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Maac Chowringhee, Rashbehari, Kankurgachi has been the oldest and pioneer training institutes in the heart of Kolkata for Animation, Visual Effect, Multimedia, Gaming,

This more than 15 year old institute is all its way to take an initiative to bring back old Maacits.

Maac Chowringhee wholeheartedly invites all its old students in the upcoming gathering called BACK TO MAAC.

An exclusive initiative by Director Mr. Naveen Choudhary making its old alumni met first time ever in the history of Maac Kolkata.

Holding over 2000 plus pass-outs from its different centres Maac Chowringhee Maac Rashbehari and Maac Kankurgachi we are here to witness a gala event.

This initiative is taken to strengthen and showcase the rigorous training imparted by the institute to all its students so that they can become a part of huge animation, vfx, gaming, and multimedia industry.

Institute happens to be the Best Animation, VFX, Graphic Design, and Web-design Training Institute in Kolkata offers quality education using state-of-the-art Infrastructure.

Our Research & Development team consisting of industry professionals, or experts who prepare the detailed curriculum for each course to provide our students a solid foundation for learning.

As a part of this endeavour, hi-tech labs with wi-fi enabled campus act as ideal training ground for budding professionals that allow them to experiment and practice to enhance their skill sets.

The Academy conducts faculty training programs to ensure high standards of teaching in the classroom.

Centre faculties are regularly exposed to all sorts of industry updates which help to sharpen their creative and technical skills.

At every centres’ of our we use high-end computers, Wacom tablets & other equipment to train students.

The infrastructure is similar to that used in the global Animation & VFX industry.

This helps create an ‘on-the- job’ environment in the class. As a result, our students often win many Awards for the films they create.

We also specialize in Web Designing Courses and Graphic Designing Courses.

The said courses are best for students who are willing to join IT Industry but have no professional degrees.

Our Web and Graphic Designing Training Course has been designed keeping in mind the current Industry and Technological requirements.

MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Rashbehari and MAAC Kankurganchi are surely the best web designing, vfx, 3d, 2d animation, gaming and multimedia institute in Kolkata.

The event will be held at CRC Calcutta Rowing Club on 25th September from 6.00PM onwards.

All excited!!!

What are you waiting for Maacits?  Come and join us and make the event rocking with all your presence.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Filmfare Awards For Best VFX Movie

VFX or visual effect is the manipulation of shots, where animated images or 3D computer generated sequences are added to a live-action shot.

The basic purpose of VFX is to create realistic environments and to manipulate shots including stunts, which would otherwise be expensive or involve life risk.

VFX has opened door to many other aspects in the process of film making. Like, we don’t need to rely completely on make-up for making a character look monster or for making a superficial character or even make a character look younger.

Using VFX we can make a character jump from a high altitude or make a character fly high or create explosions or vehicles crashing and colliding or even create a mesmerizing background in a song sequence (remember, Gerua from Dilwale).

There is a long list of effects that can be incorporated in a scene using the wonders of VFX

Over the years, in Bollywood too, there has been an increasing trend of using VFX shots to create mind-boggling results.

Bollywood is slowly and steadily assimilating VFX shots into live-action shots, following the latest trends and techniques of the West.

From creating a surreal background in songs to create an action packed fight sequence, VFX is induced wisely but in our Bollywood style.

The journey of VFX in Bollywood films has been full of drama just like our Bollywood.

From the beginning, there have been many instances of poor VFX work, where the scenes have failed to create on-screen magic and looked stale.

But with time, it has improved a lot and gifted to us spectacular s like Krrish, Ra One, Dhoom 3 and many more.

With great works comes the responsibility of recognizing the art to appreciate the artists and the whole efforts, put into it.

The Filmfare Awards– an annual award ceremony- was introduced in the year 1954, to honour the best cinematic creations of Bollywood Film Industry.

It is one of the prestigious awards show held every year to acknowledge the pure talent.

In the year 2007, The Filmfare Awards, started a new category of awards, where films with best special effects were honored.

This was surely a nice gesture to encourage the newly emerging art form called VFX.

To name a few, production houses like- Red Chillies Entertainment, Prime Focus, Prana Studios, Reliance Media works, MPC Bangalore and many more- are putting a great effort to increase the level of this art form and deliver excellent output, to entertain people.

These companies are leaving no stones unturned, to create the best and win the chase to grab this prestigious award.

There were 5 films in the nomination chart for the  with best special effects, namely, Dhoom 2, Rang De Basanti, Don- The chase begins, Krrish and Jaan-E-Mann, in 2007.

That year the award was bagged by Krrish, whose special effects were created by Hollywood experts Marc Kolbe and Craig Mumma.

The  is considered to be the first super-hero  of Bollywood.

It has successfully achieved greater heights for special effects equivalent to the Hollywood standards.

A full packed family entertainment with romance, action and science fiction.

Krrish-a  to be first of its kind in Bollywood- created on screen magic for it’s exquisite VFX and is loved by both kids and adults.

Red Chillies Entertainment succeeded by Dreamz Unlimited is founded by Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan, in the year 2002. From Main Hoon Na to Harry Met Sejal, this has approximately gave us seventeen films, with undoubtedly, elevated standard of special effects.

Red Chillies Entertainment produced films like Om Shanti Om, and Fan, which were honoured by The Filmfare, for their unparalleled employment of VFX.

Om Shanti Om had all the elements of a perfect Bollywood  film.

Romance, drama, action with the fictional plot of reincarnation.

In terms of songs, it had romantic numbers to party tunes. And everything was made to look superficially great with good work of VFX.

How can one forget the sequence of “Dhoom Taana” song, where one can witness the highly appreciable VFX compositing!

There was a mixture of old Bollywood song sequences, perfectly fused with the item number, which looked so natural.

So in the year 2008 we can guess why Om Shanti Om was awarded the

Best Special Effects by the Filmfare!

Ra.One was another Indian superhero film after Krrish.

It’s about a villain of a game, who happens to come out of the virtual world, eventually threatening the life of the game creator and his family.

Another virtual character, G.One, was brought out to protect the family.

The plot also displays the delicate father-son relationship and a complete package of family drama. But what caught the attention of all, was the top notch execution of VFX, which definitely deserved to be awarded.

The film was also released in 3D and the 3D conversion was done by the Prime Focus. The VFX was done under the supervision pf Jeffrey Kleiser.

And the CGI was supervised by Edward Quirk. The whole work of VFX took over two and a half years for completion, where 1200 artists worked day and night to give the excellent output that we got to see.

The hard work’s paid off and they got its due recognition by The Filmfare.

Another, for which Red Entertainment got the Filmfare award for Best Special Effects, is Fan, in the year 2017.

Under the Yash Raj banner the VFX was conducted by the Red Chillies.

Not only, was the audience gifted with A-grade acting of SRK, but also some really good works of VFX.

The digital reconstruction of Shahrukh Khan’s face, with the help of VFX, to make him look younger and a close enough lookalike of himself, was both difficult and challenging.

To accomplish the grading of VFX plates and fine tune the colour, over 500 hours were spent. And unquestionably, the Red Chillies team has brilliantly executed the VFX work.

Love Story 2050, a sci-fi romantic , released in 2008.

Though the failed to create any box-office magic, the application of VFX was apprehended by all.

Four international firms, namely, Fantavision, Frantic Films, Prime Focus and Rising Sun Pictures, were employed for creating the special effects.

The futuristic utopian city of Mumbai in was created by John Cox( Oscar winning special effects supervisor).

We got to see advanced effects like hologram, virtual games, 3D cityscape and many more, which was definitely a new thing for a Bollywood  back in 2008.

The  got awarded The Filmfare awards for Best Special Effects in 2009.

Vishal Bhardwaj knows how to create a buzz with his technique of making commercial films with off beat plot.

Kaminey, a Vishal Bhardwaj film, was released in 2009.

It can be termed as unpredictable crime drama with unique and refreshing plot, well designed in terms of special effects and editing.

The VFX of the  was designed and supervised by Govardhan Vigraham, a well known Bollywood designer known for his works like Vaah life ho to aisi,

Drona, Phir Hera Pheri. Kaminey got it’s recognition from the Filmfare in the year 2010, for Best Special Effects.

Dhoom 3, released in 2013, under the banner of Yash Raj Films, is another milestone to be awarded The Filmfare Awards for Best Special Effects.

It was the first Bollywood film to be released in format of I-Max motion pictures and included Dolby Atmos surround sound.

The effects in the film have been created by Tata Elxsi- Visual Computing Labs.

We can call it the best in terms of VFX, which included rotoscopy, wire removal, motion control etc.

Each scene was well co-ordinated and the effects created an illusion, to be real.

It was a delight watching two Amir Khan on the screen, which looked so natural.

The can be a landmark for the upgraded techniques used in a Bollywood film.

Another Box-office failure Bombay Velvet grabbed the award for the with Best Special Effects by The Filmfare.

This showcased some innovations in terms of VFX in Bollywood films.

The smooth execution of live-shoot and VFX, the convincing recreation of the old Bombay in Sri Lanka, rendering vintage cars etc, created a spellbound effects.

Prana Studios incorporated the VFX sequences in this Anurag Kashyap .

There has been an ever increasing rate of VFX usage in Bollywood s, which is showcasing the innovative and artistic creations. Bollywood, being the biggest film industry of India, is incorporating over the top VFX in the films to attract more audience to the theatres.

And The Filmfare is rightly acknowledging their efforts from time to time.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

TOP 10 Animation FILMS OF 21st CENTURY

Animation, the increasing trend in the film industry, is the replica of movements created by the illustration of series of pictures or frames.

It is a dynamic representation of motionless drawings, objects and models through a series of movements which creates a delusion of true to life cinematic motion.

There has been considerable rise of Animation as a form of art.

Animation movies are getting recognition. It has been marked as one of the fastest growing industry.

This escalation is caused due to the increasing broadcasting in television and increasing demand on Internet.

There also has been an increase in the target audience.

It doesn’t belong to kids; rather grownups are also attracted for its diverse subject and eye catching techniques.

We can say, people of all age groups are showing interest in it due to the life-like picturesque of lifeless things.

The Animation industry has been able to keep up the pace with changing expectations, in terms of techniques and subject matters, and has been able to strike the fancy of the audience.

Disney, the ruling production house, along with DreamWorks Animation, 21st Century Fox and many more, have produced some masterpiece that has garnered recognition and appreciation from all.

Pixar, a collateral branch of The Walt Disney Company, has contributed a lot in the Animation industry.

It has been able to shape up this industry with its unparalleled works, which resulted in it being a household name.

DreamWorks Animation had been able to deliver some great stories too with striking visual imagination.


It’s one of the highest grossing film of 2001, produced by the Dream Works Animation.

A computer animated fantasy film dealing with an ogre, of same name, and his adventures which into falling in love with the princess, who also turns into an ogre after sunset.

The noteworthy detailing of the characters has caught attention of all.

It has successfully executed the unconventional love story of two unattractive figures.

It also provides a moral lesson of love beyond looks. DreamWorks has broken the stereotypical norms and presented us this excellent piece, which is no

doubt, having a heart touching story with brilliant work of Animation.

Monsters INC

It will remind you of your childhood days when you used to get scared of the imaginary monster dwelling under your bed or your closet.

This movie has gained strong ensuring appeal, over the years.

The ape-like monster is one of the most adorable characters of Disney.

The film released in 2001, yet in technical terms, it was way ahead of its time.

The remarkable minute detailing of the monster is really appreciable.

The innovative story line and the music along with the flawless Animation has added a new dimension in this film. This movie can be enjoyed by all ages.

Spirited Away

Probably the best Animation film ever been made till date.

A film with real plot, this fantasy mystery, is a Japanese Animated Film produced by Studio Ghibli.

It’s a hand drawn animated film which became the highest grossing film in Japanese history and also won the Academy Award For Best Animated Feature.

The story deals with a journey to a magical world of a ten year old Chihiro Ogino and her parents.

It is considered to be an engrossing and brilliantly drawn animated film which can tickle our imagination to a whole new level and leave us spellbound.

Finding Nemo

It’s another classic movie of Disney.

The surreal eye soothing and beautifully made characters with a touchy plot is a visual treat.

The movie with a moral and valuable life lesson showcased in a subtle way has attracted the audience largely.

The Animation, music, screenplay and story has created magic in the silver screen.

No doubt, Disney knows how to attract people of all ages to their films.

And this particular film by Andrew Stanton, has won the Academy Award For Best Animated Feature, which it truly deserved. It also became the highest grossing Animation film and 2nd highest grossing film of 2003.

 The Incredibles

This computer generated animated movie of director Brad Bird is another great example of best Animation films of this century.

It unravels the comic book with a family melodrama.

The thrilling set of action and well designed Animation has legitimately established itself among the audience for it’s realistic character drama.

It can boast of a perfectly co-ordinated storyline which is complementing each other.

Due to the unparalleled employment of action with a mixture of family drama, it has been the best animated super hero movie.

Waltez With Bashir

A strong example of skill full Animation.

The story deals with the experience of a soldier in the 1982 Lebanon war.

It carries a strong message of human rights and issues, which is a rare subject in Animation films.

Ari Folman has manifested a pictorial representation of emotion and entertainment in this film.

In terms of technicality, a mixture of classic Animation with Adobe Flash cut-out has infested a greater impact.

Precisely the unusual combination of social issues in Animation films is a bold step and helped a lot in the evolution of stories in Animation films.


A production of Disney Pixar, which carries strong environmental message of destructive effects on Earth by the so-called civilized people and a lonely robot who has been isolated by the people.

With limited dialogues and more expressions, this film is funny and satirical.

WALL-E unfolds the story of a near mute hero who sets out to win it’s lady love and also saves humanity in return.

It’s a perfect example of flashing creativeness. The impeccable work of Animation is a delight to watch.


One of the greatest creation of Disney films, which serves a full package of entertainment and emotions.

The lofty characters have been made to look natural. Animating realistic humans with natural clothes was a difficult challenge.

But Disney knows how to make things look realistic and did this job in this particular film smoothly.

How can one forget the famous scene of Carl’s house flying! And also Carl’s distinguished movements.

Nothing looked unusual.

The technical directors have worked real hard to create this excellent piece of work with a touching storyline. Everything seemed to have life inside it.

Mary & Max

A fine example of clay animation by Australian Adam Elliot.

In this type of Animation the flaws in physical appearance of the characters is highlighted.


A sci-fi animated movie, of a robot Hiro, who joins hands with Baymax to avenge his brother’s death.

A perfect blend of science fiction and action, which is produced by the Walt Disney Pictures, which became the highest earning movie in the opening weekend, beating Interstellar.

It has been an outstanding adaptation of Marvel Comics.

Software programmes like Denizen to create the characters, Bonzai to create the trees and Hyperion, new rendering software, were used to deliver this masterpiece.

It has been a third highest non-Pixar film from Disney, receiving mostly positive reviews, for it’s agreeably entertaining and greatly animated frames with prompt pace and balance between action and emotion.

It seems like this industry have undertaken the oath to redefine the art of Animation with their profound imaginative skills and tireless efforts to create the best.

From the beginning of this century till date the Animation films have touched the greater heights and revolutionised the industry as a whole. Everything made till date ensures better creations in future and has rightly increased our expectations.

These movies have been able to attract huge amount of audience to the theatre.

A movie is bound to create magic in the box-office when it has the ability to draw a whole family to the theatres.

 Just like the mentioned movies, which excelled not only in storyline but also more creative execution of Animation.

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Realistic Effect In 3DS Max

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3DS Max, created by Autodesk, is mostly known for creating 3D Animations, Models, Games and Images.

There are steps to make realistic effects in 3DS Max which includes.


With the help of these steps one can acquire convincing results which can be further used in a game or a film.
3DS Max is largely used in a variety of fields.

Many motor car and bike companies use it to design a model before the real manufacturing begins.

3DS Max is very accurate and that’s why it is also used by interior designers and architectures.

It becomes very easy to broadcast the ideas on Max rather showing it with the help of a pen and a paper.

On 3DS Max the architecture or the interior designer can create a look alike building or the interior respectively with the help of the steps as mentioned above.

So with this blog I am going to put up the extra-ordinary features which Max possess and how MAAC is helping students learn and prosper their career.

There are questions from many people who are the unaware of the fact that what Max is all about?

What does it do? I will answer you briefly in three important steps and they are as follows:-

MODELLING, creating complex 3d forms
ANIMATION, creating video animations of models
RENDERING, creating visually stunning images of models

 3DS Max runs on an interface that is strictly button based rather than programs like Auto cad that are mostly command based.

3DS Max is based by default in four different viewports.

The four viewports show four different views of the model space.

Working between multiple viewports at one can allow much more efficiency and flexibility in design.

The ability to see how the model looks in various views at one time is important to the final outcome.

In MAAC, with the help of skilled teachers, you will learn from the basic to the top level. Every minute detail of 3DS Max would be taught so that the students could come up well with their projects.

To design a realistic or a look alike effect in Max you have to start with creating 3d models.

The modeling should be properly done as it is the base of any convincing project.

If there is any error in the modeling then the final outcome after rendering wouldn’t be eye-catching and thus failing to provide a realistic effect.

The wire segments while doing modeling should be in a continuous order.

The edges should be properly wielded because if not then there would be a problem during animation.

Then comes texturing.

The material editor tab is one of the most important parts of rendering.

In order to make a model look like something other than a grey box, a material must be created.

The new versions of 3DS Max have the “Slate Material Editor,” but the “Compact Material Editor” can be selected by the mode button.

3DS Max has many pre-made materials that can be used as is or easily customized.

To apply realistic textures to the raw 3d models, the best is to unwrap with planner and then paint textures in Photoshop.

Painting textures is mostly done by texture artists.

MAAC helps students excel in every platform. At the end of a particular course students will have many career options open.

 The next step is followed by Lighting. In order to create realistic effects lighting is very important.

It creates proper shadows and highlights the textures on the 3D models. 3DS Max is equipped with a default lighting feature.

Just like any other object you can create a separate lighting setup and modify the same according to your requirements.

Default Lighting

 3DS Max provides you with a default lighting setup until and unless you switch on a particular light setup.

This allows you to create models and textures without having to worry about lighting the area first.

The default will automatically disappear as soon as a light is created and will reappear if the created light is deleted.

Rigging, which is the next step, is the process of creating a skeleton for a 3D model to make it move.

Rigging is done before animation because if the character is not rigged then it can’t be deformed or moved around.

Rigging involves few more sub-steps:-


ANIMATION, it helps you to animate characters and vehicles and create special effects for films, games and other broadcast.

The basic step to create animation is very simple.

Turn on the Auto Key, and then move the time slider and then you transform objects to change its position, rotation, etc.

Animation requires patience as every frame is animated and each frame consists of many animations depending on the kind of project you are doing.

RENDERING, without this all the above process is useless.

3D rendering is the steps of output including shading, color and lamination to a 2D or 3D wireframe in order to create life images on screen.

This step includes no effort as everything is done by the system.

You just have to wait till the rendering is done and then you can enjoy the the realistic effects with life in it.

Rendering for 3D takes fairly a good amount of time as loads of effects are getting rendered.

The time taken by rendering depends on the memory of the system.

Higher the memory lesser the time. That is why professional work is done on super computers.

To conclude this blog I would like to say that MAAC offers professional course on 3DS Max which you will taught all the process mentioned above to create realistic looking effects.

The faculty at MAAC is very skilled and helps each and every student in clearing their doubts related to any kind of topic.

It also gives the exposure the participate in events like 24fps where the students work in a team and compete on a national level.

The ex-students of MAAC are very well placed and are working for renowned studios.

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In today’s digital communication industry and consumer-oriented world, the average person expects more and more interaction between themselves and any potential product or service provider.

And with the internet proving as the most handy means to connect people across the globe, this brings up a need for companies to engage in campaigns on social media for digital outreach.

This is a way to show that they care about their customers, and thereby build trust in their identity as a brand.

After all, as the saying goes, if something can’t be found online these days, it probably doesn’t exist at all.

As a result, there is a need for digital communications to be developed for any start-up that aims to make a mark.

This need is fulfilled by a digital communications professional.

What makes a digital communications professional?

Digital communications professionals, as the name suggests, are people who handle digital-based communications for an organisation.

They therefore help in directing and coordinating internet-based marketing strategies for a company.

This is achieved by combining technical and internet knowhow with traditional marketing strategies with the goal of establishing and solidifying a company’s digital (or online) presence.

A digital communications professional typically engages target consumers for any company via the internet.

This necessitates the maintenance of social media presence in order to allow users to contribute more closely in the process of marketing and product development.

A digital communications professional can carry out a variety of tasks, including but not limited to answering queries about products and services, generating engaging online content through newsletters, forums and websites.

There is also ample scope for creative expression as various multimedia forms like films, serials and animation can also be used for communication.

As the people behind digital communications serve as the connection between the physical organisation and the end user on the online platform, some amount of customer service and marketing knowledge is required along with technical education.

What careers can I pursue in the digital communications industry?

If you are a student seeking a job with good growth prospects, or a seasoned professional seeking a new way to boost your resume, a career in the digital communications industry is a great choice, keeping today’s market and society in mind.

Let us look at a few of the jobs you can pursue as a digital communications professional.

Video Editor: Editing, while traditionally used in the sense of the film industry, is applicable for a far wider audience than just movie goers.

Often dubbed as a ‘silent art’, it determines the ultimate success of failure of any video.

The video editor is the one who ensures that the message is being delivered to the audience properly.

For this, a proper understanding of film techniques like effective camera angles, sound effects, etc. is needed, along with knowledge of how these can impact the audience.

Also required is the ability to handle different computer software to process the video, trim and cut clips, add sound and such. Videos are a great way to reach out to potential consumers – visual media has a stronger impact than auditory or text-based media.

This makes it a great way to communicate company-specific content and advertisements to consumers.

If you want to enter the digital communications industry as a video editor, you can develop your technical skills through courses at institutes like MAAC Chowringhee.

Broadcast technician: This one of the more technical career options in the digital communications industry.

A broadcast technician (also known as a broadcast engineer) is responsible for providing high quality content through different communications systems like the radio, television and internet.

They typically handle a range of equipment and instruments like transmitters, satellite dishes, web servers and audio boards, and control the kind of content that the audience gets.

Web developer and Web designer: The internet is arguably the most accessible means of digital communications, and consumers access it through websites.

As a consequence, designing and developing a website are major jobs in this industry.

A web designer is responsible for the look and feel of a website, while the position of web developer is associated with the workings of a website: coding the elements that the designer designs, and connecting it all together by programming the user interface.

If a website were a printed book, the web designer would design the cover, layout and choose the fonts for printing; the web developer, on the other hand, would be the author creating the story that the designer presents.

Being a dynamic mode of communication, websites need to be constantly updated, and the web developer does this by analysing the usage data and determining the type of content that is more effective in engaging audiences.

User Interface and User Experience Designer: In addition to websites, mobile and desktop applications and software are also widely used for digital communication.

The careers of a User Interface Designer (UID) and a User Experience Designer (UXD) are analogous to those of a web designer and a web developer, respectively.

A UID develops the interface – which is what the end user interacts with when using an application – while the UXD is responsible for developing how the application will work: the purpose and capabilities, in layman’s terms.

As with web development, user experience also includes evaluation of how a consumer will interact with a product and what they expect from it.

The digital communications industry is a burgeoning one, and there are a multitude of career options that you can explore according to your specific skills and talents.

Regardless of whether you are strictly the technical type or the creative and artistic type, you can also further your skills through the various courses at MAAC Chowringhee and explore other avenues in the industry.

MAAC Chowringhee has a number of comprehensive courses in different forms of media and design, including visual effects, 3D animation, architecture, game design, graphic design and multimedia, designing for web, as well as short term courses in topics like video editing.

All of these are valuable skills that can be applied for your career in the digital communications industry, so visit your nearest centre today!

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One Career Advise That You Will Regret Ignoring

It’s always advisable to choose your career wisely and try to make all decisions regarding it correctly.

It’s never too late in exploring new field if you have the interest.

Everyone around you would try to give different pieces of advice.

Some of them might be good, but it’s not possible to listen to all of them. At the end of the day, it’s you, who need to take the decision and follow your heart.

From picking the “right” career to actually excelling in it, there’s certainly a lot to learn. There is no hard and fast rule of starting a new career path at young age.

Under certain circumstances, people don’t get the opportunity to begin at a younger age.

Be it wrong decisions or not getting proper guidance or financial and family issues or so on. But, it’s actually never too late to explore a new field and pursue your dreams.

If you have ever thought that it was too late to live your dream without even giving it a shot, then surely you are going to regret it in future.

One must remember that it’s not the great career only which gives meaning to your life.

Life is meant for knowledge, how much you learn and how much you achieve following your heart.

To is Life is described as a rat’s race, where everyone is running in a pointless pursuit to satisfy the society and flow with the societal trends.

We, sometimes, flow with that trend to please others and to create a socially acceptable image of us.

It’s not a bad thing to follow your dreams and aspirations.

Don’t be afraid of reconsidering your previous decisions and start afresh. Success is not the final thing and failure is crucial.

It is the courage to explore that counts. You must remember that life is full of challenges and the biggest challenge in life is to pursue your dream career and succeed in it.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…have the courage to follow your own heart and intuition. It somehow already knows what you truly want to become.

Many people have taken this big decision to make a new beginning and considered to start a new career.

They have also faced the same concern like you.

They have also faced the same hurdles and had to overcome the social and mental barriers.

But the decision of following your dream job worth all kinds of risks involved in it. This decision of at least trying for once will never let you regret.

The success you will achieve will satiate your heart and let you witness true happiness and mental satisfaction.

You must not lose yourself in the hustle bustle of life and get caught up in your mistakes, fear and anxiety, for living a life you don’t want.

Life is messy and burdensome.

But if you think of living it on your own terms and take the privilege of rebuilding it, then you will surely be able to uncluttered your life and free it from burdens.

You must remember that choosing a career of your interest would never make you fall prey to depression, anxiety, irritation, dissatisfaction or any other negative influence. Because you are doing what you enjoy.

In the way of pursuing your dream, the first thing that comes to the mind is, you are taking a U-TURN and moving backwards.

This type of excuse is very common for not trying what you actually want.

May be, you are doing well in your present job, but that might not be your dream job.

You need to push yourself to take a U-TURN, so that you can have your career exactly as you wanted.

When you will be able to unlock the path towards your dream, your professional life would look more dynamic and influential, which would eventually impart meaning to your life.

If you are working towards your new beginning that these might be helpful:

You need to be consistent towards your dream. You should not lose faith in yourself. There would be difficulties in the way to success, but you must remember, no dream is fulfilled easily and the struggle period would always be helpful to cherish your success later.
Success is awareness. That awareness of success might come to you. But never let that “idea” feel like you are not good enough to fulfil it. Take some time and induce some positivity in you to fuel up your dream.
You have only one life and you have only one chance to make it happen. Don’t ever drop the idea of starting afresh by giving the excuse of ‘it’s too late’.
Go ahead and read the life stories of inspirational people who have changed the course of their career path, in much later stage of life. This age is just a number.

It’s a mere number set by the society who don’t believe in much changes in life.

Sometimes this societal norm seems to be the discouraging fact but it’s your life and you have to decide how to live and which career option you should follow.

Examples of some famous people who have showed the courage to opt for following their dream for success:

Colonel Harland Sanders founded the world-famous brand KFC at the age of 65.
Alan Rickman gave up his Graphic designer career to pursue acting at the age of 42.
Martha Stewart, famous American Entrepreneur, writer and television personality, was a stock broker in the beginning of her career.
American actor Harrison Ford was a carpenter in his early life.
The list is never ending. Many people have taken the risk of starting their career at an advanced age. It all depends on your determination for pursuing your dream.

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It is very common among the older people that they regret for not being able to do what they wanted.

The major cause of displeasure for the things not done.

You might feel uncomfortable with the idea that you didn’t ever try to do the thing that you loved or attempt to obtain what you truly wanted.

It is painful to feel like you haven’t ever found your true purpose—but you don’t ever need to feel this way!

You need to take the initiation and put forward your first steps towards your dream, regardless of what your age is.

It’s better to take the risk than regretting later.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


Hi guys!! In today’s blog we are going to discuss about the movie FAN. Although the movie was not a blockbuster hit like expected but the techniques employed in this movie was amazing and was accompanied with a lot of surprising VFX.

The movie FAN was directed by the renowned director cum producer MANEESH SHARMA and produced by ADITYA CHOPRA under YASH RAJ FILMS production house.

To begin with let us first know the jist of the movie.

The story revolves around the main protagonist slash antagonist Gaurav Chandana (played by Shah Rukh Khan) a die-hard and obsessive fan of Bollywood superstar Aryan Khanna (also played by Shah Rukh Khan) and how he (Gaurav) unexpectedly tries to seek revenge against Aryan for turning his fan away.

For all we know the rest of the story is quite known and well-discussed in media already.

The main question that arises in this occasion is that how is the movie unique?

The answer to such a mind boggling question is the use VFX or VISUAL EFFECTS in the movie.

The effects used in this movie were so hardy and difficult to achieve that despite the prolonged attempts great film makers of Hollywood couldn’t accomplish it.

The VFX used in the movie was handled and monitored by SRK’s company Redchillies.

VFX along with the aid of a renowned VFX artist Harry Hingorani as its supervisor.

The Redchillies VFX used a one of its kind life sized 3D printed model (of SRK himself) to create a younger paradigm, SRK.

Apart from making SRK look younger and smaller accompanied with certain changes associated with the facial feature, VFX was also used in few chase and action sequences in the film.

Prior to the profuse application of VFX the main challenge for the cast and crew was to make SRK look younger for his role as Gaurav.

Maneesh stated that even the greatest VFX artist across the globe thought that it was not possible as Gaurav’s face should look similar to that of Aryan and yet different and younger.

But VFX producer Keitan Yadav believed that with the help of a mixed composition of prosthetics and computer-generated effects (special effects and VFX) the desired looks could be more plausible and achievable.

And thus Greg Cannon the make-up artist accepted one of the most challenging aspects of the movie-making process.

He said that the task sounded amusing but he was shocked by the number of days it took him to complete the task and make SRK look younger.

It took him a total of 70 days to complete the task whereas usually such tasks are attained within 10 days.

This one particular task demanded so much of their time due to the chubby cheeks required.

Therefore he began working with different moulds for different facial features as promised.

Yet he was not able to achieve the young look that was anticipated, as it was quite feasible to make someone look old but in contrast it was really difficult to make someone look young with such an enormous age gap.

He had to give Gaurav well toned and chubby cheeks. But after trying hard enough, one day Greg was wondering, while in his office, and discovered the mould of Brad Pitt.

He saw that he had an unusual cheek and jaw structure.

Therefore he endeavored to give Gaurav, Brad’s facial built which turned out to be successful. Therefore finally after 70 days of hard work he successfully achieved his goal.

But this was not only it. Greg and SRK along with the rest of the makeup crew had to patiently sit for 5 to 6 hours daily just in order to apply prosthetics and silicon on SRK’s face which would make him look younger.

They had to tape SRK eye lids and cheeks upside to give them shape.

They used plums to push SRK’s upper jaw up.

They used little eye brow pieces to make it look thicker. Then finally after immense hard work the look was successfully established.

Finally, after the completion of all the shorts the VFX artists initiated their work.

Firstly they all had to make Gaurav’s nose appear smaller than that of Aryan’s.

Then, they had to fill up the parts in between prosthetics and silicon. They also had to make the facial tone smoother and even.

Followed by this they had to enhance the gap between the nose and upper lip.

Then they had to make Gaurav’s eyes beseem bigger and move the jaw line slightly up.

Finally removal of the difference between prosthetics and the real skin was to take place.

Then the expressions were to be changed and the lips were to be adjusted accordingly.

After all the VFX used in face customization of his other physical features was started. For instance they had to remove Adams apple and muscles behind neck.

Then they had to shrink Gaurav’s build by narrowing and straightening his shoulders, and removing the muscles.

Due to the changes brought up in his body they had to perform several body scans.

To make correct and absolute measurements for Gaurav’s body scanning they were to be done while SRK was trying Gaurav’s costumes.

VFX was also used to achieve certain emotions on Gaurav’s face as an impact of too much makeup.

Apart from all these VFX was also used in action scenes.

The most seemingly unattainable part in the entire movie making was achieving a smaller nose.

The amazing fact about this movie is also that the concept about the film was first narrated by late Yash Chopra to SRK about 12 years ago but the filming didn’t happen then.

But finally after all the long waited ups and downs the film was completed and was finally released on 15th April 2016.

It goes without saying, as the VFX and Animation Industry is blooming in today’s world, and is needed in each and every place along with the unimaginable applications of VFX, it’s highly recommended to learn about it.

Join MAAC KOLKATA today. The place where you will be trained to become your best version and guided to know that the only limits is your imagination, and will assist you to achieve your goal and turn what everyone says “impossible” into “possible”.