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Things to remember when joining the Animation/VFX industry

Career is one of the most important decision one takes in its lifespan. Career decides ones future. If you looking for a successful career in the field of animation and VFX, below are few important points penned down by Animation Kolkata for your better decision making.

1)  Apt knowledge on 2D & 3D software

You need to know a brief knowledge about 2D and 3D animations. When you opt for Animation & VFX you need to learn much software to upgrade your understanding in these fields.

2)    Teamwork

Most important! Working with people means understanding each other. You need to listen to them and at the same time you should have capability to make them understand your point of view.

3)  Know the Path

Animation and VFX are wide. You need to understand where your interest lies. Discover your passion and follow. To understand where the interest lays one can have one on one conversation with their faculty.

4 )  Portfolio

If you planning to get into animation industry it’s the right time to build your portfolio. To build once Protfolio you need to do few researches. Contact to your seniors and take an idea how you can work on it. Once should be ready with a complimenting Portfolio after the completion of course.

 5)    Arranging the portfolio

Nobody has enough time to go through each work you have done. Show them the best you have done. Arrange your portfolio from best to normal.

6)      Patience

Time! Give yourself and your career time to reach stars. People working in this field earn a lot much but after a certain reputation has built. So give time but don’t give up.

We hope our pointers will help you to take a wise decision.

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Friday, 29 July 2016


Virtual reality in trending in Bollywood as well as Hollywood for creating larger than life pictures. The years have witnessed the increasing presence of VFX in movies, television and advertisement. Indian VFX studios have made their presence felt in the international market and have moved up the value chain to become Centers of excellence in the area of VFX and Animation. But we still are facing some challenges on the domestic front……..


Even though the advertising sector have quickly adopted VFX as a means for creating visual experiences. Bollywood have been sluggish to experiment with this technology mainly due to lack of adequate funds and skills. The only exception was starring Shahrukh Khan which had 3500 VFX shots and was assumed to be most expensive movie ever made in Bollywood. On the other hand Tollywood have quickly adopted to VFX in movies like Baahubali, Robo, Pranayam etc. where mesmerizing effects were created successfully.


India has witnessed a significant growth in the work out sourced from countries abroad and from Hollywood and it continuous to be on rise. Around 40 major VFX studios in India are successfully catering to the demands and need of the domestic and international clients. About 10% of the total animation and VFX outsourcing is done by companies in India.

Hollywood companies gained significant economic advantage by outsourcing to India. But due to lack of artists with advanced VFX skills resulted in demand for high monetary compensation by the competent in the field. India will soon lose its cost competitiveness as compared to its Asian rivals.


Evolution is a natural phenomenon and therefore VFX not being an exception gets upgraded at regular interval with introduction of new techniques and products. To compete with the growing competition major VFX companies are getting their employees equipped by getting them trained and upgraded from time to time. Artist often tend to be unaware of the latest trends and development, therefore to keep their artist upgraded and to be at par with the growing market, companies have started training there employees at regular intervals from reputed institutes. Another major challenges one is facing is lack of skilled professional in the field. Companies are grabbing projects, and have deadlines to meet, but with the amount of skilled professional they have, its becoming difficult for them to complete project on time. Huge lack of skilled people in the field. Thus a great opportunity for someone who wants to choose VFX / Animation as a career.


Government policies play a vital role for the development and growth of any sector in the country. The government of India needs to take steps by providing advanced infrastructure and training facilities. For instance, due to trend of outsourcing animation and VFX work in Hollywood the VFX artists in developed countries have been adversely affected, therefore in order to support the artist on the domestic front, government of Canada are offering tax credits and subsidies to the domestic VFX companies such as Starz Animation Toronto, a Canadian studio, for retaining the artist by creating job opportunities and also for enhancement of studios as centers for innovation. The domestic market has been slow mainly due to lack of skilled professionals and economic constraints.

If you are planning to make a career in VFX don’t think much just join us and learn from experts of the industry to gets hands on practical experience to complete in the league of good vfx artist.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Top VFX Studios In India

VFX is the process by which an image is created and changed outside the shot or surrounding or in other words VFX creates realistic environment by taking live action footage and another image generated in the  same environment which looks real in moving frames.Bollywood and Hollywood have been using this  technology to add glamour and realism in the movies. here is the list of  Top VFX Studios In India by MAAC Animation Kolkata , have a look : 

Red Chillies

Red Chillies.vfx is dedicated to bring innovative technology  and unmatched creativity for Indian cinema. The  company have proved itself by providing excellent visual effects for movies like Ra.One which had extensive  suit and face replacement and also digital set extention for a train crash sequence. Recently Shahrukh Khan  new venture Fan created lot of buzz when Shahrukh played the young man Gaurav Khanna of 20 year old  young man and at the same time he also portrayed the character of a superstar Aryan Khanna. Shahrukh was able to achieve the flawless look by going through hours of prosthetic makeup sessions and commendable job done by Red Chillies VFX team which took the reality to another level.


Prana is an Indian VFX studio have successfully brought dragons to life for the most talk about series of ‘Game of Thrones’. Prana studios have also worked on bollywood projects such as ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ and ‘Bombay Velvet’.In ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ Prana designed the destruction and fire FX ,rocket lift off  sequence and many other visual effects elements for the movie.

Tata Elxsi’s Visual Computing Labs (VCL)

Tata Elxsi’s Visual Computing Labs (VCL) with its headquarters located in Bangalore  is a leading name for  animation and visual effects in India.The company has gained recognition for its unmatched excellence in  movies like ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ , ‘Aparichit’ , ‘Jodha Akbar’ ‘Bhag Milkha Bhag’.

To add glamorous effect and to overcome practical barriers bollywood have been relying on VFX extensively. Futureworks have successfully created magic on screen by painting larger than life pictures for movies like’  Madras CafĂ©’,Lunch Box, ‘Boss’, ‘I’ and ‘Oh My God’.

Reliance mediaworks

Reliance mediaworks is one of the leading media and entertainment companies of India. It is located in  Mumbai and operates around 78 cities and towns in India and also has its roots in United Kingdom and  United States.

The company has been recognized for its work in motion pictures like Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Bodyguard, House full 2,  etc.


Pixion has been providing VFX for bollywood and many international TV commercials for a while now. Company has movies like Honeymoon Travels, Namastey London, Son of Sardar and Oscar nominated movies like Barfi in its kitty. Based in Mumbai Pixion delivered 160 VFX shots for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag where events  like partition of India, sports events like Olympics ,Asian and Commonwealth Games were recreated.


Dreamworks have reset all the rules for storytelling with movies like How to Train Your Dragon 2 ,Kungfu Panda, In association with visual effects specialist Digital Domain Dreamwork is all set to jump into bringing Shrek  and Kungfu Panda to virtual reality.


MPC has created spectacular visual experiences in blockbuster movies like Godzilla, Harry potter series,   Martian, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, X men, Goosebumps, Life of Pi, and last but not the least Disney’s Jungle Book.They have been one of the global leaders in VFX for over 25 years and have been operating from bases in London, Mexico city,Los Angeles,Shanghai, New York, Montreal, Bangalore, and Amsterdam.

The company was founded in 2009 is located in Hyderabad,India.It provides visual effects services for motion pictures ,television serial and feature flims.The company also provides services in customized 3D animation and creation of storyboards, character and background in 2D environment.It has provided marvelous VFX work  for movies like Robo,Dabang, and Payanam (tamil movie) more than 400 VFX shots have been delivered by the VenSat team which included the avanlanche sequence on snow covered mountains.

Based in Mumbai Geon studios has recently delivered VFX for Tamil movie ‘Unnaipol Oruvan’ and Telugu movie ‘Eenadu’, having Kamal Hasan  in lead role which are the remakes of bollywood movie ‘A Wednesday’ released in 2008The thriller story  was meticulously enhanced using visual effects. Geon worked upon a total of 400 plus VFX shots.

The VFX team replaced and designed shots for name plate , TV monitors, rooftop gadgets ,windows etc. Also 3D  camera were extensively used with lot of composting work along with  digital matte painting and CG shots.

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When it’s about animation age is no bar Animation has stolen everyone's heart. It may be kids, collage students or even parents or grandparents. Animation has focused every age has their target audience. Ask anybody about their favorite animation characters, they must be having at least one, with some funny memories.
Today we will be churning your memories and discuss about five most loved animated characters in the world.

Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry
Who all have not watched it? I am sure there is no one who has not seen this show at least once in their life span. This is one of the most favourite shows. Launched in 1940, this is one of the most famous and loved American animated series of short film made by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Tom a cat and Jerry a mouse, shows the rivalry in the show. 

 Micky Mouse

Another famous name Micky Mouse, again a favourite one. Micky mouse is a funny animation cartoon character and the official mascot of the Walt Disney Company. Micky Mouse was made in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks at the Walt Disney Studio.

Donald Duck 

Remember him? He was famous for his intelligible speech and his mischievous personalities. The character was created in 1934 by Walt Disney Production. Donald was an anthropomorphic white duck cartoon character with a yellow orange bill, legs and feets.

Snoopy                                                                                                      Snoopy                                               

Remember the white dog? I am sure yes. Snoopy can be found in all the peanut movies and television specials, like the peanuts movie. Since his debut in 1950, snoopy has become one of the most recognizable and iconic characters in the comic world.

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny
The grey Rabbit with a carrot in hand famous for his flippant. Remember? Bugs Bunny was launched by the staff of Leon Schlesinger productions and voiced by Mel Blanc. Bugs is best known for his amazing role in Looney Tunes and Marrie Melodies.

These are just few of the famous, lovable and favourite animated characters, there are many more. If you get inspired by them and planning to give a birth to your own animated cartoon then join MAAC Kolkata and get trained in the field of animation. We work hard to get your dreams come true.
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Roadside Romeo released in 2008, is an Indian American computer animated romantic musical comedy drama family film written and directed by Jugal Hansraj and produced by Aditya Chopra and Yash Chopra of Yash Raj Films and further distributed by Walt Disney studios Motion Pictures in United states, India and all around the world.

It was released in the United States and India in the year 2008. After Sony Pictures’ Saawariya, Roadside Romeo became the second Bollywood movie to achieve a North American release by a Hollywood studio. It was also Hansraj’s first animated debut.

The title character in the movie is a dog living in Mumbai, as voiced by Saif Ali Khan and his girlfriend Laila, is voiced by Kareena Kapoor. For both the actors this was the first voice over in animated production. Roadside Romeo, the tale of a pampered puppy whose owner moves leaving him behind a fend for himself on the streets of Mumbai. In this classic Bollywood tradition, the 95 minutes film comprises 1400 shots, approximately 40 scenes and five song and dance numbers.

Pankaj Khandpur the creative director at Visual Computing Labs says that while directing Roadside Romeo their aim was to create a quality production that would set the standard for future 3D animated Bollywood movies. Maya software has much to do with the film.

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, go and watch this beautiful animation work.

In today’s time animation has started giving the industry many hits. Animation has become the hub these days. A new trend in the industry. Many students have started pursuing for the animation course, if you are also seeking your career in this creative and interesting field visit us at MAAC Kolkata.

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Behind the Scene Maac Chowringhee

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Stop Motion Animation: Another Approach to Animation

The animation paradise has witnessed many changes over the year. It has jumped on heights dramatically, from hand drawn animation to 3D animation. Animation as a career in this competitive era, the demand of technical skills, a good understanding of art and aesthetics and a unique creative is skill is required. These days’ students concentrate on software & technologies to create an animation film. Experimenting with any other medium is rare.

Stop motion animation is one such medium. This is the form of animation created by physically manipulating real world objects and photographing them, one frame at a time, to create the illusion of movement.

Below are the various kinds of Stop motion animation listed out by animation kolkata:

Claymation (Clay Animation)
It’s one unique form of stop motion animation that uses figures made of clay. It involves sculpture characters and background sets out of clay.

Puppet Animation
It is a technique of incorporating the animation of still puppets. Similar to claymation, the characters and sets are already made in full forms instead of being made while the animation is being shot.


Cut Out Animation
Technique of producing animations using flat characters is used in this form. 

This is the most difficult form of stop motion animation. Live actors change their movements in each frame of the animation in this form. They pose while multiple frames are taken and the position changes slightly in each frame.

These are just few examples of stop motion animation.  The medium is just a platform to give your idea a visual presentation.

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Latest Techniques used in 2D and 3D Animation

When the first ever five minute film, Steamboat Willie was released by Walt Disney he never thought that his animation based would form the basis of an entire industry, encouraging new styles in 2D & 3D animation.  The industry has grown since then, both in terms of application and importance in a variety of fields such as entertainment, education, medicine etc. The government and the private sector funded several institutes for the development of innovative techniques to bring objects to life on 2d and 3D screens.

It is now possible to create facial animation using the recent advancements in computer technologies. Before this phase the characters’ faces were nothing more than hand down painting sequences of images to create the illusion of movement. Now in the new era the modern research and development of computer graphics has come to a stage where producers can create climatic wonders such as Avatar. Facial animation has made its place and has come a long way. Sparse Stereo Mesh is a creative technique that has made it possible for animation come close to real life. This technique was made to drive facial contour by reading data from customised markers, kept on the face, with the help of camera lens. The three dimensional mesh of facial information is the incoming data which is then processed on the 3D mesh in the application.

Today, a large number of advanced techniques are implemented for character animation. Every production studio from Pixar to Light & Magic are inspired by Skeleton based animation and motion capture advance methods. Skeleton based animation possesses a hierarchal order of the anatomy of the character that involves a ground plane. Which further allows the physics to take over when the character is set into motion.

Motion capture advance is a tool for character animation while working with 2D and 3D space. That further enables artists to realistically capture character motion.

In the animation industry 2D and 3D techniques have come a long way.  

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Below is animation work done by one of our student. To view more you can visit our facebook page

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Every year, animation kolkata arrange shooting for 24FPS VFX Challenge. This time on 14.7.16, we had arranged a place near Gateway Hotel, Ruby and started our shooting set-up process we set up the light & chroma shoot platform. It almost took around 1 hour 30 min to do the entire setup & after that we had started with the shooting. We had arranged a high end DSLR camera, with a professional cameraman, arranging track for camera movement, baby lighting, softbox etc.

Students made arrangement of all the props, costumes, makeup etc. It took full day to shoot as per our requirement. This year we also did the Chrome Ball Photography, which was a new thing to the students, and later on they will be using that data for their CG lighting purpose. One of our highly experienced faculties’ from Maac center, who had worked in Hollywood movies, came from Mumbai to guide us. It was a fun filled day with lots of learning, planning, and execution.


Every year, Maac Kankurgachi takes part in the VFX Challenge of the 24FPS Competition, which is a way for students learn hands on practical training that too at par industry-level work by recreating shots from renowned films with live-action and computer-generated components. The live-action shoot for this year's VFX Challenge was successfully held on Thursday, 14th July. It was a unique experience for the team, who had chosen a sequence to shots from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Students were provided a studio-like set-up with professional camera equipment and a chroma-ready set, props, costumes and make-up, actors with guidance from the experience faculty members of the centre. Based on the demo shoots done as practice over the past few weeks. They have now begun processing the footage and undertaking production-stage work. Now we are all waiting for the D-day when our production will be ready to launch.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Animation News For you All!!!

Some awesome news for you all remember  Balika Badhu the popular serial of Colors and who can ever forget the young cute girl “Anandi” the iconic  character now she is back as “Chhoti Anandi”, The Animated Series, with a second season on Colors. This season of “Chhoti Anandi” comes with 52 episodes, this is double and more entertaining than the last season.

The first season was runs from 17th January 2016 till 10th April 2016. For this animated series in Colors channel has decided to telecast in the prime time, which is Sunday morning 10 am to 11 am.
“Chhoti Anandi” is an adventure series, in which Anandi enjoys her childhood with her friends and family. Apart from the existing characters, we will also going to see many new characters in this series.

Anandi just 8 year old girl belongs from a small village of Rajasthan. This wise intelligent girl Anandi is very popular among her peer group and she is wise indeed beyond her years and is known for her innovative and unique ways to solve problems of her village folks. The series will highlight her entertaining yet mischievous side as she explores innumerable escapades in the company of her friends.

Chhoti Anandi and her friends will be seen going on an adventurous joyride from Amazon Jungle, to the era of Dinosaurs, and also to the period when kings and queens reigned. Its all fun filled and too much entertaining and a must watch.

So guys, you can well understand the power of animation and visual effects, when a daily soap can be converted to animation series and being acknowledged and got award too. So there is no doubt there is immense scope for animation taken as career. You actually get to work with good production house learning and exploring new ideas.

Recently, “Chhoti Anandi” received BAF awards for New Animation Entrant.

Just don’t think much and join the Best Animation Institute in Kolkata. visit animation kolkata

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Big Animation Studios Versus Indie Production

In the 1980s, the release of blockbuster animations, like who framed Roger Rabbit, Disney, Fox, and Warner Bros came up and they started hiring artists and designers from every corner of the globe. European artists started hiring kids from colleges and some even before graduation. Big and major production houses began to increase the staff numbers, buying properties and paying magnificent salaries. And soon after these artists became hot commodities.

But the glamour is never permanent, soon the things began to feel formulaic and studios fell into trap.  The big studio system lost sight of the story. With the bigger budgets nobody wanted to take a chance with the creative process. In this scenario, independent studios & production houses started making movie and benefited from the audience’s demand for something different.

Now the independent artists are setting up their personal studios in their homes and animators, who used to work for big production houses are now appearing as production heads of their own studios.
Studios started finding cost effective ways of producing their work and began looking overseas by the year 2000. Due to the decrease in staff requirement many artists left out of work. During this period the Troy Story released and made money at the box office and other major studios had realization that collaborating with some of the new, slick CGI studios could be advantageous.

Indies, also known as independent studios started putting up their own films. During the first decade of the millennium, the independent production company rush was the trend that had captured the attention of mainstream audiences across the world.

Indie production companies are now emerging in great numbers due to technological progress that has created an entirely different setup of the animation studio. It is more efficient to set up a studio where all the equipment's of production could comfortably be installed on one workstation. Indeed it seems the crop of indie production companies has grown continuing to have smaller budgets.  

Diversification added to this process further. Considering the vast number of options available today like DVD, video games, commercials, internet, wireless and more, the new emerging consumer arenas like e-learning and ethnic entertainment target markets the scope for indie  production  is growing each day.

No one knows where the story will end. Perhaps this new renaissance of indie productions will give birth to its own list of lessons to be learned and challenges to be faced. But one thing is for sure that it is just the beginning of a new era for the animation paradise.

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Evolution of Indian Animation

Animation! This term has come up in market so high these days. Animation is creating once imagination and takes us on a magical journey. Indian animation industry is one of the oldest animation industries in the world.

Some of the interesting facts about Indian animation Industry:

  • Dadsaheb Phalke is the first Indian animator also known as father of Indian cinema.  
  • Clair Weeks, a Disney studio animator was invited to train animators for the first ever        animation studio in 1956.
  • The first animation film in India was in 1957, The Banyan Deer.

Current Status

Over the past 10 years India has shown immense growth in the Animation Industry. Few of the examples are:

  • Roadside Romeo, O my friend Ganesha & Hanuman. These movies were produced with the help of 2d & 3d animation in 2008.
  • Arjun -The Warrior Prince was released in India & US in 2012. This movie was appreciated worldwide for its sheer quality and brilliance of animation. It unlocked new avenue for the industry.
  • Indian production houses and studios have tie ups with Hollywood production houses and studios.
  • Animation institutes are doing their jobs by providing an adequate knowledge about 2d and 3d animation along with various other courses related to film making technology.

The future of the industry

Indian industry is doing well and getting renowned all over the world. But it’s always about more. It still has to go long way to gain its foothold in the international market. The following steps are needed to be taken:

  • Invest more in technology
  • Train people
  • Arrange for indoor and outdoor training methods.
  • Set up more animation institutes with the beneficial courses that could teach about film making.
  • Arranging workshops and seminars and generating awareness about the benefits of       animation.
  • Encourage beginners and allow them to experiment with their creativity.

we at MAAC Animation Kolkata provides with the best knowledge and career opportunities. To learn more visit Animation Kolkata

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Major Animation Festivals around the World...

Animation in today’s world has become so trending and a booming field to work in. It is a new hot trending thing that is running in youth’s blood. Not only in the industries, but it is also gaining the popularity all over world by Animation Festivals.

Animation Kolkata listed out few animation festivals:

Anifest India

We chose to begin the list with our own made Animation Film Festival Anifest. Anifest India was a national event that featured entries from Malaysia, Hong Kong and the United States.
Anifest India was held in Mumbai.

Follow the link to learn more about it.

Ottawa International Animation Festival

This was one of the largest Animation Festival that happened in North America in late 1967. The amazing and the interesting part of this festival was that the festival had a kid’s jury panel, where the organisers invited children to vote on the most popular animation of the year.

Follow the link to know what happened in the festival.


This festival happens in Brussels, Belgium every year. Anima has international and national sections for entries coming in only from Belgium.  It is the best showcase for full length and short film entries.  this link will help you understand it better.

Stuttgart festival of Animated Film    

This festival began in1982, by far the largest and important animation festival. It represented the best work done during that year. The speciality of this festival was that the winner is automatically qualifies to be nominated to the Oscars.

Isn’t that interesting? Follow to learn more on this.

Holland Animation Film Festival

This festival takes place in several parts of the world. It started in the year 1985. This festival features latest developments and emerging technologies.  This Festival organises competitions for internet animation, short films and applied animation. The Festival showcases entries from around the world; it is a National Film Festival in Netherlands.

If you find it interesting click the link and understand more.

We have introduced you with few Animation festivals that happen around the world. There are many more in the list like Anima Mundi, London International Animation Festival, Melbourne International Animation Festival and many more...

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Things to remember when joining the Animation/VFX industry

Career is one of the most important decision one takes in its lifespan. Career decides ones future. If you looking for a successful career in the field of animation and VFX, below are few important points listed by Maac animation kolkata for your better decision making.                                                                                                                                                                  

1)  Apt knowledge on 2D & 3D software

You need to know a brief knowledge about 2D and 3D animations. When you opt for Animation & VFX you need to learn much software to upgrade your understanding in these fields.

2) Teamwork

Most important! Working with people means understanding each other. You need to listen to them and at the same time you should have capability to make them understand your point of view.

3)  Know the Path

Animation and VFX are wide. You need to understand where your interest lies. Discover your passion and follow. To understand where the interest lays one can have one on one conversation with their faculty.

4 )  Portfolio

If you planning to get into animation industry it’s the right time to build your portfolio. To build once Protfolio you need to do few researches. Contact to your seniors and take an idea how you can work on it. Once should be ready with a complimenting Portfolio after the completion of course.

 5)    Arranging the portfolio

Nobody has enough time to go through each work you have done. Show them the best you have done. Arrange your portfolio from best to normal.

6)      Patience

Time! Give yourself and your career time to reach stars. People working in this field earn a lot much but after a certain reputation has built. So give time but don’t give up.
We hope our pointers will help you to take a wise decision.

Stay tuned with for more updates.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Most Popular Indian Animation Feature Film

The animation industry in India will grow at 22 percent every year, according to the latest report by NASSCOM. India's animation industry generated revenue worth Rs 4,490 crore in 2014, a 13% increase from the previous year. Many Animated movies are releasing in India . MAAC Animation kolkata A well-known 3d animation course provider in kolkata brings few top animated movies which are listed below :

Koochie Koochie Hota Hai (2017)

The film is an animated take on Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and it marks the 20 year anniversary of its release.
koochie koochie

Delhi Safari (2012)

A group of animals plan a trip to Delhi in order to ask the parliament why the forest they live in is on the verge of destruction.

Ramayana: The Epic (2010)

Ramayana is the most popular Indian story ever told. Long Long Ago, in Ancient India... Rama, the prince of Ayodhya is the eldest son of King Dasrath, dark and handsome, a great warrior.

Return of Hanuman (2007)

The film begins with a disclaimer, stating that RETURN OF HANUMAN is not a sequel to any film made before.


Chhota Bheem Himalayan Adventure (2016)

When Hidimbak attacks manali Bheem has to stop that strong man.

 Toonpur Ka Superhero (2010)

A reel-life costumed actor is abducted and asked to be a real hero by Toon characters.


Roadside Romeo (2008)

This is the story of Romeo. A dude who was living the life. He had the works - the mansion to live in, the chicks to party with and the cars to be driven around in.
road side romio

Mahabharat (2013)

Mahabharat is considered as the greatest and the longest epic in world literature It has all the possible elements that a story could have – conflit, duty, truth etc.


Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali (2013)

The King of Bali invites Chhota Bheem and his friends to attend the coronation of the state's prince.After  reaching Bali, Bheem and his friends find that the state is captured by a witch.

Krishna Aur Kans (2012)

Hailed as India's first stereoscopic animated film, 'Krishna Aur Kans' is an exciting narrative full of action and drama. The movie chronicles Krishna's early years -- from his birth as the nemesis of his tyrannical uncle Kans.
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Elements of effective graphic designs

To create the most beautiful design apart from creative idea one should have a clear understanding about the subject’s fundamentals

There are 10 basic elements of effective graphic designs. They are as follow:


Line is the first and the most basic element. Line plays a different role in drawing ad graphic designs. In drawing line is a stroke and in graphic designs it’s about two connecting points. Lines are benefited in dividing spaces and drawing an eye to the specific spaces.


For both the users and the designers colour plays the role of the most obvious elements of design. It can be used along with other elements like line and shapes etc or it can stand alone as a background. Colour creates the mood f the design and depicts the story of a brand. Every colour has a different story to tell which can further impress by the colour combinations.


Shapes, geographic or organic add interest. Shapes are basically used to emphasize a portion of the page as shape is defined by boundaries like line or colour. Everything used in graphic design is ultimately a shape. Now it’s your creativity to use these shapes in an interactive way.


While designing a page, negative space is most underutilized and misunderstood aspect of designing for the page. The left blank part of a design whether white or some other colour, help to create an overall image. Create spaces using the negative space.


Websites & graphic designs do depend on the look and impression of texture on the screen. Textures can create a more three dimensional appearance on this two dimensional surfaces. It also builds an immersive world.


The single most important part of graphic and web design is typography. Like colour, texture and shapes the fonts you use tell readers you’re a serious online news magazine, a playful food blog or a vintage tea tins shops. Words are important, but the style of the world is should also be equally impressive.


Playing with the scale and size of your objects, shapes, types and other elements add interest and emphasis. How boring would a symmetrical website with all similarly sized ingredients be? Very. But the amount of variations will depend heavily on the content within. Subtle differences suit professional content, while bold ones prefer creative enterprises.

Dominance & Emphasis

The element of emphasis has more to do with an object, colour or style dominating another for a heightened sense of contrast. Contrast creates a focal point.


There are two kinds of balance; symmetry & asymmetry. Asymmetry is much preferred by the most designers, artist and creative folks for its eye catching nature.


Harmony plays the key role of graphic design. Harmony is what you get when all the pieces work together.

Above mentioned elements are just one part of graphic designing there are more hundreds of rules and many more principles for creating more beautiful designs on and off the web. But these ten elements mentioned above are the basic essentials that will ensure anything you create is appealing, professional and perfect.

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