Sunday, 27 November 2016

Evolution of Animation

Hello friends, do you still remember the tickling laughter on the antics of Tom and Jerry animation? Since our early childhood we are entertained by the TV Cartoon shows.
There have been massive changes in the past 20 years in animation. The animation industry have come a long way, say it is a 15 minute short or a two hour full length animation movie. MAAC Kolkata will take you to the evolution of the animation industry as it had made us smile and laugh since beginning.
First ever use of animation that entertained us was through Thaumatrope in 19th Century. So, here the question arises, what is a Thaumatrope? It is a scientific device consisting of a disc with a different picture on each side; these pictures appear to combine into one image when the disc is rapidly rotated with the help of a string. Have a look below:
Animation Kolkata
Later, to showcase a continuous movement of a character for a short duration, Phenakistoscope was widely used. Then came Flipbooks in which every frame was drawn by hand on a piece of paper, and then the book was flipped rapidly. This showed an optical illusion as if the drawn object was moving. The flipbook also became very popular...Read More

Sunday, 20 November 2016

10 Scariest Animated Movies You Can’t Watch Alone

Hey we are here to present you 10  Scariest Animated Movies You Can’t Watch Alone.
Have you ever thought that the cartoon movies which always had made you roll and laugh can ever scare you while you are watching them? Yes they can. That’s the reason in our today’s blog we will discuss about those animated movies that has actually has given you goose bumps.
The 10 movies listed above are the example of such animated movies which can scare you. With our write up we have always tried to present you info graphic with interesting facts that were probably not known to you. We do look forward for your valuable comments and suggestions in order to deliver the best.
Our Info graphic topic is searched to reveal facts and figure before you in order to enlightened  you on the subject we all are passionate about ,so as you. We would request our viewers to watch those 10 movies and share their feedback with us if actually has given goose bumps while watching...Read More

Top Indian Animators Only @Animation Kolkata (Part 2)

Hello guys, we are  back with the previous topic – Top Indian Animators, at Animation Kolkata where we have already discussed about three of the famous animators of our country, Ram Mohan, Dhimant Vyas and Gayatri Rao and their achievements.
Following are the two famous personalities who have also contributed their expertise to shape Indian Animation Industry.
animation kolkata
Kireet Khurana: Popularly known as the ‘Indian Animation Hero’, Kireet Khurana is the director of India’s first live-action and 3D film “Toonpur Ka Superhero”.
He is a high honours graduate from Sheridan College (Canada). He is the founder and creative head of the production house Climb Media and its animation wing, 2nz Animation Co.
He has won more than 30 awards including 5 prestigious President’s National Awards for his short films...Read More

Top Indian Animators Only @Animation Kolkata (Part 1)

If you have spent your childhood doodling cartoon characters and super heroes all over your notebooks, if you tried to become any superhero or perform their deeds in your dreams or if you are fascinated by their stories flying all around and saving the human from destruction, then Animation Kolkata is the right place for you to read.
Animation is a growing industry in the Indian Market. India is rich in art and animation is one of the most modern art form in the world. Animation is still considered as a hobby but there is a huge scope of making a fantastic career out of it.
Here I enlist top animators of India who have shaped the animation industry of our country.
animation kolkata
Ram Mohan: He is considered as the ‘Grandfather of Indian Animation’. He is a veteran in the Indian Animation Industry.
He is the chairman and chief creative officer of a Mumbai-based Animation Company, established in 1995 known as Graphiti Multimedia. He contributed in the film like ‘Ek Anek Aur Ekta’ which was the first 2D animated film to be aired at Doordarshan.
The awards he won include National Film Award, Mumbai International Film Award and Padma shri...Read More

Sunday, 13 November 2016


Motu Patlu is an Indian animated television series created by Kripa Shankar Bhardwaj and Developed by Cosmos Entertainment in Singapore. This is directed by Suhas Kadav and creative director of this series is Ronojoy Chakraborty.
Motu Patlu series has 4 numbers of season and 208 numbers of episodes. Motu Patlu releases many languages like English, Hindi and other regional languages like Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali. Motu Patlu was released on 16th October 2012. The Music of that series was written by Sandesh Shandilya a famous Indian film composer. Theme Song in hindi was sung by great Sukhwinder Singh...Read More

Use of Visual Effects In Mahabharata-2013

It was never easy to launch a tele- serial with huge amount of Visual Effects.
With sheer hard work and dedication for four years the team Mahabharata with producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary  launched the most expensive project on Indian Television, with an approximate budget of Rs100 crore.
The series was a huge success indeed. Today in our blog we will discuss extensively how by using different techniques Mahabharata team used visual effects judiciously so that it become almost an inevitable part of the serial.
The serial comprises of episodes which will be running for six months, which has elaborate detailed costumes, larger than life sets and the most important outstanding quality of VFX or Visual Effects in the whole series, which is actually mind-blowing...Read More

Material Design – A Web Designing Framework

Hello friends, today I will be discussing about Material Design. If you are well acquainted with web designing, you will find it more interesting. Actually material design is a designing language consisting of CSS and jQuery, developed by Google in 2014.
This was announced by Google on June 25, 2014, at the 2014 Google I/O conference. As of 2015 most of mobile applications by Google based on Android had applied the new design language, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, Google Maps, Inbox and many more.
Material design is already Boot-strapped, so you need not to use bootstrap framework separately. As most of us uses mobile much more than desktop and laptop so we are most friendly with mobile based UI (user interface), and Material Design gives us a platform to easily create UI like mobile so that it can be more user friendly. This is much more visually interactive and the web pages will look like an App...Read More

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Maac Chowringhee Made My Dream Come True- Amiyo

Interviewer: Hi Amiyo, firstly heartiest congratulations for getting your first job with Trace VFX . Going further, we would be happy to know about your qualification and what all projects you handle at Trace VFX?
Amiyo: Hello Sir, thank you so much, I am very happy to be here and glad to get this opportunity to convey my feelings after getting my first job. After completing my Higher Secondary, I could wait no longer to join Maac Chowringhee for learning about the most fascinating subject- The VFX.  Today I am happily working as a Roto Artist at Trace VFX.
Interviewer: Wonderful! You have got a very decent and promising job. So how it feels like?
Amiyo: I feel myself very lucky to clear the interview in a single shot. Trace VFX is a good place to learn and grow. Here working environment is also good.
Interviewer: Amiyo, why did you choose VFX as a line of career, event after completing your HS, you could have gone for higher studies?
Amiyo: As I have already told you that VFX fascinated me since my childhood. To learn about effects always craved in me. It would attract me whenever I watched any Hollywood scene with visual effects.  I wanted to make my career in VFX that is why I did not go for any higher studies.
Interviewer: Why MAAC Chowringhee, what was the reason that you picked it over several others present in your own city?
Amiyo: I have visited many institutes in the city, still could not find a centre as good as MAAC Chowringhee. Especially the awards displayed and infrastructure at MAAC Chowringhee attracted me much...Read More

Maac Kolkata Placement

Maac Kolkata having its presence at 3 centres across Kolkata has helped animation studios, different production houses, television channels, advertising agencies etc to hire freshers and trainees.  In various profiles like VFX Artist, Graphic Designer, Multimedia Artist, Gaming Designer, and Interior designer etc.
We at Maac Kolkata take immense care to each and every students who aspire to join the industry. We prepare them for various job roles so that they become ready to go animator or vfx artist etc in their own domain in global market.
Apart from classroom practical training Maac Kolkata conducts multiple activities to prepare their students to become  professionally ready. The showreel which is the most important part is guided by the trained faculty to each students so that they can exhibit their work at there best of abilities.
Maac Kolkata  conducts personal interviews with eligible students to understand their strengths & weaknesses so that can  provide them with the right career guidance.Maac students who are 1 months away from completing the course are eligible to take part in placement process through placement cell...Read More

5 Cool Tips For Mobile Animation Game Designer

Mobile phone has become a part of our life. In a survey it’s been identified that we tend to keep our mobile phones within our hand reach only. The utility of mobile phones are now just not restricted to only making calls, or sending messages with the internet connectivity on phones we have started using our phones as a mini laptop. In our leisure time we watch movies listen to songs, chat, and even play animated mobile games in our phone.
Animation Mobile Game-Maac Kolkata
Gradually gaming industry has grown with the multiple users of games over mobile phones. Popular mobile games comes up with different mind blowing games that keep the user engage by using animation and graphic elements and features. In our today’s discussion we will share some interesting tips for the animators, which will help to custom 2D/3D mobile game.
Every year large number of companies launches different mobile games but only a small fraction of them actually hits and gains popularity in the market with users. The reason why the game doesn’t become popular is mainly because of substandard animation styling of character and the transitions are not smooth...Read More