Sunday, 27 November 2016

Evolution of Animation

Hello friends, do you still remember the tickling laughter on the antics of Tom and Jerry animation? Since our early childhood we are entertained by the TV Cartoon shows.
There have been massive changes in the past 20 years in animation. The animation industry have come a long way, say it is a 15 minute short or a two hour full length animation movie. MAAC Kolkata will take you to the evolution of the animation industry as it had made us smile and laugh since beginning.
First ever use of animation that entertained us was through Thaumatrope in 19th Century. So, here the question arises, what is a Thaumatrope? It is a scientific device consisting of a disc with a different picture on each side; these pictures appear to combine into one image when the disc is rapidly rotated with the help of a string. Have a look below:
Animation Kolkata
Later, to showcase a continuous movement of a character for a short duration, Phenakistoscope was widely used. Then came Flipbooks in which every frame was drawn by hand on a piece of paper, and then the book was flipped rapidly. This showed an optical illusion as if the drawn object was moving. The flipbook also became very popular...Read More

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