Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Making of The Jungle Book (2016 film)

The Jungle Book is actually a collection of short stories written by an English author Rudyard Kipling. Based on the story Director Jon Favreau decided to direct and co-produce the movie in the year 2013. This film was Walt Disney’s third work and second live action adaption of Rudyard Kipling’s story, the first a 2D animated movie in 1967 and second in 1994 being the same name The Jungle Book. Jon Favreau was encouraged by Walt Disney Studios chair-man Alan Horn to take advantage of the film’s setting and story as an opportunity to use the latest advancements in technologies. Aside from Mowgli, acted by youngster Neel Sethi, every other character is CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). The most interesting part is that the entire film making was done in Los Angeles. Lots and lots of green and blue screen were used to shot the complete movie.

Nearly 70 species of different Indian animals were featured in the film, with several species were showed as 150% larger than its actual size. The cast were announced in March 2014 with Idris Elba to voice Shere-Khan, Bill Murray to Balloo, Scarlett Johansson to Kaa, Ben Kingsley, Chritopher Walken and Lupita Nyong’o to cast as Bagheera, King Louie and Raksha respectively.
Principal photography took place entirely on sound stages at L.A. Studios in Los Angeles. Moving Picture Company (MPC) and Weta Digital created the film’s visual effects. For animating King Louis sequence, Weta Digital was set responsible. About 1000 remote jungles locations in India were photographed and used as reference for the post-production.
It was released in North America in Disney Digital 3-D, Real 3D, IMAX 3D and D-Box. Walt Disney has released the movie’s behind the scenes showing some of the special effects and other tricks used to create the movie. Take a look below:

Many of our students are working in MPC, Bangalore today who have passed their courses from MAAC Kolkata,  MAAC Kankurgachi and MAAC Rashbehari and are a part of the several award winning movies. They have even worked in The Jungle Book itself.
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What Stop-Motion Animation ?

Stop-motion Animation, also called as Stop Frame Animation is an art of animation of camera captured frames of physical objects. The objects are moved slightly between the frames. When the sequence of images is played rapidly, it creates an illusion of magical movement. It’s a technique to physically move any object so that it appears like it is moving on its own. Stop-motion animation is different from 2D animation only in the way that in 2D animation we need to draw frame by frame and here we just need to move the object in each frame. Yes, we need to be patient and give labor in order to create footage of only 5 seconds. Dolls with movable joints, toys or clay objects are used in stop-motion animation for their ease of repositioning. Stop-motion animation using plasticine is called Clay-animation. It is not mandatory that all stop-motion animation requires models; many stop-motion films can involve paper-products, humans, household appliances and any other thing that gives the sense of comedy.
Decades back, stop-motions were used in the feature film to give special visual effects. Stop-motion animation has a very long history in the films. It was often used to show objects moving as if by magic. The first film where stop-motion technique was used was The Humpty Dumpty Circus (1898) in which a toy circus of acrobats and animals comes to life. Another good example of application of stop-motion animation in the movie was The Lost World (1925) and King Kong (1933) by a well known animator Willis O’Brien. Click on the following link to view his work in King Kong (1933)
Early stop-motion was captured with film cameras; it was difficult for the animators to see their works until the film was processed. They had to keep track of their character’s position and how far to move them. But thanks to digital cameras today, with the help to DSLRs it has become very easy to view how the animation is progressing.
We do train our students to do stop-motion animation and animate through clay. They find a lot of fun and interest in this work. If you are planning to make your career in animation, feel free to contact us. We are at Chowringhee, Kankurgachi and Rashbehari. You are just a call away @+91 9836321595.
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Overview of Gaming Industry

In our todays blog MAAC Animation Kolkata tries to share an overview of Gaming Industry by sharing some facts. Hope you like it.

Free 2 play model:

The Free 2 play model is a popular method adapted for game distribution. F2P helps in attracting new gamers and allows them to try new launches with no commitment to buy the product. It open new horizon of marketing and business for game developers to monetize games.
India despite of having a growing economy people still find it hesitant to pay for mobile games. In Free 2 Play model the user can play the game for free but have to pay for the app upgrades and virtual goods. Therefore this model is suitable for gamers who are price sensitive.

It’s not just about developing game, it’s about providing service:

In the past millennium the games were purchased in boxes and played at home. Those games use to be the final version literally saturated with any scope of improvisation.
In today’s era the games are delivered digitally and in multiplayer format. Cloud gaming allows the developers to provide updates, and downloadable content. The user level is saved in the cloud and devices. Developers are learning usage of metrics to evolve games.

Catalyzed by Platform as a Service:

The mobile games and app market in India are estimated to cross Rs 2700 crore by 2016. Platform as a service (PaaS) is opening opportunities for new developers to build new games in short period of time , without worrying about the infrastructure.

Virtual reality will be integrated with gaming:

Virtual reality headsets are slowly sneaking into the market which can be attached to the smartphone for a real world experience. Imagine playing cricket in a stadium instead of watching it from a 2D isometric.

Playing Global:

Trending digital distribution of game and global access to internet has encouraged the investors to expand. Game developers are including diverse themes and genres in their games to attract global appeal. With cloud based technology it has become easier for the game developers to capture global audience. Gaming companies are planning way ahead for right infrastructure to take their games to the audience worldwide, as poor performance will only lead to abandonment. Due to increased global reach 2016 will experience high economically.


Games are most popular on smartphones and are predicted to overdrive the console gaming in future. The audience reach have broadened to young gamers and females, Social media and smartphones have helped the game developers to reach and involve people that were not associated with video games earlier.
The gaming trends will continue to grow in the future and game developers have to get prepared for the shift in the gaming trends. To learn more about gaming and its scope and to keep pace with it join, Contact your nearest MAAC centre in Kolkata  or visit the website:

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Difference Between Multimedia and Animation

Multimedia– as the name suggests, that it contains different types of media in it. Multimedia is a term concerned with computer controlled integration of texts, graphics, drawings, still images, videos, animation, audio and any other media where every type of information can be represented, stored, processed and transmitted digitally. Multimedia includes Design, web design, animation, film production, photography, video games, web application, sound design, etc. Multimedia is usually recorded and played, displayed or accessed by information content processing devices such as computers, tabs, mobile phones, etc. Multimedia devices are electronic media devices used to store and experience multimedia content.
Animation– on the other hand is rapid display of sequence of still images that has a slight difference from each other. It’s a process of creating illusion of visual movement by sequentially playing many statics images together at a certain speed known as frames per second. The word Animation is basically made from Greek word ‘ani’ means any non-living object and ‘motion’ means movement, in short it simply means putting life in non-living objects.
Animation can be two dimensional (2D) or three dimensional (3D). It can be drawn by hand or generated by computer. It involves clay models, puppets, shadows or cut-outs. Some animations may involve all of these elements and more. Examples of good 3D movies are like The Incredibles, Shrek, The Croods, etc.
3D animation starts with creating a 3D model or 3D character, a modeler with the help of various softwares available in the market, creates 3D models, rigs and programs it for movement. The life of 3D animation depends on 3D texture and lighting. Whereas 2D animation involves thousands of individual images copied from original paper drawings onto transparent Cels. Then each Cel was colored and set against painted background before being scanned. Now these scanned images are played sequentially to give a visual movement.
Lets view the world of animation and multimedia through the eyes of MAAC Animation Kolkata that offers animation course in Kolkata where dreams come true of creating own graphics design, web design, 2D and 3D animation movies. You are welcome at our three centres in Kolkata i.e., MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Kankurgachi and MAAC Rashbehari.

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Most Popular Indian Animated Characters

Chota Bheem:

Chota Bheem is an Indian animated comedy adventure series.The series is about the adventures of a boy named Chota Bheem and his friends who lives in the fictional kingdom of dholakpur. The series is running successfully with 425 episodes. It was also nominated for Indian Telly awards for best kids programme.
Animation type: 2D animation
Developed by: Green Gold Animation Pvt.Ltd.
Network: Pogo TV
Released on: 2008

Motu Patlu:

Motu Patlu is an Indian CGI animated television seriesproduced by Sitcom.The series is an adaptation of classic comedy ‘Lot Pot’. Motu Patlu are two friends living in Furfuri nagar. Motu always creates problem and Patlu solves them. The adventures are supported by characters like Chingam, Ghasitaram and Dr. Jhatka.
Animation type: CGI animated
Developed by: Cosmos Entertainment,Singapore.
Network: Nickelodeon, Nick HD.
Released on: 2012

Roll No.21:

Roll no.21 is an Indian animated series based on modern take on Lord Krishna’s and Kansa’s rivalry, reincarnated as Kris and principal Kanishk , The story is plotted on an orphanage in Mathura where principal Kanishk plans to take over the world and little boy Kris does anything to everything to fail him.
Animation type: 2D animation
Developed by: Animasia studio (Malaysia).
Network: Cartoon Network (India).
Released on: 2014

Mighty Raju:

This Indian animated series of films based on adventures of an intelligent 4 year old boy Raju living in the city of Aryanagar. Raju is blessed with superhuman strength and strong moral and is willing to risk his life from evil forces.
mighty rau
Animation type: 2D animation.
Developed by: Green Gold Animation Pvt.Ltd .
Network: Pogo TV.
Released on: 2014

Little Krishna:

Little Krishna is 3D computer animated series. The stories revolves around the chronicles of Bhagwad Gita and its depiction of childhood adventures of Lord Krishna in the village of Vrindavan which remains under the threat of evil king Kansa. Little Krishna captures an epic battle of good versus evil, it also successfully touches the emotional chord.A combination of Indian designs and classic western style provide the series with visual styling.Little Krishna was awarded Outstanding Indian Animated content, Best animated T.V series and episode, Best VFX in T.V episode by FICCI Frames in 2008. Also Best 3D animation film by Golden Cursor in 2008.
Animation type: 3D animation.
Developed by: Co-created by BIG animation and Indian Heritage Foundation.
Network: Nickelodeon.
Released on: 2009.

Kumbh Karan:

Kumbh Karan is the story of two twin brothers Kumbh and Karan who lives in small colony of AjabGajabpur. Kumbh is chubby lazy, sleepy and hungry but really strong with soft heart. Karan on the other hand is sharp, agile with smart looks. Kumbh and karan along with their friend Tara and pet porcupine Kaddu, travels the world on quest.
Animation type: 2D animation.
Developed by: Cornershop Animation.
Network: Pogo and Cartoon Network.
Released on: 2010

Chor Police:

This Indian animation comedy show is based on unlimited chase between two characters Anthony a thief and Lovely Singh a policeman. Anthony is a thief lives in slums of Mumbai is known as Robinhood slumdog of Mumbai because he steals for the poor and Lovely Singh tries to catch him anyways which leads both of them into series of adventures.
Animation type: 2D animation.
Developed by: Green Gold Animation Pvt.Ltd.
Network: Disney XD in India.
Released on: 2010

Krishna Balram:

Krishna Balram series focuses on the action packed adventures of Krishna, Balram , Radha and their friends.The stories are novel riveting and garnished with fictional characters and imaginary plots.
Animation type: 2D animation.
Developed by: Green Gold Animation Pvt.Ltd.
Network: Cartoon Network.
Released on: 2014

Adventures of Tenali Raman:

It is an Indian animated series is based on a popular Indian folk story.
Animation type: 2D animation.
Developed by: Toonz India Animation Studio.
Network: Cartoon Network.
Released on: 2003


Howwzatt series is about the adventures of a bunch of youngsters crazy about cricket known as ‘Gulab Nagar Junglees’.Guru,Gyani, Bull, Bablu , Shekhar and Ajay are coached by Sweety Aunty to take on a bunch of bullies who never plays by rule.
Animation type: 2D animation.
Developed by: Toonz India Animation Studio.
Network: Discovery Kids India.
Released on: 2013
At MAAC Animation Kolkata its not only that you become an expert in programs like animation and multimedia but we also focus on developing job skills and preparing our students to become job ready in a short span of time.
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A picture is worth a thousand words for emotions!!!! Visual communication is an effective way to communicate the ideas and messages and can leave a long lasting effect. Do you want to be a game changer? Or give life to your thoughts? Do you want the world to see through eyes? If yes here is how can….Be a Graphic designer. Graphic designer is a modern day artist who can wisely blend typography, space, image, color and can give shape to ideas and bring them to life and can have long lasting effect on the audiences.

Tips for creating effective designs:

Print media plays a vital role in building a business brand with the help of effective graphic design. Thanks to Internet marketers have shifted the focus from print media to digital media which has the potential to reach millions of users.
The use of number of words and images should be limited as too much of content will make it difficult for the audience to identify the message.
  • Make use of geometric typefaces to enhance your message.
  • Create two tone filter effects using a combination of tint and Two tone filter effects.
  • Use grid and Collages with your photos and make sure that you apply same filter to each of the image.
  • Add shapes to amplify your text from the background.
  • Bold and light font can be used for creating an impact.
  • A clean composition can be created by using one of the photo holders as a Text Box in the grid.
  • Placement of text plays a vital role in interpreting the message to the audiences….Break up the lines in the way it should be read.
  • Intelligent compositions can be created by placing the text within the images.
  • Text should be wisely placed in the clear spaces of the image

Tips for becoming an effective graphic designer

Techniques in graphic designing keep on changing and so to keep up with the pace you will have the need to acquire new skills.

Be a collector

No matter who you are and where you go……you always get inspired by your surrounding make sure you maintain a collection of things that inspires you so that you can access them for reference. In case , if you are out of ideas these collections will provide you with inspirational and creative ideas.

Let the words do the talking

A creative graphic designer will always be able to portray the emotion behind the word successfully with ease. For eg: the logo of the film describes the genre of the film, if the movie is a horror flick than the name of the film will be written in a way which will bring out the thriller. So when you hear a word try to bring out the feeling of that and design it in the same way.

Redesign others work

When you come across the work that you find to be impressive, don’t just appreciate it , try to redesign it .this practice will definitely help you to learn new things and improve your skills.

Participate in seminars and events

This is the place where highly talented people with great minds and creativity come together. So don’t miss a chance to get acquainted with great work that would help you enhance your skills.

Create free samples

Work on some logo, letterheads and mock websites and keep all these designs handy when you meet a client this will help you gain their confidence.

Join us to be a professional

At MAAC Animation Kolkata its not only that you become an expert in programs like animation and multimedia but we also focus on developing job skills and preparing our students to become job ready in a short span of time. we provide best animation course in kolkata.
At MAAC Career Course for Animation and Multimedia we build the foundation for a career in 3D Animation, VFX, Gaming or Multimedia.
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Cartoon Network

In our today’s blog we will be discussing on a channel on television which wholly and soully runs on telecasting cartoon shows and animation programmes. Cartoon Network is an American satellite television channel owned by Time Warner. The speciality of this channel is its main focus is to entertain children’s by showing different animation programmes aiming the age group of 7 to 14 years mainly.

The channel aired its programme in India in four different languages namely Hindi, English, Tamil and Telegu. Since its inception in Indian market the channel has gained popularity through many interesting shows like Horrid Henry, Oggy and the Cockroaches, The Flintstones,The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Courage the Cowardly Dog are few names. To gain Indi audience the network has started focusing on number of animation shows like “Mighty Raju: Superhero School”, “Sonic Boom Dhamaal Aur Dhoom”, “Sholay Adventures”.

With constant growth in the Indian market the channel has adapted new strategies to gain more likes in the Indian Market. It’s been said cartoon show watching doesn’t have any age barer. Although the channel has a targeted age group but everyone seems to enjoy animation programme irrespective of ages.

With the coming of this channel Indian animation industry got a huge boost. The flow of work increased as the channel required programme that would suit in Indian market so in variably the need of skilled animator increased. With its growing popularity channel also launched different animation games which also become very popular among kids.

With the evolution of 3D animation the channel made a smart move in producing excellent 3D animation programmes like Reboot, Starwar Animated Series , Saladin etc to name a few. The visual appeal of 3D animation has hit the mind of Indian animation, but the charm and memory of 2d Animation is still there in the heart of the audience.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Use of VFX in Games of Throne Season-VI

“If you don’t have my vivid imagination you couldn’t do my job”, says the super talented VFX supervisor of “Games of Thrones” series Joe Bauer.

VFX is a technology that brings all the components that can’t be shot in a normal course of production whether it is adding characters whether it is adding environment, whether it is completing sets, or whether it’s creating whole scene.
With the help of VFX they were able to manufacture worlds which are much larger than what could have been created on a sound stage or location. A visual effect acts as that end of the story telling which allows us to through the imagination of the writer, producer and director for eg:
1. Ship sailing on the sea reaching the kingdoms harbor
2. Daenerys riding a fire breathing dragon
3. The attack on the ice wall where they didn’t had enough space or number of people who can execute this episode sequence so a green screen of 30 feet high and 100 feet long was used to create a marvelous scene.

4. Fire breathing dragon in a arena, flame thrower of 50 feet strap to a robotic crane was put in a ring in Spain and 20 people were put on flame.
5. Shooting Wun Wun , a 14 feet tall character with huge weight and mass was actually executed by a person and was portrait gigantically with the help of visual effects.
VFX industry have become very computer reliant technology but shooting with organic element like fire breathing dragons ,fire and the interaction between the stunt players was a real challenge for the team.
The best compliment to be received for VFX is to show the invisible, the work has to be really really great as we cannot expect the audience to miss a blink and that’s the reason the things that have been depicted in the series have got bigger and better.
The team shoots for three units before it use to shoot in two units. They had 800 shots in season three, 2000 in season 5.A team of five highly creative directors are shooting in five different continents.
This season have introduced mammoths, skeleton coming out of the ground or special powers this season employees all of them. The VFX shots of season 6 are outlanders and outrageous in true sense.
VFX is a comprehensive course comprising of all you need to build a rocking career in visual effects for films, television, news channels etc. We at MAAC Animation Kolkata provide our students with hands on experience while working in a studio like environment.

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Animation kolkata is one of the best and oldest MAAC centre in Eastern India. It is a part of MAAC family since nearly the inception of MAAC in Kolkata and having three branches at Kolkata. MAAC CHOWRINGHEEMAAC KANKURGACHI & MAAC RASHBEHARI and one in Delhi namely MAAC South Ex. With more than 3000 students taught and over 1000 placed, one of the leading 3D animation institute in Kolkata and vfx course provider in INDIA too.
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Use of VFX in Popular Serial Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka

Visual effects, popularly known as VFX is playing a key role in the daily soaps for Indian audience. One such most popular and talked about serial of these days is “Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka ”, being aired in Colours Channel. Our today’s discussion will revolve round it. This serial been using vfx in enhancing the look and feel of the serial very nicely. It has been noticed in recent trends that if one is using vfx more in the serial you can actually engage more viewer and it helps in improving the TRP rating.

If we go down our memory lane it reminds us using vfx in Ramanand Sagar’s mythological show popularly known as Ramayana. It was the first tele-serial to use vfx in the show. Later on following the trend many other serials started using the technology.

A team of 12 crew members is responsible for executing VFX for Ashoka. Starting from creating set extension, crowd multiplication, 3D modelling, animation etc.The use of computer graphics contributes mostly in generating the look and feel of the serial. The team member’s doesn’t leave any stone unturned in creating a super fascination world.

Apart from these technologies the serial also use software like after effects Eyon fusion, 3ds Maya, stop motion to bring more reality on the screen. Ashoka the historical drama which has become more interesting because of its beautifully designed sets ,the lavish designed places, the grandeur sets which has able to create that historical era. The eye catching visual has actually pulled the audience.

Let’s take a look at some of the before-after pictures to know how the makers are making the best use of VFX in the popular serial “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat”. …

Our above discussion is taking us to conclude that the use of vfx is wide so as its scope apart from films, advertisement now a day’s daily soaps are also using vfx to enhance their visuals look and feel. So more will be the demand then the need and requirement of skilled professionals also increases who can handle projects. So stop thinking and join the glamour if you have the zeal in you.

About Author:

Animation kolkata is one of the best and oldest MAAC centre in Eastern India. It is a part of MAAC family since nearly the inception of MAAC in Kolkata and having three branches at Kolkata. MAAC CHOWRINGHEEMAAC KANKURGACHI & MAAC RASHBEHARI and one in Delhi namely MAAC South Ex. With more than 3000 students taught and over 1000 placed, one of the leading 3D animation institute in Kolkata and vfx course provider in INDIA too.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Use of Animation in Advertisement

The promotion of a product or service in the general public is advertisement.  It aims to increase the profit of a business or concern. A good advertisement holds the attention of the consumer for a specific product. That is why advertisements are made attractive to attract the notice of the customer.

The use of animation in advertisement is to make it more interesting and unique.  The other major advantage in using animation is that it’s completely limitless. If I want my character to grow taller than Eiffel Tower after taking a sip of a health drink, it’s only possible to do through animation. This is the beauty of creative tools and technology that we have. Moreover, animation helps to understand and explain the subject quicker and better than the real-time videos. Thus animation in our advertisement makes it more entertaining eye catchy and indulges the consumer to get involved in the product. Somewhere it hits them at the back of their mind. People love to watch and remember the most entertaining videos. Recent studies shows that the funny promotional videos are the most shared content in social media and are most talked about too.

In the following link Vodafone tries to express their product in the best way using 3D animation:

This is the funniest ad of Castrol Power1 Racing two-wheeler oil promo. In this 2D animation video Castrol describes their product:

The following link is an animation ad film by Coca Cola. Through this video they try to beautifully show the love for their product even for the insects:

The reason why we are discussing advertisement media in our Maac Animation Kolkata blog is to make our reader aware of the scope and reach of animation at different sector. It is no more limited to only film industry but its implementation has spread all across different media which make us feel if somebody is trying to make a career out of animation this is the right time and right market to hit. The animation industry in Kolkata as well as pan India is growing since its need and requirement for skilled professional are also growing over the years.

About us:

Animation kolkata is one of the best and oldest MAAC centre in Eastern India. It is a part of MAAC family since nearly the inception of MAAC in Kolkata and having three branches at Kolkata. MAAC CHOWRINGHEEMAAC KANKURGACHI & MAAC RASHBEHARI and one in Delhi namely MAAC South Ex. With more than 3000 students taught and over 1000 placed, one of the leading 3D animation institute in Kolkata and vfx course provider in INDIA too.

Yet confused about your career just pick up your phone and call us we are just a phone call away our branches are all across Kolkata, Rashbehari, Kankurgachi, Chowringhee.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Indian Gaming Industry Is At the Verge of Getting Major Makeover

Gaming industry is a billion dollar industry but its potential has always been underestimated due to its lack of awareness among the people. But the now the tables have turned due to penetration of smartphone and easy accesses to internet, gaming now have gained popularity as a form of entertainment in India. The developers in India are reaching new horizon of global glory. Let’s have an overview of the Indian gaming industry, its market and salary trends, market indicator and its overall journey.

India is third largest country holding a large population of mobile subscribers. It ranks second in world in terms of population, two third of which is below 35 of age. It all started in late 90’s when companies like India Games , Paradox Lakshya Digital started working on international games and introduced gaming to artist, animators and engineers.

By 2005 the industry experienced an accelerated revolution when domestic companies like Nazara Technologies, Yellow Monkey and Games to win started casual games on feature phones and social gaming on websites. In addition to this international studios like Glu, Ubisoft , Zynga also established their studios and backend operations in India.

In 2010 with emergence of smartphones in the country small gaming studios have evolved into big players. Today there are around 300 gaming studios running successfully across the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune, some of them having merely a team of 10.

According to a report, India has a huge potential for successful career in gaming industry. Around 354 million users have access to internet and due to increase in availability of cheap Smartphone’s this number is all set to grow 15 % by 2017.

The mobile gamings have deepened its roots with the free 2 way model. Among the favorites are Arcade games followed by Puzzle, Race Sports, Shooter and Casino. On the other hand casual games like Farmville and Candy Crush have gained popularity amongst the female users.

P.C gaming have user base of around 1 million to 1.5 million active followers. The industry is predicted to have continuous growth at a faster rate and thus creating a sustainable business of the new genre.

 MAAC Animation Kolkata provides holistic courses to the students keen on having career in creating and designing video games. The course focuses on developing imaginative and creative thinking as a process of talent development. Our application based teaching inculcates the art of storytelling which improves the gaming experience and helps students to establish themselves as gaming experts and professionals.

For more details visit:

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Use of VFX in the movie BAAHUBALI

S. S. Rajamouli Directed movie Baahubali, a Telugu action movie, was the highest grosser Indian movie. INR 120 Crore budget movie earned over INR 600 Crore and became the highest grossing telugu movie of all times. Apart from an interesting story line and strong characterization with combination of the real life and reel life effect turned  Baahubali into a  mind blowing visual effect movie of its time.. The movie had one year pre-production work where in 15000 story board sketches were created which is the highest for any Indian film till today. More than 600 VFX artists worked (which includes Makuta VFX, Prasad EFX, Firefly in Hyderabad, Tau films from Malaysia etc.) for the film to create more than 90 percent visually enhanced shots. V. Srinivas Mohan, a National Award Winner headed as the VFX supervisor. The film boast of 90 percent Computer Generated Imagery works which accounts for 2500 VFX shots. Makuta VFX was chosen as the main visual effects studio and was responsible for more than 50 percent of the CGI in the film.

This is the VFX breakdown of the Movie Baahubali- The Beginning by Makuta VFX:

In this shot Shivgami is saving the baby, the water has been enhanced by VFX generated waterfalls. This famous shot was originally shot with a bottle of mineral water in Shivgami’s hand above the water.

This heart dropping shot in which Prabhas is hanging from the rock was actually VFX generated. Originally Prabhas was lifted by crane to give a shot of rock climbing.

While we saw Prabhas hoping and jumping over the branches in the jungle on big screen, in reality Prabhas was just hoping over a giant log with green screen in the background.

Feeling very honored to say that we at, MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Animation Kolkata, MAAC Rashbehari welcomed Mr. Sanath P. C., the founder and VFX supervisor by profession of The Firefly Studios, whose special effects are also seen in the Movie “Baahubali – The Beginning”, visited our center in the month of July 2015. A grand Seminar was organized by our director, Mr. Naveen Choudhary in honour of Mr. Sanath P.C so that he can discuss and shre his experience with students of Maac Kolkata. He discussed many things with us regarding the making of Baahubali and Magadheera.

He ended his discussion with a note of appreciation saying“A big thanks for inviting me. It was wonderful to spend time with MAAC  students and the team here” – Mr, Sanath P. C. We felt  truly blessed.

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