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Hand Craft Competition At MAAC Kolkata

The New Year Event at Maac Kolkata of Poila Boisakh has brought in new aspirations, resolutions in the new calendar of 1425 Bengali’s New Year.

With a warm welcome, all the students of MAAC Kolkata including that of the three centers of Chowringhee, Ultadanga, and Rashbehari are led to a new event on the theme play ‘Poila Baisakh’.

The MAAC Chowringhee specialist takes this activity to gather their understudies together and work with an aggressive mentality to address the occasions’ issues.

‘Make a Handmade Craft’ occasion sorted out by the scholastic division of MAAC are operational in each long stretch of consistently.

A few weeks by week and month to month occasions are likewise sorted out to draw in understudies’ emphasis on alternate regions identifying with extracurricular exercises separated from scholastics.

Prior to the day, all arrangements were set, students were notified about the procedures of the competition.

All codes of conduct are given in the category of sit and craft where they are advised to create ‘greetings’ of the new year in their own way.

The day knocked the door and with it came the grand inauguration of the MAAC Ultadanga center.

The center premises were designed and ornamented in a way that offers positive vibes from every nook and corner of the area.
All assembled and set, the students sat, draw and create their piece individually.

Breaks were provided along with lunch buckets.

The day’s end was awesome with all the students with their pieces.

Almost all the students participated in the contest.

Merry-making was at its height.

In this event, the faculties came together with the pupil and a bridging of the gap is fulfilled.

Have a look at the marvelous pieces prepared by the pupil of Maac Kolkata.

The piece is created by paper cutting and painting.

Such a landscape is very common but the cutting edge art behind its plane is indeed commendable.

The swastika at its front retains the base theme of the craft.

Look at the color hues pattern- a sense of serenity is reflected through the entire craft which can make its way to the prize list.

The above artwork gives a typically Bengali look with ‘Kulo’ made by bamboo cutting and drawing the image of an owl.

The owl is the symbol of wealth and Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi.

The combination of red and green makes a perfect amalgamation of optimism for the new upcoming year.

The greetings piece comprises of Lord Ganesha in red, a traditional hand fan in yellow-red with a coconut (green) with the letters ‘Suvo Nababarsha’ suits the gay mood of the New Year Day.

The great traditional ‘Kalash’ pot of Hindus, the sign of good and Now and then “Kalasha” additionally alludes to such a pot loaded with water and finished with a coronet of mango leaves and a coconut.

This mix is frequently utilized as a part of Hindu customs and delineated in Hindu iconography.

The whole game plan is called Purna-Kalasha, Purna-Kumbha, or Purna-ghata.

Every one of these names truly signifies “full or finish vessel” when the pot is alluded to as the Kalasha.

The swastika on its shiny plane denotes symbol of endurance and source of life.

Bringing this theme up to this day is stunning.

One painting is drawn on a ‘thali’ or ‘plate’, the plate is painted with white hues and in the middle, the remnants are crafted.

The swastika is the elementary symbol of Bengali’s New Year and its presence s seen in almost every artwork.Maac Kolkata

In this piece, there is a unique part created with flour.

The flour is mixed with water and then it is colored orange.

The resulting flour material is narrowed in a line and divided as per required.

Then the structure of a Ganesha architect is created to give it a sense of prosperity and decency.

Some models were also created on which pupil have painted.

The framing of which is made with the concept of roses, the typical Durga Puja look is given with one side with the idol of Durga, sitting on lion taking son Ganesha on her lap and a woman on the other side.

The entire competition was conducted under the supervision of the faculty team.

A specific time was given to all pupil within which they had to submit their work.

As per the time they had completed their tasks and were set to enjoy the day, the occasion of ‘Barshoboron’.

So are you thinking to join MAAC Kolkata?

Then what are you waiting for?

Come to the global leader in VFX–Animation–Multimedia–Gaming, MAAC Kolkata.

MAAC Kolkata is positioned as the most supported establishment by the activity, VFX and sight and sound understudies of Kolkata.

It gives first-rate quality instruction about movement, VFX and sight and sound to the understudies.

There are a few occasions composed by MAAC Kolkata consistently.

Workshops, master classes, challenges, rivalries and other fun occasions are arranged and organized.

Thus, understudies get the chance to meet and go to classes and workshops by industry experts.

This carefully assembled logbook making rivalry is sorted out each year.

Similarly as consistently, in this year additionally understudies from every single other focus have taken part and demonstrated their imaginative abilities by making unmistakable assortments of the chronicle.

A few ideas demonstrate the assorted individual assessments of the understudies that they accumulate from a few fields of their experience.

It is obvious that our understudies are made that effective to meet any future necessities at whatever point required.

The MAAC Chowringhee specialist requires a dynamic support of the understudies in every one of its occasions and events.

Parallel to the training courses it is likewise expected to stay display in such events as the organization obliges the understudy’s needs and improvement.

Our major quality lies in the way that our specially arranged association readies the understudies with an awesome experienced gathering of preparing resources.

It is our focal objective to set the goal and objective of each understudy who is possessed with making they’re calling towards Animation, Multimedia, and Visual Effects.

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Share Significance of Post- Production in Filmmaking.pdf - 1 MB

Share Significance of Post- Production in Filmmaking.pdf - 1 MB

Significance Of Post-Production In Filmmaking

To every Pre-Production, there is a production and to every production, there is a Post-Production.

The word ‘importance’ implies that significance or relevance of something important.

After pre-production and production of any film, there is a post-production of a film.

When we are talking about a movie or a TV show, the role of an editor is crucial in the contribution of the film.

However, the role of an editor is, in any shape, overlooked.

What happens in Hollywood is unless you are an actor or director, you are almost certainly not getting the recognition you deserve.

But this blog is about to shed some light on the significance of the people who always remains behind the screens and work or hours on end.

They are the ones who match eye lines, colour grading or adding in explosions.

Thanks to those people who work hard to make the ultimate product fruitful and productive.

Thank you guys you are truly awesome.

There are various processes that lie in the Post-Production techniques of a film.

Each of this process is strenuous; however, the outcomes for each step can generate or break your end result.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the post-production procedures that are accomplished during the post-production of a film.

MAAC Kolkata is presenting to you the diverse processes in post-production like vision cutting, colour grading, sound editing, VFX and their aspects in post-production.

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, Kolkata proffers you a handful of effective training courses on Animation, Visual Effects, Multimedia, Filmmaking, Digital Film Making, Graphics Designing and Web Designing with effective training and teaching in the related areas.

So let’s take a look at the examples of what each task involves.

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

For instance, you can have a look at the re-edit of the blockbuster Disney movie, ‘Frozen’.

Everyone is aware of what the film is about.

However, in this snip, it’s been superbly rebuilt to look like a clip for a horror movie.

Now, this is time to pay attention to the sound design in this clip.

Subsequently, the melody and jingle in the trailer highly effect on the emotion reduced.

Colour shading is also done in this video which features the significance of its role in manipulating the look of the film.

As a result, the general outlook of the film including the feel is not anymore Disney, but a sinister horror film.

Another aspect of the post-production is, some films can change less than others, but the latency for change can be huge.

Another example that can be given is the film ‘Annie Hall’.

The film is to be rumoured to have been re-written in editing.

Sometimes editing can also be done for the purpose of highlighting the actor’s performance.

Editing is also done to focus some characters’ special performance.

The editing is a vital part of the film as it helps to save a film from a lackluster scene.

There are certain low cost-budget films that utilize lots of long takes with just a few retakes.

This type of films is more prone to mistakes and they require effective editing.

They are more immune to artistic shifts in editing; however, the global editing is the heart of post-production.

Colour Grading

Colour grading can be defined as the job of making video streams go perfectly from shot to shot.

You might be wondering that what this colour grading is.

Does it carry any significance?

Yes, it is significant in a film post-production.

The effect a colourist can have on a look of the film is unparalleled.

It can give any shade to a movie by re-editing a happy go lucky clip to a dark and sinister one.

Most movies utilize shading preparing to enhance the tone of the caught pictures and keep up consistency starting with one shot then onto the next.

Others utilize shading adjustment in a publication limit.

The principal renowned film to make broad utilization of colour shading amendment was Oh Brother Where Art Thou, which transformed lavish scenes into yellow fields of exemplary Americana.

Sound Mixing and Design

Sound, as told before is the most important part of any film.

Not just is sound apparently the essential piece of achieving a feeling of authenticity, yet it can totally control the tone of a film by mounding the feeling of expression in the viewers.

However, there is a problem with soundtrack and outline.

The noticeable prominence of a soundtrack changes definitely from one film to another.

The issue lies in the fact that the gathering of people/audience may have the possibility of tuning out if your sound is not up to the par.

This is the step of post-production where all the pieces assemble together.

Editing is considered as a call and response with the script, thus shaping a film into a digestible format.

Sound or melodies have the capability to influence the tone of a film.

It is the key to a film as it moulds your feeling during a scene.

Visual Effects or VFX

During the recent years, most films utilize Visual Effects to at least some limit.

You may ask how?

My answer is it is the way through which the background objects can be diverted and also the captured sky can be edited and made more comprehensive, adding the point of interest to the sky.

A few movies utilize Visual Effects or VFX to an extraordinary degree.

If you are wise enough to analyze the rule of VFX, then you will start utilizing VFX for the same.

The group of onlookers has an undeniably low resistance for low-quality VFX, all the more frequently irritated by “self-evident” VFX than excited by astounding creatures and activity successions.

Visual Effects or VFX plays a very significant role in the completed result of a film.

As a result, much is finished with the help of VFX.

In the recent era, a number of films are crossing the budget of millions, it had become essential to take the assistance of Visual Effects to make the production cost economical.

The work these artists or indeed craftsmen do is amazing and you can have no clue how they do it.

So come on you can also be a part of such movie such experience just by one click.

Register Here.

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Design Website With Useful Plugins

Among the best plugins for designing website, WordPress is both the world’s most well-known blogging stage and the broadest utilized CMS.

There is a reason why it is so popular and mainstream; the reason is that it cheerfully abets templating and plugins, making it very adaptable and customizable to suit diverse website requirements.

Today’s blog is about the best free plugins that are used mostly by the designers to design website.

The blog is presented by the MAAC Kolkata to inform the readers as well as the pupil of designing the various free plugins to be used in website designing.

This adaptability, close to the stage’s enormous notoriety, implies that there are a large number of free WordPress plugins accessible on the web.

That is the uplifting news.

The awful news is that arranging the good product from the debris can be a genuine test.

So underneath we’ve picked a portion of the best WordPress modules to add usefulness to your site.

What’s more, as the good to beat all, will be all accessible for nothing out of pocket!


You might be wondering why it is Lazy Load?

Lethargic loading implies that you just download things whenever you require them.

However, this spares server data transmission and means your clients begin considering things to be rapid as could be expected under the circumstances.

This type of plugins ennobles and empowers you to execute the procedure on the WordPress site.


Assuming that you have comments enabled and you don’t make a movement against spam, it will be not late that you will be overwhelmed.

The Akismet plugin plays a very important role in designing website.

The Akismet plugin assists you out by contrasting each remark against its database and evacuating the ones that may resemble spam.

There is also an option that you can audit what’s been done and restore certifiable remarks in the event that you have to.

Google Analyticator

Conceding that you need your WordPress blog to become more popular and famous or to wind up plainly more mainstream, you have to start contemplating about promotion.

On this front, keywords play a very important role in SEO.

If you are aware of the keywords that the viewers are using, you can utilize those in your post to attract more traffic.

The Google Analyticator plugin sums ups the JavaScript code that is relevant to empower Google Analytics on your WordPress dashboard.

After you empower this plugin, go to the settings page, input your Google Analytics UID, and at that point validate your Google Analytics account with Google Analyticator.

Instagram Image Gallery

With the exploding of the social media and online networking, the requirement to incorporate feeds into your site has expanded.

However, this is an incredible case of a simple straightforward amalgamation of the Instagram benefit.

You need to select whether to import pictures/images from a specific user, or in light of the specific hash tag, and the module will wrap up.

Another thing you can do is you can pick among to show the framework of thumbnails or a slideshow of pictures.

Subsequently, there are choices that can alter and customize the background, shading themes, borders/fringes and the slideshow pacing.

However, it is the relative absence of configuration alternatives that give this plugin its appeal.

The Events Calendar

Yes, there are heaps of various event plugins accessible for WordPress.

However, truly among them, the most prominent and outstanding plugins is The Events Calendar.

The Events Calendar plugin is highly efficient in designing website.

It helps in broadening the WordPress post composes a new Event class.

Therefore, it enables you to rapidly make the events and incorporating functionality into the website.

The Events Calendar plugin has the capacity to render a rundown, efficient logbook calendar view, search events and coordinate maps.

In case you’re running a club or society or planning a WordPress-controlled website for a customer that frequently runs occasions, this plugin will spare you an enormous measure of time.

Pricing Table Builder

Pricing Table Builder is a useful WordPress plugin that makes it simple and easy to produce, make and distribute wonderful pricing tables on your WordPress site.

This Pricing Table Builder is an effective plugin that works with the help of any WordPress topic that you have introduced.

Subsequent to introducing the plugin and making your first pricing evaluating table, you have the option to distribute your table any place on your website utilizing a shortcode.

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

The HTML5 jQuery Audio Player plugin is considered as a splendid WordPress plugin for making a customized tweaked sound player that sits on your website.

This plugin abets different or single tracks and in addition playlists, and is embedded into your standard content with the natural shortcode framework.

In light of HTML5, it works over every single present-day program.

The Lite rendition is free, and there’s likewise a Proform with additional highlights.


In case you are searching for a versatile skin arrangement solution, then WPTouch is an extraordinary plugin compared to other WordPress plugins for the purpose of your requirements.

It enables you to serve an alternate topic to clients on a cell phone, for example, an iPhone or Android telephone, giving an easy to use and little screen-streamlined form of your substance as opposed to driving versatile clients to explore a work area orientated plan.

On this front, installation is exceptionally straightforward and trouble-free.

The plugin can be arranged so that it can coordinate your general design artistic moderately effortlessly.

This is an awesome convenient solution arrangement in the event that you would prefer not to get into outlining your own particular versatile subject.


JetPack brings a portion of the usefulness of WordPress facilitated online journals to self-facilitated WordPress establishments.

The features and highlights of the JetPack plugins are wide and shifted.

They incorporate cloud-hosted stats for your site, email membership to your site, an inherent URL shortener benefit, interpersonal organization networking based on the remarking and commenting, inline spelling and sentence structure checking and an improved gallery system.

NextGen Gallery

This one of the most effective plugin used to create websites.

NextGen Gallery is a premier feature-rich WordPress plugin for the purpose of making picture displays.

This feature makes this plugin as our undisputed personal top choice.

The NextGen Gallery plugin proffers a lot of adaptability and flexibility in the creation of gallery content, comprising of the capacity to watermark pictures, make slideshows, sort out content into albums and utilize distinctive themes in order to show your pictures.

You can also browse free and expert renditions of the module.

Explore the world of web site planning and creation by using the tools. Click here to Register.

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Share Trendy Motivating Types of VFX

Share Trendy Motivating Types of VFX

Trendy Motivating Types of VFX & Animation

Nowadays, it has become a trend to use VFX Animation or Visual Effects Animation while creating VFX animated films.

The Animation and Visual Effects industry is growing in a rapid way during the past few years.

It is expanding at a fast pace even greater than the IT industry.

Today animation as a career option is considered as the best option, where you can enjoy your work at the end of your day and feel absolutely satisfied.

In the year of 2015, the VFX and Animation industry has full-grown into a huge productive industry, as per report suggests.

It has moved from an outsourcing benefit to a creator of original scholarly property as well.

It has been seen that there are more than 300 Animation studios in India by the year 2015.

Moreover, it is also evaluated that these 300 Animation houses have employed more than 15,000 (approx) Animation experts from talented areas of Animation and VFX.

VFX Animation can be defined as the amalgamation of the live-action video stream and computer-generated imagery to produce the environments which seem absolutely real, however, it would be expensive and unfeasible to capture on film.

With the trending preface of cost-effective and user-friendly animation and compositing software, Visual Effects utilizing computer-generated imagery have become extremely handy to the independent filmmaker.

Animators utilize the various applications of multimedia at the time of creating the animated games, videos and films.

Animators are considered as those masterminds who have the efficiency to coordinate plans and designs in order to build-up illustrations which are beautifully synced as well as absolutely timed.

For the purpose of this process, several techniques and tools are incorporated in creating the diverse designs.

These methods and instruments produce an array of distinct effects which are utilized in animated games and movies.

VFX Animation is measured as the most renowned effects utilized by the creators.

Moreover, with the increase of films and entertainment the VFX Animation is one step ahead in the creation of films and entertainment.

You will be surprised to know that VFX Animation is applied to the film only after the production is completed.

These features of VFX Animation make VFX an adaptable method to work with.

However, it is remarkable that all the production successions are filmed, by means of adopting the post-production Visual Effects techniques.

The true fact is we live in a dynamic realm and in this way, the dynamic substance is required to convene the consistently changing demands of the manifold industries and enterprises that we are related to.

Several changes took place in this techie’s world of technology.

It has been seen that in this severely technical world, the usefulness of handmade as well as hand printed products has been reinstated by the amalgamation of digital text, illustrations, audio and video.

In the 21st century, Multimedia has to turn out to be a crucial part of film and entertainment industry.

This blog is about the various types of VFX Animation that are utilized by maximum animators for serving their purpose in Animation.

Here, we are mentioning few types of VFX that are used by animators in the present day.

Type #1: Matte Painting

The projection of Animation dependably requires an effective background and matte sketches that fill the same purpose of the similar kind.

Matte sketches are considered as customary matte paintings/sketches or stills which are set up for the purpose of requirement as per the film style and conveyed as the foundation-backgrounds for key components of Animation.

Type#2: Digital Animation

As the name recommends, advanced digital Animation utilizes the computerized techniques for creation and artistry.

Digital Animation incorporates everything starting from displaying to modelling, texturing to

finishing, and lighting to rendering computer generated 3D procedures.

With a view to making Animation look more pragmatic and effective, advanced Digital Animation encourages all the dimensional based activities and imageries.

Type#3: Live Action

Live Action is a technical word often used in film and entertainment industry.

The effects of Live Action incorporate the capturing of the action by means of Cinematography and Videography.

The components of the Live Action are keyed with the help of various kinds of light and its transmission.

For this reason, some Animation studios make the efficient utilization of green-screens and blue-screens.

Type#4: Imagery

Animation obviously photographic perspectives and these angles are secured by PC created symbolism otherwise called CGI.

The scenes utilized as a part of computer-generated imagery could be both dynamic and static.

CGI has a significant reasonable approach and henceforth, it has turned into a typical pattern in animation and motion film creation.

All these kinds of VFX Animation have been yielding a scope of fascinating visuals in the realm of Animation across the globe.

Type#5: Motion Capture

Mo-cap is the method of recording the actions of objects and people.

During the session of the mo-cap, the motion is captured of a theme and it is recorded many times per second by scanners.

In some movies where there is a disaster scene where a renowned building is shown blown up, Visual Effects computer edited building scene has to be prepared and used.

As for example, in the movie Clover Field, the statue of Liberty of New York is destroyed.

For the execution of such a scene, SFX is combined with Visual Effects to make the scene more realistic and natural.

Type#6: Compositing

Compositing programming can be characterized as programming that can be used to get complex resources together keeping in mind the end goal to make a completed scene.

As, it can be taken that a solitary VFX gave needs a green screen plate, a foundation tidy, few blast and impacting succession and smoke all to be composited into a performance scene.

Most video editors use After Effects’ compositing capacities with regards to less-pompous exercises.

It’s typical to use After Effects to finish a quick screen exchange for a thing demo or cloud out a logo using the 3D camera tracker.

Much the same as in Photoshop, After Effects layers, can go up against certain blending modes that impact they way your layer is deciphered with the account behind it.

This is inconceivable for 3D models and frameworks, as you as often as possible perform multi-pass renders in which particular segments will be composited together to influence the last 3D to picture.

Coming to the realm of Animation, MAAC Kolkata is standing as one of the leading Animation and VFX institute, situated in the heart of Kolkata.

If you are looking for effective training career courses, then this is the right place for you.

We trust that this blog will be helpful and beneficial to you and to those Animation aspirants who are interested to know the various types of VFX Animation in the Animation and VFX industry.

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A Guidebook To Right Animation School

The Animation is a growing industry in the 21st century  so as the demand of right animation school with the increasing number of workforce and production, the number of animation turnover is getting bigger and bigger.

The Indian Animation industry has a broad spectrum of opportunities in the various fields of 2D Animation, 3D Animation and Visual Effects.

It has now become one of the most promising job providers in the recent times.

Individuals who are seeking career towards Animation and Visual Effects find the blog beneficial as this blog is for those aspiring students who are thinking to move on in their career needs to choose right animation school.

Of course, hard work and determination are all that you need.

However, this duo can’t make it all in the long run.

Along with hard work and talent, you need the right training from the right affiliated institute.

When it comes to Animation, all you require is to choose- Which institute is right for you?

In this blog post, we will enlighten your concept by mentioning the best 5 criteria for selecting an animation institute.

Acknowledge What To Look For?

Prior to joining courses, it is much significant to have a brief idea of the number of courses the institute offers.

Then you are required to acknowledge what the courses are.

However, the thing is not at all a difficult task that you must have conceptual skills in order to make it in the business.

At the initial stage, you have to know whether the institute can help you sharpen your skills.

Be that as it may, you have to consider whether it will leave you to your own devices and focus on the technological facets of the job.

The most crucial part of your own is known your strength and weaknesses about the concerned areas.

Try to find out what the institute can offer to you when it is a question of career.

Track Record Of The Animation School

Before going to any institute investigate the track record of the institute and the time it is functioning in the market scenario.

This criterion is the most significant part and aspect with the purpose to find the correct Animation school in your area.

Prior to registering and admission, it is vital to research and enquire the college or the institute.

In order to proceed in such research, the foremost important thing is read online reviews and star rating of the institute.

You are required to check the various credentials of the institute as it provides a lucid vision about the reputation of the institute in the market scenario.

Assuming that some way or the other you make your way to the alumni of the institute, and then you can get a chance to talk to them.

You can get some idea about their experience throughout their course of study in the institute.

The USP Of The Animation School Is Crucial

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the institute is crucial in determining your mind towards the institute.

You need to know the institute’s stand out in the crowd.

The unique-exceptional features of the institute are the most important thing that you must know.

At the very outset, you are required to know the varied features of the institute and then you need to compare with other institutes in the market.

Subsequently, you should also know whether these features are helpful or in vain to you.

That is why we make our pupil understand the diverse unique features of our institute and their significance in the very long run of the career.

Some institutes may have the better infrastructure at the time when other people may show off state-of-the-art software.

Besides, you can also look for personality development and other communication classes.

You are the man of the match as you yourself have to decide which courses will facilitate you, in which course do you have interest.

You can look for counselors who can enlighten you to the wide perspectives of the various training courses so that you can get a brief idea about the distinct courses and select from them.

The Animation institute should have experienced counselors who can help you out of your dilemma of selecting from the training courses.

Be straightforward to visit the institute individually so that you can get a first-hand experience of what your student life will look like.

Well-Skilled & Versatile Faculty

Whatever may be the situation, wherever you go, the quality of education basically depends on the effective faculty members of the animation school.

Faculty members are those people who impart the required and acquired skills to the pupil.

So the quality of training depends upon how they are conveying skills to the students.

You need to select a college or institute or animation school that employ and use experienced, skilled and talented teachers who can train their students in an effective way on certain relevant areas like Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max.

The best option is to visit the institute and speak to the teachers regarding your matter.

As a result, this will give you the much-required confidence to make the right choice of animation school.

Where Are The Arrangements Of The Institute Or Animation School?

You are contributing time, cash and endeavor to assemble an effective vocation in the business.

That is the reason it is imperative to think and know about the occupation position offices given by the foundation.

Check their site to think about the organizations and studios where their students are utilized.

Make a point to peruse/watch understudy tributes to think about position bolster.

Joining the correct animation school can appear like a little thing in the huge plan of things.

In any case, this one stage can represent the deciding moment your profession.

Ensure you settle on the correct decision. Choose Right Animation School.

So if you are thinking to make your career in these amazing courses, then relax and visit your nearest Maac Center- Chowringhee-Rashbehari-Ultadanga  and get premium quality courses at reasonable prices along with relevant Master Classes for free.