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Visual Effect In Dabangg 2

Salman Khan’s action movie Dabangg 2, which was released in December, did a business closer to Rs. 200 crore mark the movie had number of visual effect shots. Today in our blog we we will discuss about the same.

The film was based on the adventures of a heroic cop the great Chulbul Pandey, enacted by Salman Khan.

In the success of the film the visual effects has an important role to play.

India’s leading post-production studios, Prime Focus, was in charge of the visual effect activates and the post production of the movie.

A team of around 120 VFX artist of Prime Focus in both Mumbai and Hyderabad was responsible for over 950 visual effect shorts in the movie Dabangg 2.

That too in a span of two months only. The team wasled by Reupal Rawal.

According to  Merzin Tavaria, co-founder and chief creative director, of Prime Focus, said, “It was a ground-breaking effort on our part as we were involved in the process right from the pre- production stages itself. We delivered a massive amount of VFX in a very short time span. Our work in Dabangg 2 goes to prove how VFX can add value to a narrative not just as a garnish, but a vital ingredient in the recipe for filmmaking”

“The shots were enhanced further by retouching and improving the fluidity of the movement”

The introduction scene if you remember where Salman khan enters with a jeep breaking a wall apart, hanging on to a car and landing was augmented digitally done which resulted in such a  dramatic entry mesmerising our eyes.

Talking about executing the VFX process of the film, Reupal says, “We designed the ‘time-slice’ sequence which involved the actor hitting the thugs hanging from a pole encircling it 360 degrees.

With multiple camera set-ups and freezing the moment to capture it in entirely with different angle.

The shots were enhanced further by retouching and improving the fluidity of the movement.

The team had done extensive compositing detailing job on the shots, CG work like bricks, dust and debris to added effects.

They used 3D dynamics simulation of the concrete slab cracking can you beat it.

In the ‘Dabangg 2 Reloaded’ song, multiple visual effects shots were involved in augmenting the over the top jigs to create more visual appeal on screen.

Visual Effect Animation KolkataVisual Effect Animation Kolkata

In the musical jig, Salman shows off his strength with pushing a water hydrant into the ground breaking the concrete apart.

In order to achieve this, the original plates did not have the hydrant in place; the hydrant was remade in CG which was synced with the live action plates to show the superb strength of macho hero.

To bring about more credibility in the shots, team had used a 3D dynamics simulation of the concrete slab cracking the particle emitting towards generating dust.

In the song sequence, to bring in a twist to the famous Dabangg 2 signature belt move, the team worked on the belt movement in post as well can you beat it.

“The CG sunglasses which flies off the table top somersaulting were added”

The Dhaba sequence was shot in an urban location; to give the place a highway Dhaba look and feel, the team at Prime Focus digitally replaced the walls and buildings through matte paintings.

The team also recreated the cylinder blast digitally, so no harm was done to the actors keeping safety in mind.

Additional shots in the sequence augmented include, Salman kicking a table dramatically resulting in his sunglasses flying up in the air and eventually falling down on his lap.

Talking about the shots, Reupal says, “To stylize this shot, after the CG table breaks into pieces we added the CG sunglasses which flies off the table top somersaulting and landing on Salman’s lap.”

The bullets in Salman’s gun barrel were also made using CG.

“It was impossible to have sunny weather throughout the time”
Senior colorist  Mr.Ashirwad Hadkar set the overall colour palette of the film.

Talking about the visuals of the film, Rohan says, “The overall look and feel in the film was warm brown, it was challenging to maintain a grungy feel throughout the movie and to uphold a synonymous colour flow for the outdoor sequences which were shot in the city of Kanpur, in India.

As there were fluctuating shooting schedules, it was impossible to have sunny weather throughout the time, so the team graded the shots frame by frame to bring in similarities between the shots.

For instance, the climax scene was shot across for almost 15 days where the team achieved the look by grading each frame, and then matching it with the previous frame to maintain consistency and continuity.

With the film having a horde of VFX shots, DI came into play seamlessly merging the entire narrative.

The project posed several challenges, including the tight deadlines, but team ensured to achieve exactly what the director Arbaaz Khan had envisioned.

“The team worked on detailing in each of the VFX shots”

Talking about the experience of working in the project Reupal says, “We were involved right from the pre-production stage and worked closely with director and producer Arbaaz Khan”.

We had to ensure that the VFX used in the movie not only matched the storyline, but also helped audiences to recall 2010 hit Dabangg 2.

The team worked on detailing each of the Visual Effect shots to make it look as credible as possible.

Thursday, 20 April 2017


Animation has a history of more than a hundred years. It is the animator who has created this history in the world of animation.

It has evolved from many stages staring from flat 2d cartoons to 3d animation films.

It has emerged as an industry in recent two decades.

The aesthetics of designing characters has been incredibly changed.

There has been improvement in the way animated films are created.

This has resulted into the increase of viewer’s expectation every year for animated films.

The viewer’s keenness grows as the quality of animation gets improved with release of every new movie. Animators play an important role in making of these movies.

Animators must be a visualizer.

Darren Aronofsky, American film director, says “An animator has to live life twenty-four times than a normal human being do that is every twenty-four frames of a second.”

This is very true as the animator has to craft each and every movement.

There are various aspects that animator has to keep in mind while working on animation films.

A good animator observes everything around and learns.

If you want to become a good animator you must learn to observe things.

You can watch people around you and analyze their behavior.

As this practice is very good for students as you never stop learning and thus start getting better in your field.

It is like a valuable learning experience for budding animators.

Starting a conversation with new peoples will get you know more about them and most importantly you will learn a lot.

While talking to them you can observe their behavior and expressions which will help you building your own character.

Eventually you will start applying those lessons in your story.

One of the important thing while designing a character you have to be very patient and have to keep practicing until you achieve your goal.

The more curious you are, the closer you get to your goal.

You must encircle an environment around the character you are drawing.

The environment has huge influence in the story of that character.

The characters surrounding also affects the characters body mechanism and its behavior.

This will also help you with the projection work while designing its movements and acting.

Designing the character is not just enough for animation.

You also have to learn the camera angle and projection of various things in a particular frame.

For this you can take your phone or camera and click pictures while you are walking around a garden or any place with reference to your story.

Taking pictures will let you learn about understanding perspective.

This will also help in framing your work. Composing the work together results in doing better layering procedure.

Though the animation is mostly depends on the creativity of the animator, but there are some traits that do matter while designing the characters.

These traits will help making them cute, approachable and lively. Let’s see them one by one:


Characters ever since from its beginning have always been simple and easy to animate.

The design of the character must be appealing. It should enable the audiences to like the character.

So you have to be creative as well as you have to keep your character simple while paying attention to the details.

There should not be the complexities related to them. This is what makes them more approachable and likable.

Thinking out of the box makes you a good animator and your character funnier.

Creativity makes you think differently from others. You should know how to artistically moldanything simple into something interesting.

Thus the more artistic you are the more work you get to do.


Humor is the key ingredient for becoming a good animator. If you have a good sense of humor your character portrays that automatically.

Comedy is key to likability.

The humor reflects in the characters movement and behavior.

As almost all animated films are targeted for kids, they are made in comedy genre.

So it is important to inculcate sense of humor in your character.


Patience is what makes an animator, a good animator.

Be patient with your work. You know that Rome was not built in a day.

Do not expect your work should get completed as soon as possible.

Animation is work of patience and hard work. Those animators who put extra time on their detailing go an extra mile further.

Good Observation

You learn by your own observations. For being a good animator you must inculcate this quality in yourself.

A good observant learns from things around him and tries to apply them in his characters.

They are always studying movements of the objects around.  They are often looking for the interesting movements, walks and funny expressions on their face while talking.

The observer tries to apply these qualities to the character and does more exaggeration on them to make them funnier.

So observe.

Learn Acting

This may sound a little bit different.

But if you don’t know anything about acting then how can you make your characters act.

This will help you a lot in studying the body mechanics of a movement.

Acting a scene yourself will let you learn a lot about the body mechanisms. You don’t have to be a good actor for this, just understands basics of it.

Learn to observe and analyses acting of professional actors, plays and interesting performances.

Also don’t forget to note why and how you feel after watching them.

All the animation characters are inspired from reality and are just enhanced for making them more entertaining.


It is not only important to learn from your reference but also from their reference and interpret it correctly.

A good animator knows the aim of the project and works towards its achievement.

He tries to adapt the reference’s work accordingly. He has a good idea of a particular scene, its motive and importance of its presence in the film.

So only analyzing your referencework is not enough. You have to also analyze its inspiration to get better at it.

By this you may find a better way of doingit. The look and feel of the animation project whether it is a film or a game is very important.

Be Motivated

Motivation for good animator is an essential quality.

If you are not motivated then it is difficult to become good at anything you want in your life.

If you have an idea, just take a paper and start drawing. Don’t wait for other day to come. This is how you can stay motivated.


A good animator always pays attention to the details.

An animated sequence is replicated on the screen inspired from the reality.

It is an important skill to detail each and every small thing around the character.

To add detailing is an important ethic for animator’s job. You have to put some extra time to give your character a perfect finishing touch.

Team work

Animation is a team work.

Cooperation with your team member is very important to be fruitful.

You must have good nature and cooperative attitude. There are different people working on different tasks.

You should know how to work with them, listen to them and together achieve the goal of the project.


It is not necessary that everyone will like your work as you like it.

You must not be sensitive when some other guy is analyzing your work and criticizing it.

You must learn from your mistakes. If someone don’t like it doesn’t mean you don’t know how to draw a cartoon.

It means that cartoon still needs some improvements.

Just pay attention to all these traits and you know you are on the right path to become a good animator.

The distance between becoming a good animator to becoming a great animator is practicing.

The more you practice the more better you get. So these were some important traits for becoming a good animator.

Master these and you will see yourself standing out from the competition.

We at Maac Animation Kolkata is always there with such aspirant animators.

Do You Have It In You To Become An Outstanding Animator?

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Reading the topic you might feel like “Really… what is the need of using the VFX in Bollywood songs?” they just need hero, heroine, a set, and a number of dancers behind them.

Though this was the scenario before but now-a-days the concept of picturisation of movie songs has completely changed.

Nowadays there are hardly any movies left that hadn’t used VFX in them.

The most breathtaking sceneries that you see in the movies and songs are done using visual effects.

We will discuss such Bollywood film songs today that have used these tricks, called VFX.

VFX is not only used to add effects in a scene that exaggerate its beauty but also in scenes that has some errors such as toning of  hero or heroin’s face and body, adding backgrounds, adjusting light effects and many more to enhance the visual appeal.

The most popular extravaganza of 2015 Bahubali is the most accurate example of what VFX can do.

The fabulous effects in Bahubali left the audiences awe-strucked.

It is the most expensive movie of Indian film Industry. The VFX effects are made with such detailing that while you watch it, and get a feel of life.

The song “Dhivara” is so amazing that it would hardly get off viewer’s mind.

The beautiful Tamanna Bhatia is flaunting in the song playing Avantika.

The scene where the butterflies are resting on her has grabbed attention all over.

This view that inhibits your beats was actually the magic of the visual effects (VFX).

Actually there was no waterfall, nor is Tamanna’s white scarf fluttering as you have seen in the movie.

This was a single example but there are numerous such songs that have used visual effects.

A south Indian film “Egga” or “Makkhi” in Bollywood which was released in 2012 is another best example of use of VFX effects.

It is a story of a protagonist who is killed and he takes rebirth in form of a fly and takes revenge.

The most amazing song of the movie is “Makkhi hoon main makkhi” where the fly is seen dancing with others like it.

The song is just like the other famous songs in Bollywood but completely done using visual effects.

The song is quite cheerful and you will definitely like the flies doing the break dance.

The main focus of VFX was given to the designing of the fly’s body, especially the eyes. The aim was to make them more expressive.

Do you remember Akshay Kumar and Dipika Padukone’s movie Chandni chowk to China? It has a romantic song “Tere naina” that has used the VFX effects to pasteurize it.

You can see how VFX is used to create the complete city. The VFX is also used picturising various other scenes.

The song “Tera rasta chodu naa” depicting a romactic sequence between Shah Rukh Khan and Dipika Padukone from the film Chennai Express is another example of such tricks.

As you can see in the images how the shots are taken and after the VFX process is applied, the final scene is just mesmerizing.

Another good example is the song “Daru desi” from the famous movie Cocktail.

The scene in which the actress is seen sitting across the balcony is actually done using the VFX.

In the shot you can see the city in the movie but actually the scene was shot like this.

The movie Dhoom 3 which was released in 2013 was a complete action package.

The famous song “Malang Malang” and various other parts of it are also another example on vfx effects implementation.

The circus hall shown in the song was completely made by the use of VFX effects. The audiences sitting in the hall was also created of VFX techniques.

The shot from the film Mohenjo Daro’s song “Sarsariya” filming Hritik Roshan and Pooja Hegde which was released in 2016.

The complete set design is done using VFX. The image shows how the effects has been done while shooting the song and its screening in the movies.

The movie Bajirao Mastani, released in year 2015, has a song “Mohe rang do laal” showing Dipika Padukone dancing beneath the fort.

The fort is actually put in the scene by using VFX.

The image below shows how the song was shot and the post production scene of the film was shorted.

The picture of Amber fort of Rajasthan is shown in the scene. The visual effects add more essences to the song relating it to the historic events.

The movie Om Shanti Om’s popular song “Dhum tana” is also an example of VFX effects.

The film shows the seventies and eighties of Indian film industry. In the song Dipika Padukone is seen romancing and dancing with heroes of previous times.

But in reality it is all done with the help of VFX software. The effects have been given so cleanly that it can hardly be define difference between the two.

Another song from this movie is “Main agar kahoon” that has vfx in it.

This song has many visual effects but to name one is the glass effect was seen in a small dancing shot in the song.

This glass effect has made the scene dreamier.

Not only this, the movie has also won Filmfare award for Best Special effects category.

These were some examples of use of VFX in Bollywood film songs.

Songs in Bollywood movies are heart of it. We cannot imagine a movie that doesn’t have a song in it.

We Indians love watching movies and listening songs. Even before release of a movie its songs are released.

And if the song is sounding good and its looks spectacular then that song becomes famous like anything.

The VFX industry is giving its contribution in the Indian film industry. Hardly a song or movie sequence can be seen where VFX is not used.

Hence it is becoming its core part. Not only in films but in Television industry also visual effect is becoming more popular we are already discussed in our previous blog on the same.

So this is a short briefing on use of visual effect in picturising Bollywood film songs.

There more movies and songs striking this year with marvelous special effects. We will definitely get more this year.

Sunday, 16 April 2017


Animation and Multimedia nowadays is not just an art of drawing cartoons but has emerged as complete industry with tremendous revenues.

According to report India’s Media, Entertainment, Animation Industry with multimedia has grown around 20 per cent in 2016, propelled by a 31 per cent growth in the VFX industry alone.

The release of films Fan, Shivaay, Bahubali, M. S.Dhoni the untold story, Sultan has given the VFX industry the much needed lift.

And with this increase in the revenue, so as job opportunities in this field has also increased.

So, why not grab this chance and make animation as your career.

Animation in India is vastly taking over the entertainment industry generating a number of career options.

An animator with experience with a hands-on experience earns approximately Rs.400000 to Rs.500000 approximately annually and a fresher earns approximately Rs.15000 to Rs.25000 approximately monthly.

Thus there are plenty of jobs in this field. The Multimedia Industry is huge and is expanding like ever.

The prime fields in multimedia Industry are Advertising, Online and Print News Media, Film & Television, Cartoon production, Theater, Video Gaming, E-learning animations, animation,2d as well as 3d and many more.

There are also professional opportunities for animators,graphic designer,gaming mobile application and gaming desktop software developers, cartoon artists,3d modelers, layout artists and many more available in the market.

To avail these fabulous career options one can attend certificate, diploma courses from recognized institutions.

These institutes sometimes also provide career assistance to students in order to get them on track for their bright future.

Job Opportunities in Multimedia Industry

A range of work profiles are there in this field. These are as follows:

1) Animator:

An Animator gives life to computer generated drawings and characters on screen.

2) Sketcher

The days are gone when sketchers used to sketch with theirs hands, now comes the digital pens which are used for drawing sketches on computers.

3) Designer or Graphic Designers

Designers design architectural setups for application specific forms, mostly part of these are web designing and graphic designing.

4) Planner

Planner in animation refers to who does the plan for backgrounds in games so that you can get the 3D image of this game’s setup.

5) Editor

The Editors particularly watches the content, analyses it, remarks the additional needs and edits the unwanted part. Yes you are the boss here.

6) Composer

How many of you remember the music of Mickey mouse or Tom and Jerry?

Yes, it is the music that makes watching the cartoons more fun….isn’t it? Thus the composer does the same job.

7) Movie Maker

Movie making is fun to do. Animators create movies based on stories and fables.

The animations short films are also becoming popular on internet.

8) Writer

The writing involves many things such as plotting, putting and outlining the contents of stories. If you are a good writer then you can go for these options as well.

9) Software developer

Software developer’s work involves designing, creating and writing and implementing computer programs for video games and other gaming environments.

10) Pre production

Preproductionhappens before the production of the animation project starts. The important function of pre-production planning is effective use of resources before an animation project such as films or games are produced. It includes building up ideas and developing proper plan of implementation.

11) Post production

Post production is done after the project is completely done. It usually involves editing scenes, various transition effects, adding voice to characters, background score, dubbing and many more. It is the final step of production of any animation project. Many More.

Courses offered by Institutes

Students looking for career in this field should have skills with Computers, Creativity, Imagination, Presentation, Drawing and modeling skills.

If you want to start your career just after 12th standard then you can do a diploma course.

These courses provide you knowledge of applying visual effects that is Vfx, flash, web motion, mixing, production, rendering etc.

Certificate courses in animation provide a wide variety of certification such as follows:-

Career Courses at MAAC KOLKATA

3D Animation Programs

Enter the exciting world of animation.

Improve your skills and career opportunities in the animation industry with exclusive 3D Animation courses.

 AD3DEDGE – Advanced Program in 3D Animation
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DAFM – Program in Animation Filmmaking
Design VizPro – Program in Architectural Design

VFX (Visual Effects) Programs

From flying cars to flying superheroes! Create high-quality visual effects (VFX) for films, TV, advertisements & games, with MAAC’s VFX courses.

ADVFX – Advanced Program in VFX
VFX Plus – Professional Program in VFX
S3D – Job-Ready Program in Stereoscopic 3D

Graphic Design & Multimedia Courses

Build a career in web designing, graphics, and print & publishing. Join any one of our Graphic Design &Multimedia courses and explore opportunities in the national and international studios.

APDMD – Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design
DGWA – Programs in Graphics, Web and 2D Animation
DGA – Programs in Graphics & Animation

Game Designing Course

Make work as fun as play! Create your own games for PC, laptops, mobiles and tablets!

DGDI – Program in Game Design & Integration
Media & Entertainment Course

Get trained to join the media & entertainment industry with a comprehensive course, and explore career opportunities in India & abroad.

IPVAD – International Program in Visual Arts & Design
Short Term Courses

You can learn a new skill or sharpen your existing skills in one or more software. MAAC offers short-term courses to suit your needs.

MaxPro – Program in 3DS Max
MayaPro – Program in course in Maya
ADS – Certificate Course Advance Digital Sculpting
SMOKEPro – Program in SMOKE
DFM – Certificate Course in Digital Filmmaking
CE Pro – Program in Compositing and Editing
Advanced Compositing with NUKE, MOCHA, SILHOUETTE
Digital Photography
DP – Certificate Course in Digital Photography

Furthermore, only some examples are covered here.

Opportunities exists in private sector enterprises is tremendous.

So a booming career is waiting for you in the animation industry. There are number of animation studios both in India and abroad who work for clients.

An animator can be a freelancer as well who can earn very well in work from home scheme or they can start their own internet channels and post their animation works online and earn from it.

Multimedia Industry has a sky of opportunities stored in its kitty.

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Red Chillies VFX

Red Chillies Entertainment (RCE) was founded in 2002 this company came into function as an Indian Motion Picture Production, and distribution with premier visual effects or VFX.

It is a Mumbai based company.

The company started by renowned Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan with his wife Gauri Khan.

Earlier it was in the name of Dreamz Unlimited which was transformed into Red Chillies Entertainment.

It is a complete Film studio in India

The studio’s activities revolves round lots of multitasking activities all  across creative development, production, marketing, distribution, licensing, merchandising and syndication of films in India as well as in abroad.

When it comes to digital and marketing innovations and adding Visual effect for films, Red Chillies Entertainments Pvt Ltd has always been the top player in the market.

Apart from film production, Red Chillies Entertainment has a visual effects studio known as Red Chillies VFX.

The company also has a 49% stake in the Indian Premier League cricket team popularly known to be Kolkata Knight Riders.

Red Chillies VFX team is responsible for many visual effect teats to many of the movies we have watched. Movies like Chak De! India, Krrish 3, Don: the Chase Begins Again, Dostana and De Dana Dan are movies completed under their flagship.

The VFX team had won many awards likely to mention are Don:The Chase Begins Again won European accolades for Best Special Effects in 2006.

Then they have, Om Shanti Om as best visual effects from most prestigious Filmfare awards. And is journey follows with, Zee Cine, IIFA, Star Screen, Indy’s and Apsara Producer’s Guild Awards etc. To name a few.

The Movie Ra.One swept  away all major awards in Bollywood for visual effect, which also include prestigious National Film Award and Filmfare Award for Best Special Effects and was even got nominated for the Asian Film Award as well which is really commendable.

Red Chillies VFX team has the largest manpower among the group companies with staff strength of over 150, working hard day and night to deliver the best effect soothing our eye.

They worked for different  movies in there visual effect department  in 2016 to 2017 with films like Fan (2016), Dear Zindegi (2016), Raees (2017) worth mentioning.

With recent releases like Phillauri and upcoming Salman Khan Starrer movies like Tubelight Red Chillies VFX team has loads to contribute.

Shah Rukh Khan’s production banner Red Chillies Entertainments Pvt Ltd., which is reportedly targeting at a growth of 25 per cent annual business growth, is set to roll out four to five films every year where the actor himself will the part of few movies.

According to Shah Rukh “We want to make four-five films without me. As a producer I would like to concentrate on the films and visual effects,” told IANS in an interview

We welcome you to Maac Animation Kolkata. Here we have Best training faculty team, industry expert, and best infrastructure for learning animation and VFX.

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Autodesk Maya Software for Animation

Autodesk Maya is the most commonly used 3D computer animation software with powerful modelling, rendering, simulation, texturing, and animation tools.

Maya can create films/videos to make possible life-like characters.

Before getting into 3D art, modeling, or animation one need to know how to use the tools for creating animation.

Yes, it can be intimidating, will pinch the pocket and will be tedious.

It is important to find a cost-effective software and training material to ensure that one can learn the right thing in correct way, well and fast.

Until the time Maya software was developed, it was difficult to replicate life like and natural look of some things found in nature.

Wind blowing in the trees, butter like clouds floating and a tornado billowing, was almost unthinkable and unmanageable to create with such efficiency.

Maya has made it possible for animators and artists to unleash their creativity to the fullest as it made it easy to illustrate emotions in animated characters by showing heightened facial expressions and showcase a more relatable, human like body language.

Maya was conceptualized and developed by some of the most imaginative brains in the industry.

One can see the passion and the skill they display by seeing how their visualization translates into every release of Maya and how they’re giving power to individual artists and studios around the world.

Maya can do a lot, and it really depends on what one wants to learn or create out of the software.

Some tools are exclusively used for animation, modelling, rendering or dynamics, etc.

Even if you are a non-technical creative person and wish to explore creative expression person interested in expressing the creativity through digital media and have zeroed in on Maya then remember Maya certainly has a huge learning curve.

Although a great program, it can be daunting.

Maya or other 3d packages, the best way to learn is to learn from the experts in the market.

Maac Kolkata is the pioneer institute from where one can acquire the skills of the software, and can become a professional in the Animation Industry. If you are looking for the best animation training institute in the heart of Kolkata, you just need to hop in any of the near-by centre for a free counselling session.

Autodesk Maya 2016 software is full of new features, enhancement and user-friendly devices such as 3D Type, Render Setup, Shape Authoring and new motion design tools.

Just come and explore the Magic of Maya with none other than Maac Animation Kolkata.

We have various bouquets of courses to suit your need and passion. Call us for a free counselling session at the below mention contact number or write us about your query.

Our official website: –

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Effective Ways Of Web-Designing

Every company who wants to bring more business in the market have their own website, so to create or design  website has become a core business. Like wise Web-Designing has become a lucrative market for web designer.

Web design is a very lucrative, vibrant and dynamic profession on its own.

Due to this nature and growing market demand it has to constantly renovate itself to capture the hearts of prospects.

Here are some predictions and perspective of what course will web design take in this year 2017.

In order to work with updated technology one has to upgrade oneself every day while working in web designing field, but how is it possible?

In Maac Animation Kolkata Certificate in Web & Interactive Design is the most advanced course that teaches one to become a good web developer.

In this programme one gets to learn Concepts of Web Design, Web Page Designing, Interactive Presentation, Video Editing, and Sound Editing.

In this programme the software one learns in depth are HTML, Adobe Dreamweaver™, Adobe Flash™, Adobe Premiere™, and Adobe Audition™

Let’s discuss few effective trends in Web-Designing in 2017.

Video based backgrounds

As we know Videos people prefer seeing over reading so number of videos can be used in an effective way while designing website.

Video based background has become a very nice and eye catchy way to show off companies and its different services pages.

A static image as background in websites when gets changed and get replaced by videos; with the internet speed getting faster it automatically will load easily and have a better impact to eye.

It is also advisable to use embedded code of the videos in the website.

 Less of Flash and Flat Designs

Flashy illustrations and crazy animations earlier aimed at showing off skills but in today’s time it has become little outdated.

Again one has to keep in mind the product’s demand in the website. For example if someone is creating website on animation, then obviously animation will play an important role.

But generally speaking if there is a need then only we will use animation, otherwise not.

Earlier the design for no reason used to be complicated. A flat design is the total opposite of that which focuses on simplicity by pointing the entire design to the user experience.

Now the main focus is user experience. Understanding user point of view, we will design the website in such a way that we can retain them on website for longer duration by making the website interesting.

Flat Design in 2017 will be the flavour and more designers will want to be minimalist.

Google, Facebook and other giants of the Internet are actually integrating and promote these concepts.

Mobile-First Approach

Smart phones have smaller screens than tablets and desktops, so the amount of content a user can easily view at one time is limited so keeping this adversity in mind one has to design a responsive site.

Although not new, it is going to be a significant trend and it has already become a trend.

Most people realize that mobile-phones are the primary devices used for browsing the web; more companies are realizing the importance of having a site that effectively delivers content on a smaller screen, and are rushing to get on-board.

Google algorithms are also indicating towards such effective website.

The web industry is now actually looking for well trend professionals who are updated with the latest technology & trends of web designing or web development.

So that they can help this business to create a user friendly website.

Today’s day to day changing technology requires professionals who are a step ahead and able to create new trends in web designing giving user a new experience.