The mash-up of San Francisco and Tokyo is created with an utter discrepancy.

The thing that is immediately striking about the film is how the fantastic dream-like city is created.

Here, just I’m giving the idea of the scale of the area, San Fransokyo comprised of 83,000 buildings, 260,000 trees, 215,000 streetlights and 100,000 vehicles, with essentially the exact same number and location of elements found in the real city of San Francisco.

This is almost the accurate representation of the area.

In reality, the Visual Effects team has recreated 23 different districts that are lighted concurrently with the help of Hyperion.

At the end of the day, the onscreen result is mind-blowing with more geometry in few scenes.

The city is created in a way that appears real, live, rich, and natural that existed in Tadashi’s (Character: Tadashi’s elder brother, the scientist) younger brother, Baymax’s world.

Uses of Hyperion

Hyperion is a light rendering tool in Animation.

It assists in harnessing light transport physics and analyzing the entire material response at every rebound.

The technique works in such a way that the dispersed rays prolongs to bounce off objects.

A point comes when they finally lose energy and scatter just as natural light in the real world.

The results are more pleasant, giving a softer and natural look.

Previously, the animators had to work more and had to render the light bounces manually.

However, this isn’t the scene now.

If stuck to the previous technique then it would have been impossible given the complexity of the Disneys vision for the murky marvel comic.

Hyperion is quite significant as it not only creates a more realistic look but also had a relevant impact on production.

The tool provides the artists to concentrate more on the appearance of the scenes.

It helps them to identify even minute mistakes closely and assists them in getting the small details right.

Even the character Baymax is created in a very sophisticated way.

He is given a real brother and translucent look with the help of Animation and modelling.

As a result of Hyperion, Baymax is given a softer and shiny look as it gives the impression of being, which is critical to the character’s personality.

Driskill is of the view that Hyperion makes rendering easier and convenient.

Earlier on in production, Hyperion offers animators with a better idea of the final product.

Although it may not seem to have a huge deal to the average moviegoer it is noteworthy for production in the very long run.

This technology is competent in rendering a film like 2010’s Tangled from scrape every 10 days by means of 55,000 core supercomputer extend across four rendering ran.

It is obvious that Disneys Animation has been authoritatively operating on Hyperion for some years.

However, the Hyperion technology is stressed before and is still in animation’s vein.

The more of it is to be utilized and the best of it is yet to come.

Taking  Disneys Big Hero 6 as a great example of it, it is seen that the results are stunning and authentic.

This credibility will lead to a much higher level than you are viewing now.

Hyperion has played a great role in revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

It played a major part in bringing Big Hero 6 to massive success.

 It has brought the city of Sans Fransokyo to life.

Disneys new technology is indeed marvellous as it has helped the animators and professionals to rise to a new horizon.

This blog is prepared by MAAC Kolkata as an enchiridion to the movie Big Hero 6.

This blog provides readers and viewers with the secret how the movie is created and the Animation techniques used in it.

If you are wondering how the innovative creation is created, then you have landed at the right place.

Over the previous years, MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Rashbehari and MAAC  Ultadanga have roused many yearning applicants.

We praise greatness in the most creative route through our different honour and acknowledgement.

We celebrate excellence in the most innovative way through our various award and recognition.

Making students job ready is what lies in our mission and vision of the institute.

Through our innovation, excellence and training we have created a niche as a premier Animation and VFX institute in India.

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics Kolkata has been moving and moulding developing innovative pioneers.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Weekly Master Classes Phase 2.0

MAAC Kolkata presents effective internal Master classes with a joint program from the MAAC Chowringhee, Rashbehari and Ultadanga.

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics is an entrenched Multimedia, Animation and Visual Effects Institute in Kolkata which has extended its wings in a few sections of Kolkata teaching and preparing different understudies from various parts of the world.

Our fundamental quality lies in the way that our very much prepared organization prepares the understudies with a top of the line experienced group of training faculties.

It is our central goal to set the objective and goal of each understudy who is occupied with making their profession towards Animation, Multimedia and Visual Effects.

Our mastery is essentially in 2D Animation, 3D Animation, VFX, Filmmaking, Multimedia courses, Gaming, Web designing, graphics designing and other AutoCAD courses.

This program is continuing for the last four years.

These master classes are started for the sake of the pupil so that they can get other information and knowledge from other fields of study also.

At our foundation, the number of understudies has officially crossed the limit of 2000 students  and this filled in as our outrageous motivation towards preparing and teaching the understudies through successful instruction.

The present classes at our establishment are absolutely no-nonsense specialized and identifying with the courses.

Aside from our associated and enrolled master classes, we are likewise presented to offer inside ace classes with the help of the understudies.

Presently you may ponder what these ace master classes are.

What are the internal and external  master classes?

It is our obligation to illuminate you in the way that other than giving the profitable essential classes we likewise proffer significant ace classes.

Master classes are those classes encouraged by our staff specialists on different pertinent subjects identifying with a decent variety of courses that are held here.

Since most recent four years, we have started this activity for the understudies and upon understudies’ request.

Also, its best piece is our organization gives these master classes out of free charges.

We realize that your financial plan is ostensible and dealing with it we are proffering the ace classes free of cost.

The most noteworthy things about the ace inner master class are that the resources examine and show understudies with respect to various subjects.

These various themes might be from Multimedia, Animation or Visual Effects.

Our foundations have educated a few subject points like Colour correction, Creating Effective Cartoon Composition, Anyone Can Design a Website, Fundamental of Realistic Texturing, CG Lighting Approach, Animatics, Nonlinear Animation, Miniature modeling, background designing, Face Modelling.

Colour Correction

Colour correction is a technique of using colour gels or filters for the purpose of stage lighting, photography, cinematography, television, and other fields of colouring.

Colour correction is very effective in correcting and editing the colour of images or illustrations in an efficient way to make the piece look perfect and artistic.

A scene may have several mixtures of colours so it is necessary to fix this problem with the help of the colour correction technique.

Colour filters can be applied to some camera lens with the purpose to adjust and modify the white colour balance of the image.

In case of video streams, white balance is maintained by digital operation of the signal.

Therefore the colour correction filters are not that essential.

But sometimes colour correction filters can increase the active range of the captured image.

Creating Effective Cartoon Composition

In this internal master class topic, the various methods of creating effective cartoon composition are discussed along with the techniques.

The methods of drawing, design, layout, symbols, analogy, are efficiently discussed along with the caricatures and stereotypes.

How the idea is established, how the cartoon can be composed and other different aspects are all discussed.

Anyone Can Design a Website

This category lies in the Website Designing courses.

We proffer trendy website Designing courses.

In addition, we also offer internal master classes which are out of the courses relating to the topic of the courses.

These classes are held by the effective faculties of our MAAC Kolkata who train their pupil technically as well as the theoretically.

The master internal class on this topic was held by one of our efficient faculty, Pathikrit Mukherjee.

Fundamental of Realistic Texturing

In this topic, faculty Kuntal Mukherjee has described in brief the varied basic fundamentals of Realistic texturing.

The well-known methods of texturing are all discussed in brief so that the students can get a brief idea about the elements of realistic texturing.

CG Lighting Approach

The computer-generated lighting is basically done when maintaining the camera lighting of Animation.

Again our one of the best faculties, Kuntal Mukherjee has taken the responsibility to teach the students about CG lighting.

The lighting in computer graphics is essential in Visual Effects and Animation.

Lighting in Computer Graphics alludes to the situation of lights in a scene to accomplish some coveted impact.

Picture synthesis and Animation packages all contain diverse sorts of lights that can be put in various areas and altered by changing the parameters.

Time and again, individuals who are making pictures or Animations disregard or place little accentuation on lighting.

This is sad since lighting is a vital piece of picture union.

The best possible utilization of lights in a scene is something that separates the capable CG individuals from the incompetent.

This isn’t another point as a lot of work has been done on lighting issues in photography, film, and video.

Since Image Synthesis is attempting to imitate reality, we can gain much from this past work.

Lighting can be utilized to make to a greater degree a 3D impact by isolating the closer view from the foundation, or it can consolidate the two to make a level 2D impact.

It can be utilized to set an enthusiastic temperament and to impact the watcher.


Now it seems quite a similar word as Animation.

However, there is a large difference between Animatics and Animation.

Though both of them are related to the same Animation they serve a different purpose.

An animatic is an animated storyboard.

In this technique, boards are fetched into an editing program.

Subsequently, they are cut together and coincided with proper timing and pace of the film or the video stream.

What do they include? They include the elemental sound effects, dialogue recordings and the entire scratch soundtrack.

An animatic is used for several purposes.

Just as storyboards, an animatic is also used for the purpose of pre-visualizing the film or the video stream prior to the production begins.

They are significant for creating an animated movie as they let you visualize what the film may look like for the very first time.

This is considered as the final step before going to the 3D.

This class was taken by Jayanta Roy Chowdhury from the MAAC Kolkata faculty team.

Non-linear Animation

In the wake of quickening a character or object with keyframes or motion capture, you can gather its animation information into a solitary, editable succession.

This animation sequence is called an animation cut.

While you may make activity cuts in a particular request in light of a particular storyline, nonlinear animation alludes to the way toward moving, reworking, controlling, and mixing those clasps to create another arrangement of animation sequences.

In Maya, there are two kinds of clips: source clips and consistent regular clips.

Maya saves and ensures a character’s unique animation curves by putting away them in source cuts.

You don’t utilize source clips to quicken your characters.

Rather, you utilize duplicates or cases of source cuts called standard clasps to vivify your characters nonlinearly.

Moving, controlling, and mixing customary clips to create a smooth arrangement of animation for a character is the premise of nonlinear animation.

Miniature modeling

Miniature modeling is a type of modeling that is used basically in miniature shoots like in Jurassic World.

The possibility of the miniatures has been used as a piece of various Bollywood and Hollywood motion pictures like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Cliffhanger, Terminator, Batman Begins, Ra-One and some more.

The process of shooting miniatures is a very artistic, creative and interesting process.

It is a requirement that an individual has to comprehend the perspective, size, scale and extent of the object.

On this front, let me inform you that there are good deals of Visual Effect courses that can assist you to comprehend the crucial and central elements to enable you to upgrade your Visual Effects skill and abilities.

Background Designing

Background Designing or BG modeling is termed as the designing of three-dimensional background environment or visuals by utilizing the variety of distinct computer software programs and tools.

BG modelling is considered as a complex process where the artist is liable to develop the background surrounding of the video stream with the help of certain modelling tools in Autodesk Maya.

As for example, the background designing in ‘The Jungle Book’ is outstanding and it has been successful in creating the Jungle background in an effective way.

The entire background sequences of the movie are created with the help of BG designing like the trees, the background of the motion video streams of the animals and many more.

Face Modelling

Face modeling is an area which is important in Animation.

Face modeling, from the word itself, gives an idea about what the face modeling is.

It is a process in computer graphics that encompasses methods and procedures for the purpose of creating and generating animated images or models of a character face in animation.

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

After Effects Software & Implementation

Adobe After Effects can be defined as digital after effects, motion graphics and compositing software that helps to operate in the post-production procedures of the movie making, filmmaking and television production.

It is produced by the Adobe systems. The other uses of Adobe After Effects are keying, compositing, tracking, animation and Visual Effects.

Assuming that you are new to the software then this blog will help you to have an idea about it.

This blog is presented by the MAAC Kolkata as an enchiridion to Adobe After Effects operation and implementation.

Importance of After Effects software

This software helps to create, composite, and stylize 2D tape layers in 3D space.

It plays a very significant role depending on the user’s needs.

As for example, it can be said that an indie Visual Effects artist might only use After Effects for title design but an animator uses it for making 2D cartoon characters.

It is a well notable fact that After Effects is far-fetched software. However, it is not ideal for editing footage.

It is because of the fact that it does not allow the similar playback layout as video editing application.

Even though After Effects is highly functional and efficient, the way it is structured is actually easy and convenient.

Every video editing application uses a layer system and similar is the case with After Effects.

While you are working on 2D composition it is very beneficial.

At the time of 3D composition, if you set layers to 3D, then with the help of After Effects it becomes easy to bring them in front of other 3D layers.

Moreover, it can also make the 3D layers closer to your camera in 3D space.

The Effects Library

The After Effects Library is highly effective than all other video applications software because it consists of a huge spectrum of effects library.

It is examined that there are actually more than hundreds of built-in effects that can be blended to create an endless number of artistic possibilities.

Now here you are led before a variety of effects in the Adobe After Effects.

Simulation Effects

Simulation effects are another aspect of Adobe After Effects.

It consists of 18 simulation effects built into it. These effects can be used to generate and create anything from rain to smoke.

The plus point about this effect is, it is completely customizable.

Supposing that it is paired with other effects, the work can be taken to further progress and functionality. In order to make the after effect, it is dragged and dropped.

On the case, no customization was necessary.

Stylize Effects

After Effects also include stylize effects which is largely effective while working with videos.

It is beneficial for providing your videos and layers new styles and effects.

These are specifically drag-and-drop effects that can be maneuvered to make astonishing looks and styles.

There are certain important effects in this section like CC Glass effect and the posterize effect.

Adobe Plugins and Uses

It’s an ideal opportunity to bring a jump into the grand universe of After Effects modules – outsider additional items for Adobe Creative Cloud’s 3D, movement designs and liveliness programming.

While there are in this way, such a significant number of to browses’ will undoubtedly be the bounty in this little choice to take your work to the following level.

There are diverse After Effects plug-in in Adobe that serves users while their work in Motion Graphics and compositing.

Element 3D V2.2 is considered as an effective plugin that aids to create multifaceted animations with the abundance of amazing features.

These features consist of low poly distortion, particle noise with ambient occlusion, subsurface scattering, shadows, and reflections.

Twitch helps to build and automate all types of effects and transitions.

It is considered as a cost-effective way to sort down things in an orderly manner.

It comes with 25 expedient presets to let you begin, as well as some royalty-free sound effects to enhance the pact.

Duik is an After Effects plugin in Adobe that proffers IK rigging animation toolset. It is a cost-effective way to use apart from all other Rainbox’s AE plugins.

There are various modules, however a couple of the most well-known modules accessible for After Effects are Element 3D, Trapcode Particular, Plexus, and Optical Flares.

The Element 3D module is perhaps the greatest outsider module since it enables clients to import, texturize, shading, light, and make 3D protests within After Effects.

It doesn’t supplant a 3D displaying application altogether — yet in the event that you just work with 3D protests once in a while, it’s a useful device for accelerating the 3D configuration process.


Compositing software can be defined as software that can be utilized to bring in manifold assets jointly in order to create a finished scene.

As for example, it can be taken that a single VFX shot needs a green screen plate, a background dust, few explosion and blasting sequence and smoke all to be composited into a solo scene.

Most video editors use After Effects’ compositing capacities for less-showy activities.

It’s normal to use After Effects to complete a speedy screen trade for an item demo or obscure out a logo utilizing the 3D camera tracker.

Much the same as in Photoshop, After Effects layers, can go up against certain mixing modes that influence they way your layer is deciphered with the recording behind it.

This is incredible for 3D models and outlines, as you frequently perform multi-pass renders in which distinctive components will be composited together to make a last 3D picture.

For this situation, you may have a shadow layer in which you need to just observe the dull parts of the picture and a features layer in which you just need to see the light parts.

These are the assortment of the various implementation techniques of Adobe After Effects software.

MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Rashbehari and MAAC Ultadanga jointly present to you the efficient use of After Effects software in various fields of Multimedia, Animation, Visual Effects, Web Designing and Graphics.

If you are looking for a guidebook to success in effects operation then this blog might be helpful to you.

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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Myths Related To Animation Adventures

The Animation is all about creating the illusion of life.

And myths related to it, lead to fable Animation adventures.

The Animation industry is fast emerging in the Media and Entertainment industry.

The movement business is the matter of making myth and enchantment.

All things considered, it’s not astonishing that a bunch of meta-myths have emerged—simple to trust lies about the business itself.

In getting ready for their future vocations, the up and coming age of illustrators and specialists require not be waylaid by such bits of gossip.

MAAC Chowringhee, Kolkata brings to you the following five regular myths about the universe of kid’s shows and the truth behind them.

Here you can get a brief idea about the myth and fables associated with the world of Animation, Animated films, and many more.

Myth 1: Animation is a kid’s play

This one essentially bests the rundown. It’s something we hear constantly.

There’s a sure inclination that lone kids watch Animation – and that, as well as any other individual who really chips away at liveliness, has the psyche of a kid. Not genuine, we’d get a kick out of the chance to state.

Nobody will challenge that kids are gifted and imaginative, yet most children wouldn’t have the capacity to create, plan and draw TV quality movements, substantially less anything on the level of Shrek or Cars.

Even not taking a gander at the Japanese Animation (anime) has many full-length movies and projects.

It basically focuses on developing gatherings of people; numerous American Animations appreciate a wide group of onlookers of grown-ups who appreciate the activities for having exceptionally professional bundles, drawing in plots – and this with a demeanor of honesty particular to enlivened items.

Myth 2: 2D Animation is an old cup of tea

There is an interesting myth that 2D Animation looks outdated.

When 3D Animation is hiking theatres across the globe, 2D art endures.

On an international level, films like Sony Picture’s Persepolis, and Paprika prolong to flabbergast audiences with enthralling, hand-drawn cinema.

At a regional and local level, Walt Disney Animation is trying hard to feature their 2D anime, The Princess and the Frog.

The internet has spawned incessant chances for Flash-based 2D projects as well.

Myth 3: Necessaries of Animation Process

The saying goes like “Knowing is halfway to what you can do”, however; the other part is your accomplishment.

It is crucial to adept at every facet of the Animation process.

According to the words of 3D artist Chris Marsh, he states that fanning the effort and skills to meet the deadline, as per the process demands only decreases the quality of work and production time.

However, this is never a good option. The main Animation process requires the efforts of many experts and professionals.

It is certain that Walt Disney did not achieve this stature in the world by following this vague process. He did it by amassing the greatest Animation team ever.

With the help of this blog discover yourself, what best you can do and endeavour to do it better.

Myth 4: Stick to single Animation studio

It is believed that if you start your career with one Animation studio then you will have to stick to it throughout your life.

Even they provide you low wages you are fabled to stick to that much penny.

Towards the beginning, you are hired with a minimum wage in a studio environment.

It’s a beginner or a newcomer who starts off doing just cleanup work or a beginners’ internship position.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to be loyal to them forever.

Truth turns to his side when he comes out as an experienced person from that Animation studio and shifts to the big studio with his talent.

This will result in his success as well as strengthen the reputation of the Animation studio.

Myth 5: People prefer live-action than Animation

It is a belief that many people have a notion to prefer live-action than Animation.

However, the belief turns out to be vague. As live-action movie brings more fantasy and vivacious factor to the concept and cinematography so it is preferred a lot.

But Animation is preferred most for various other reasons; it can work in your favour.

Several questions arise to the surface like Why do that fine piece of art sell up for billions?

Why people rush to the theatres when Kung Fu Panda 2 went to the theatres or Angry Birds?

The answer is quite simple but it connotes deep meaning.

Despite what the digital age offers an sometimes makes you believe, people appreciate human-crafted art.

In the recent times, Animation is emerging rapidly with a great pace towards the Entertainment industry. It encompasses any medium and forms.

It is certain that different Animators bring diverse flavor to their creations.

As a result, they help to maintain diversity to the Animation.

In order to be an Animator, you have to be a master artist, but this idea or conception is wrong.

It is not mandatory to be a Rembrandt to animate well.

The thing is you have to be acknowledged of all the techniques and tools of Animation. You should work methodically.

Animate and Animation are the same things, so don’t get confused with the words.

MAAC Kolkata clears up all the queries and doubts that might be wandering in your mind.

The Animation is the highest production industry today across the globe.

A good production earns billions out of it and with this turnover they get the best use out of it for the next project.

Animated films, movies, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Animated series, episodes, cartoons and models are in great demand throughout the world.

Not only the big studios create Animation that is worth watching but that doesn’t mean that minds with intelligence and innovation are neglected.

It is obvious that great Animation studios circulate more due to their scale and budgets.

However, great Animation has always been made on a blockbuster like Sinbad the Sailor, unleashed it to the brim.

You can contact us anytime when you feel free to think about your career opportunities.

MAAC Kolkata not only provides premium quality career courses but it also refers to various big production houses.
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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Weekly Master Classes Phase 1.0

The presentation of Master classes is a joint initiative is from the MAAC team of Chowringhee, Rashbehari and Ultadanga.

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics is a well established Multimedia, Animation and Visual Effects Institute in Kolkata which has stretched its wrings in several parts of Kolkata educating and training various students from different parts of the world.

Our main strength lies in the fact that our well-equipped institute trains the students with a high-end experienced team of training.

It is our mission to set the target and goal of every student who is interested in making their career towards Animation, Multimedia and Visual Effects.

Our expertise is basically in 2D Animation, 3D Animation, VFX, Filmmaking, Multimedia courses, Gaming, Web designing, graphics designing and other AutoCAD courses.

At our institute, the number of students has already crossed the boundary of 2000 students and this served as our extreme inspiration towards training and educating the students through effective education.

The present classes at our institute are totally hardcore technical and relating to the courses.

Apart from our affiliated and registered classes, we are also bestowed to offer internal master classes for the assistance of the students.

Now you might be wondering what these master classes are. What are the internal and external classes?

It is our duty to inform you of the fact that besides providing the valuable important classes we also proffer relevant master classes.

Master classes are those classes fostered by our faculty experts on various relevant topics relating to diversity of courses that are held here.

Since last four years, we have begun this initiative for the sake of the students and upon students’ demand.

And the best part of it is our institute provides these classes out of free charges.

We know that your budget is nominal and taking care of it we are proffering the master classes free of cost.

The most significant things about the master internal class are that the faculties discuss and teach students regarding diverse topics.

These diverse topics may be from Multimedia, Animation or Visual Effects.

As for example, our institutes have taught several subject topics like: 3D Matte Painting, Character Designing, 2D to 3D Conversion (Stereoscopic 3D), Art of Stereoscopy, Storyboard (Part-1), Storyboard (Part-2), Clay Modelling, Clay Modelling (Day-2), Basic of Maya Dynamics, Clay Modelling (Day-3), Mudbox Modelling, Glass Painting, Art &Craft.

From the names only you are getting a brief idea about the importance of the subject matters.

3D Matte Painting

Coming to the first topic, 3D Matte Painting can be defined as the painted illustration of the scenery or landscape in 3D/three-dimensional in order to permit the filmmakers to generate and create the illusion of the environment that is not present or existing in the film scene.

Matte painting is combined with live-action to bring the credibility of the film or animation scene.

In this field, digital compositing is conjunct with 3D matte painting to produce the final effect.

Character Designing

Character designing is the work of creativity and artisan. It is made as a result of the artist’s craftsmanship.

It is basically 3D character modelling that can be defined as the procedure of developing/designing of a body through the mathematical representation of the body in three dimensions with the help of specialized software.

2D to 3D Conversion (Stereoscopic 3D)

2D to 3D Conversion(Stereoscopic 3D) is the way toward changing 2D (“level”) film to 3D shape, which in all cases is stereo, so it is the way toward making symbolism for each eye from one 2D picture.

Stereo after generation work process is significantly more intricate and not also settled as 2D work process, requiring more work and rendering.

Proficient stereoscopic apparatuses are considerably more costly and massive than standard monocular cameras.

A few shots, especially activity scenes, can be just shot with generally little 2D cameras.

Storyboard (Part-1& Part-2)

Two classes on storyboard are taken with a view to going into a detailed discussion of the topic.

Storyboard is the graphics planner in the form of depictions and illustrations exhibited in the form of sequence so that it can be beneficial in pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphics or interactive media sequence.

The subject matter is sectioned into two phases with a view to capture the relevant portions and educate the students about the method to perform storyboard.

In this way, students can also realize their fields of interests and fix their mind.

Clay Modelling & Clay Modelling (Day-2 & Day-3)

Clay modelling or clay model making is the process in which models are made with clay for the purpose of automobile design and Animation.

Here the faculty took three consecutive classes on this topic in which they discuss the importance of clay modelling in clay animation or claymation.

It is largely used in Stop Motion Animation. The best of this topic is that through this class students are also acknowledged about the necessaries of Stop Motion Animation.

It is important to mention that clay modelling or clay figures are often used in stop motion so that they can be repositioned to give different shapes for framing.

Claymation or Clay Animation can be defined as a stop motion animation that uses plasticine for remodelling.

As for example the film Kubo and the Two String is created with the help of clay modelling and Stop Motion Animation.

Basic of Maya Dynamics                                                                             

The basic fundamentals of Maya are taught to the students and a master class of it was relevant to make the pupil analyze the varied spectrum of Autodesk Maya and its fundamentals.

Mudbox Modelling

Now coming to the Mudbox, texture painting is a propelled procedure that is a computerized 3D sculpting and painting tool in Autodesk Maya.

The procedure of BG modelling and texturing includes successive steps through which every modeller has to adapt besides Mudbox modelling and texturing.

Several tools are present in the software like Autodesk Mudbox, Zbrush and Mesh are implemented to the model-environment or model.

Mudbox offers the conventional full-length layer based finishing work process which comes handier and simple to control than Z Brush.

As Mudbox presented the standard layers technique, it turned out to be simple for specialists to comprehend the procedure similarly as in another programming.

The extra favourable position of working in Mudbox is you can see the impact of your artistic creations live while you are painting.

It applies to each material including the Incandescent and Specularity. What’s more, by utilizing Ptex you can disregard UV mapping in Mudbox.

The points of interest unmistakably demonstrate to us the scoreboard sliding towards the Mudbox when the issue is about surface painting.

The Mudbox UI is a 3D domain that permits the making of portable cameras that can be bookmarked. Models made inside the program regularly begin as a polygon work that can be controlled with a wide range of apparatuses.

A model can be subdivided to build its determination and the quantity of polygons accessible to shape with. 3D layers enable the client to store diverse detail passes, mixing them with multiplier sliders and layer covers.

Utilizing layers the client can shape and form their 3D demonstrate without rolling out changeless improvements.

Glass Painting

Glass Painting is a handmade design that can be crafted as handcraft material.

The process involves extensive painting on glass and it is a contemporary art.

This art is derived from the primordial art of stained glass painting.

Art & Crafts

Several works of art and crafts are also taught in MAAC Kolkata out of the course’s syllabus so that the students get interest while studying.

Varieties of relevant areas are never missed out by our faculty team in the institute.

We are centralized to focus on the significant areas of Multimedia, Animation and VFX.

We had a strong reputation in the market scenario for proffering premium quality training courses to the pupil and we keep it hard to maintain it.

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