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Most Popular Indian Animated Characters

Chota Bheem:

Chota Bheem is an Indian animated comedy adventure series.The series is about the adventures of a boy named Chota Bheem and his friends who lives in the fictional kingdom of dholakpur. The series is running successfully with 425 episodes. It was also nominated for Indian Telly awards for best kids programme.
Animation type: 2D animation
Developed by: Green Gold Animation Pvt.Ltd.
Network: Pogo TV
Released on: 2008

Motu Patlu:

Motu Patlu is an Indian CGI animated television seriesproduced by Sitcom.The series is an adaptation of classic comedy ‘Lot Pot’. Motu Patlu are two friends living in Furfuri nagar. Motu always creates problem and Patlu solves them. The adventures are supported by characters like Chingam, Ghasitaram and Dr. Jhatka.
Animation type: CGI animated
Developed by: Cosmos Entertainment,Singapore.
Network: Nickelodeon, Nick HD.
Released on: 2012

Roll No.21:

Roll no.21 is an Indian animated series based on modern take on Lord Krishna’s and Kansa’s rivalry, reincarnated as Kris and principal Kanishk , The story is plotted on an orphanage in Mathura where principal Kanishk plans to take over the world and little boy Kris does anything to everything to fail him.
Animation type: 2D animation
Developed by: Animasia studio (Malaysia).
Network: Cartoon Network (India).
Released on: 2014

Mighty Raju:

This Indian animated series of films based on adventures of an intelligent 4 year old boy Raju living in the city of Aryanagar. Raju is blessed with superhuman strength and strong moral and is willing to risk his life from evil forces.
mighty rau
Animation type: 2D animation.
Developed by: Green Gold Animation Pvt.Ltd .
Network: Pogo TV.
Released on: 2014

Little Krishna:

Little Krishna is 3D computer animated series. The stories revolves around the chronicles of Bhagwad Gita and its depiction of childhood adventures of Lord Krishna in the village of Vrindavan which remains under the threat of evil king Kansa. Little Krishna captures an epic battle of good versus evil, it also successfully touches the emotional chord.A combination of Indian designs and classic western style provide the series with visual styling.Little Krishna was awarded Outstanding Indian Animated content, Best animated T.V series and episode, Best VFX in T.V episode by FICCI Frames in 2008. Also Best 3D animation film by Golden Cursor in 2008.
Animation type: 3D animation.
Developed by: Co-created by BIG animation and Indian Heritage Foundation.
Network: Nickelodeon.
Released on: 2009.

Kumbh Karan:

Kumbh Karan is the story of two twin brothers Kumbh and Karan who lives in small colony of AjabGajabpur. Kumbh is chubby lazy, sleepy and hungry but really strong with soft heart. Karan on the other hand is sharp, agile with smart looks. Kumbh and karan along with their friend Tara and pet porcupine Kaddu, travels the world on quest.
Animation type: 2D animation.
Developed by: Cornershop Animation.
Network: Pogo and Cartoon Network.
Released on: 2010

Chor Police:

This Indian animation comedy show is based on unlimited chase between two characters Anthony a thief and Lovely Singh a policeman. Anthony is a thief lives in slums of Mumbai is known as Robinhood slumdog of Mumbai because he steals for the poor and Lovely Singh tries to catch him anyways which leads both of them into series of adventures.
Animation type: 2D animation.
Developed by: Green Gold Animation Pvt.Ltd.
Network: Disney XD in India.
Released on: 2010

Krishna Balram:

Krishna Balram series focuses on the action packed adventures of Krishna, Balram , Radha and their friends.The stories are novel riveting and garnished with fictional characters and imaginary plots.
Animation type: 2D animation.
Developed by: Green Gold Animation Pvt.Ltd.
Network: Cartoon Network.
Released on: 2014

Adventures of Tenali Raman:

It is an Indian animated series is based on a popular Indian folk story.
Animation type: 2D animation.
Developed by: Toonz India Animation Studio.
Network: Cartoon Network.
Released on: 2003


Howwzatt series is about the adventures of a bunch of youngsters crazy about cricket known as ‘Gulab Nagar Junglees’.Guru,Gyani, Bull, Bablu , Shekhar and Ajay are coached by Sweety Aunty to take on a bunch of bullies who never plays by rule.
Animation type: 2D animation.
Developed by: Toonz India Animation Studio.
Network: Discovery Kids India.
Released on: 2013
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