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The Academy Awards are a celebration of film from all around the globe. 2017 saw the hosting of the 89th Academy Awards ceremony, and awards were given in a number of categories including best animation films of the world.

Animation feature films are one such category, and as is done every year, the very best of animation won the coveted prize. Let us learn more about the best of animation from the last two years.

Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the Two Strings is an American film by Laika, directed by Travis Knight (who was previously involved with projects like Coraline and ParaNorman).

Released in August 2016, the film follows the story of a young boy, Kubo, who lost his left eye in an accident as an infant.

He tells stories about a fearless samurai warrior, aided by the magic from his shamisen (a stringed instrument) to the locals in his village during the day, and returns to his ailing mother by sunset to the hear about his missing father, the samurai warrior Hanzo.

His grandfather, the Moon King, and his aunts are after his remaining eye, and their power is at its peak in the night-time.

One day, he is unable to return home by sunset and is attacked by his aunts. His mother intervenes and sends him off to a distant place, and the rest of the film follows his journey back home and victory over his enemies.

The epic fantasy film is made in traditional stop-motion, designed to look like a moving woodblock print to retain a Japanese flavour. Along with 3D printed characters, a record-holding skeleton puppet was made for the film.


Released in 2016, Moana is a venture of The Walt Disney Company.

A musical fantasy-adventure, the film focuses on the wilful daughter of a Polynesian chief who, when her island is affected by a blight, sets sail in search of the demigod Maui to return a lost artefact to a goddess and save her people.

While on her adventurous journey across the seas to find the island of the Goddess, Moana encounters and defeats a number of villains and learns some important lessons about life, people and herself.

The film was made completely using digital 3D, as the filmmakers thought that the ocean environments could be much more realistically depicted using computer animation and simulations than through traditional animation.

Maui’s tattoos, which depict his backstory and achievements, were done by hand-drawing and have received much praise.

My Life As A Zucchini

Alternatively titled My Life As A Courgette, this is a Swiss-French production and was first screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016.

Depicting the story of a kid named Icare, the film has a tragic story with an inspirational ending.

He has an alcoholic mother whom he accidentally pushes down a flight of stairs, after which he is shipped off by the police to live at an orphanage.

While he does not fit in at first and believes that nobody cares for him, he eventually learns valuable lessons about family, friends and love and gains friendship in the form of the police officer and another orphan, Camille.

The title comes from his mother’s nickname for him, Courgette (Zucchini in the American release), which he prefers over Icare.

My Life As A Zucchini is animated using traditional stop motion techniques, and it notable for its bright colours, unique stylisation, moving story and brilliant use of humour.

The film is directed by Claude Barras, and is his first full-length animation feature film.

In addition to being nominated for an Academy Award in the animation category, the film was also shortlisted for the Best Foreign Film category, though it did not make it to the final nominations.

The Red Turtle

Born out of a collaboration between the German company Wild Bunch and Japan’s Studio Ghibli, The Red Turtle is a beautiful fantasy film.

Despite having no dialogue, it tells the story of a man who is shipwrecked and trapped on an island. He comes across a red turtle one day while trying to escape, and thinking it to be the creature destroying his raft, brings it ashore and leaves it upside down as revenge.

A few days later, he returns to the turtle out of guilt only to find that it has died. The shell cracks open, revealing a woman inside who awakens when it starts raining.

The two eventually bond and start a family. Their son, after growing up, decides to leave the island.

Some time later, the man passes away and the woman, transforming back into the red turtle, returns to the sea.

The film is a surreal fantasy along the lines of Studio Ghibli’s previous films like Spirited Away.

It is also the only 2D animated film among the Academy Award nominees, and unique in its collaboration between the director Michael Dudok de Wit and one of the most revered cartoon studios in the world.


The winner of the Oscar for Animated Feature Film, Zootopia is a venture of The Walt Disney Company. Born out of a number of different plot ideas, the film follows Judy Hopps, a rabbit, as she solves a major crime in order to prove her mettle as a police officer.

In contrast to her innocence and naivete is Nick Wilde, a jaded fox who is a con artist. The title comes from the name of the fictional city in the film’s animal-themed world.

A comedy-adventure, Zootopia was made in a warehouse while Disney’s main facility was being renovated.

Nevertheless, a huge amount of research and effort went into designing the realistic look, with thousands of hours spent studying things like walk cycles and fur movements.

To simulate the fur, Disney even developed a new application that allowed them to create extreme detail.

Lakhs of mammals were created and used in the film, and the environments were developed with inputs from agencies that provided services for disabled people, as well as major car manufacturers like Ford.

So there you have it. If you haven’t watched these films, do take out the time to do so.

And if you want to know more about how these films are made and the techniques and tools used, do stop by your nearest MAAC Chowringhee Centre today.

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Ex Machina – VFX Movie

Today we  will discuss about a Science fiction psychological thriller VFX Movie “Ex Machina” which is written and directed by Alex Garland, released on 21 January 2015.

Made on a budget of $15 million, grossed worldwide $36.9 million. VFX Producers: Carrie Rishel and Fay McConkey.

The film follows a programmer who is invited by his CEO to administer the Turing Test to an Intelligent Humanold Robot.

The movie received critical acclaim for its visual effects, score, acting and the director’s writing and direction.

On website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 93%, based on 235 reviews, with a rating average of 8.1/10.

The site’s critical consensus reads: “Ex Machina leans heavier on ideas than effects, but it’s still a visually polished piece of work — and an uncommonly engaging sci-fi feature.”

When Alex Garland’s Ex Machina was released earlier last year,’fxguide’  spoke to visual effects in the film by Alicia Vikander.

The live action performance was augmented to add in, via VFX, robotic elements to various body parts of the actress.

Now, Ex Machina is in the Visual Effects Bake-off for the Academy Awards, and we have a special breakdown from Dneg of the work, plus some more insight from Whitehurst.

Designing Ava

Alicia Vikander as Ava.

Ava’s final look came from art department concepts and DNeg art, including depicting where real skin would end and where the CG would begin.

“I was conscious that I didn’t want to push for super realistic concept paintings,” says Whitehurst.

“We had to stop and then go and build it – it’s a sculpting and engineering problem – and then we did turntables.

At the start of the shoot we had concepts that featured just clean metal and no textures, and then during the shoot our team would be painting up textures.”

“We made the decision to try and keep the shoulders and armpits in plate for the simple reason that rigging shoulder blades is not that much fun,” notes Whitehurst.

“Similarly, we wanted to keep the hands and feet and face because that was the main method of interacting with the environment and the main method of expression.

The arms and legs are full CG because we see through them, and the same with the back of the head and neck.”

Much of Ex Machina takes place inside Nathan’s house – an isolated building in the mountains filled with glass-lined walls.

“The set was really like an enclosed glass box,” describes Whitehurst.

“That meant the camera was either inside or outside, and there’s nowhere to hide really, because it meant later on we had to body track things three or four times because the reflections are all different from lens and mirror distortion.”

That location challenge was exacerbated by the style of the film – Ex Machina is not intended to be an action adventure, but a more cerebral and intimate piece.

“Because the whole film is about human consciousness and what it means to be human and what it means to be conscious,” outlines Whitehurst, “it’s very conversation-driven, almost exclusively. In order to get that relationship, you have to have an actor talking to another actor – they have to feed off each other.”

The result was that, although significant digital work would be carried out by the visual effects team, motion capture was not an option.

The actors were always in the plates. For each take, then, a clean plate was acquired, and later extensive body tracking – including for shots up to 1600 frames – would be necessary.

Production filmed on the Sony F-65 with anamorphic lenses, which would ultimately make for challenging plate tracking.

“We did have one or two witness cams,” notes Whitehurst. “The sets were all closed and not that massive, so the opportunities for placing witness cameras were limited.

We always tried to have one and if we could get a second one in there we did. We had to paint out witness cams for some shots since it was sometimes just easier to do that and use it for body tracking.”

On set, Vikander wore a gray wetsuit material costume covering most of her body.

When visual effects replaced a section of the actor, the remaining parts were still the wetsuit material.

Each setup involved an IBL take. “The way the sets were built actually really let lent themselves for IBLs,” notes Whitehurst.

“Plus at DNeg we have physically based shading pipeline and it really meant down the pipe that our lighting just worked.”

 Building Ava

Alicia Vikander wore a wetsuit-like costume on set, with certain key robotic parts replaced by DNeg.

To ensure the CG elements would perfectly match to the live action photography, Vikander was initially photo booth scanned in pre-production so her equivalent CG model could be built.

Once the final costume was ready on set, the actress was scanned again and the model refined.

A key aspect of Ava’s appearance was the mix of hard metal and then softer outer skin.

The visual effects team also added ‘ribbons’ of plastic visible on the inside of Ava’s translucent shell areas, which came from experiments made during the concept art phase.

“There was this lovely air of mystery you got from playing with the brushstrokes which meant that as soon as you build something for real, you can lose.

So we thought, ‘How could we add that sense of slightly confusing mystery back to her?’

What we did was add these translucent ribbons that run up and down the torso that just have that little bit of refraction on them so it just breaks things up.”

Ava’s inner mechanical parts, representing muscles to some degree, were constantly moving as she did, as Whitehurst explains: “They were all built into a rig where all of the muscles would fire correctly, and then we had various organs and gyroscopes that would just spin throughout.

We ended up with a gold mesh based on air-actuated robot modules we found and then we wrapped a spiral of metal around each muscle because that helped read the contraction of the muscle as it’s moving. It’s almost subconscious in the end.”

Milk VFX worked with Double Negative to create a CG brain for Ava who referenced a jellyfish and technical feel, as well as delivering Ava POV shots. Utopia also contributed VFX to the film.

The mechanical parts and ribbons were rendered via DNeg’s physically plausible rendering pipeline (which uses RenderMan).

“Physically plausible gives you that photographic quality that you can’t get any other way,” says Whitehurst.

“You can get beautiful renderings not using this approach, but they have a painted quality – they don’t feel as photographic – especially when you’re dealing with very known materials.”

Those known materials were replicated with shaders for things such as aluminum, chrome, silver and steel.

“Fundamentally,” notes Whitehurst, “if the material’s correct and it doesn’t look right, then you’ve got the lighting wrong.

We tested it in all the lighting environments we knew she was going to be in, and we tweaked some level of displacement on Ava’s body mesh on wider shots because you didn’t read it there.”

Having anticipated early the challenges of incorporating Ava’s CG elements into the shots, Whitehurst says that compositing was still a tough and brute-force challenge. Lens distortion from the anamorphic proved most difficult, as did adding in refraction through the see-through aspects of Ava.

“You get all that anamorphic goodness happening around the edges,” says Whitehurst of the lens choices. “Which also meant it was one of the hardest body tracking jobs we’ve ever done.

The shots are long, it’s performance-based and so we have to absolutely capture what she’s doing.”

Such VFX films inspire us, and MAAC Chowringhee is the best institute which has multiple courses such as VFX, Gaming, Animation and multimedia.

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Back To Maac –Event Day

Thank you participatent and maacits to make the event successful, it gives us immense pleasure to welcome all……. The Legends of MAAC……Kolkata Chapter to the first ever MAAC Alumni Meet…… Back To Maac.

MAAC Chowringhee, Rashbehari, Kankurgachi, has taken this first ever initiative to stay in touch with their pass out students and  organised this Alumni Meet “Back to Maac” at CRC in Kolkata dated 25th September 2017 on the eve of “Subho Panchami”

 A day like this is very important for us, as it provides us with the opportunity to meet with many of our pass out students…. our Maacits, some after a very long time, as well as provides our maacits chance to catch up with their faculties, trainers, colleagues, friends and other staff members.

“Ganga waise to gomukh main shuru hoti hai aur bangal ki khaari main aa kar sama jaati hai aur apne raaste main sampannata aur khushhali bikherte hue jaati hai. Par doston ek aisi ganga bhi jo ulti behti hai. Jo bangaal se nikalti hai aur poore hindustaan poore vishwa main faili hui hai….kya aap us ganga ka naam jante ho….wo hai kala ki ganga…..creativity ki ganga…..jiska aap bhi ek hissa ho…..Aur aap logon ke kan kan se woh ganga bani hai”. The opening speech of Director Naveen Choudhary.

He applauded the multiple roles played by maacits in the media and entertainment industry.

Many of them hold the key positions in major animation, vfx studios’ in India as well as abroad.

Maac applaud the efforts being done in area of animation, vfx, gaming multimedia and justifying the years spent by student at Maac Chowringhee, Kankurgachi and Rashbehari.

Our student has made us proud.

MAAC is the number ‘1’ training institute for animation, vfx, gaming, and multimedia.

And its the student who have made it No. 1.

Naveen Choudhary expressed his gratitude towards each attendee present there for taking out time to be in the event and he believed that the experiences of this evening which maacits will take back home… will be worth the time, maacits have spared.

Mr. Choudhary talked about the growth of the Indian animation industry.

Indian animation industry is moving up the value chain from an outsourcing hub to creating their own IP content.

India has moved ahead….

He questioned is whether The IP’s that we are creating, do they have international acceptance? Or are we catering to the domestic market only?

He  agrees that the Indian market is so big that we need not look outside…. but when a movie from Hollywood can do a business of 3000 crores, why can’t we?

According to him why Can’t we have our own Walt Disney the way we have found our James Cameroon in Mr. S. S. Rajamouli.

India has seen some success in the animation characters like Chota Bheem and digitisation of characters like motu patlu etc.

But they do not have any international appeal and a lot remains to be done in this field.

Mr. Choudhary appealed why Can we not do it….have our own walt Disney……

Which we can guys, it can be done by  maacits sitting right there in the middle of event.

Have we ever thought in that direction?

If not, then start thinking. What do you lack? Nothing? If we lack anything then it is the capacity to dream…. dream big with our eyes open and we can do it.

And if we don’t make it, at least we will not blame yourself for not having tried…. and  he assured that if we do it then it we will enjoy the journey.

“Manzil unhi ko milti hai jinke sapno main jaan hoti hai Pankh se kuch nahi hota hoslon se udaan hoti hai”

We all have it in us and we just need to bring that dream alive inside us ….so go ahead what stopping

Maac Chowringhee, Kankurgachi and Rashbehari will never leave the hand  of our maacits and will support them all out.


Well Institute has decided to give it a shot and enjoy the journey.

Your institute has started an incubation centre where one can do one of the following things:

Join our production team…details you can discuss with your faculties who will lead you up to the right person on our team.

Open your own studio and we try to arrange for work for you

If you have some work and you want it executed we can do it for you

And last but not the least…if you have some idea for an IP, be it a feature film or a television serial or any other digital content that can be monetised, we are ready to take a look at it and back you up to achieve your dream.

We do not need magic to change the world; we already carry all the power and magic we need inside us : we just need to explore it and discover it.

Life is all about exploration and discovery…..about the journey……….

We are always there with you if you think big —bigger…. creating your own studio, your own Mickey-Donald, Tom –Jerry whatever.

“Kaun kehta hai ki aasman main ched nahi ho sakta…Zara tabiyet se patthar uchaal ke toh dekhiye”….

Maac from its inception has helped the aspirants to make their dream come true and now we will continue to do so even after you have finished your course with us.

Friends, like any alumni get together, Maac also plan to hold this event every year.

We have taken the initiative to start this and now we would like you to take it over and run it from this moment onwards.

We will always be there to support in all ways, but maacits need to run this like any other alumni.

We need some people from this group to come forward and volunteer to be a part of the managing committee and interested persons can give their names now or call us or mail us of their interest later.

It will be great to have at least two persons from all the major cities of India where we have our students.

He thanked the whole team for their untiring effort that they have put in to make this event memorable for all of us.

Also a big thank you to Ram Warrior Head of Maya Academy Of Advanced Cinematics for taking out time from his busy schedule and coming to Kolkata especially for this program.

Last but not the least; we would like to thank all for your keen participation as well as the support you have always extended towards your institute….. its is truly wonderful to have you all.

Wishing everyone a wonderful evening & memorable moments.

Enjoy the food the drink the music

Have A Good Time Ahead.

Thursday, 21 September 2017


Maac Chowringhee, Rashbehari, Kankurgachi has been the oldest and pioneer training institutes in the heart of Kolkata for Animation, Visual Effect, Multimedia, Gaming,

This more than 15 year old institute is all its way to take an initiative to bring back old Maacits.

Maac Chowringhee wholeheartedly invites all its old students in the upcoming gathering called BACK TO MAAC.

An exclusive initiative by Director Mr. Naveen Choudhary making its old alumni met first time ever in the history of Maac Kolkata.

Holding over 2000 plus pass-outs from its different centres Maac Chowringhee Maac Rashbehari and Maac Kankurgachi we are here to witness a gala event.

This initiative is taken to strengthen and showcase the rigorous training imparted by the institute to all its students so that they can become a part of huge animation, vfx, gaming, and multimedia industry.

Institute happens to be the Best Animation, VFX, Graphic Design, and Web-design Training Institute in Kolkata offers quality education using state-of-the-art Infrastructure.

Our Research & Development team consisting of industry professionals, or experts who prepare the detailed curriculum for each course to provide our students a solid foundation for learning.

As a part of this endeavour, hi-tech labs with wi-fi enabled campus act as ideal training ground for budding professionals that allow them to experiment and practice to enhance their skill sets.

The Academy conducts faculty training programs to ensure high standards of teaching in the classroom.

Centre faculties are regularly exposed to all sorts of industry updates which help to sharpen their creative and technical skills.

At every centres’ of our we use high-end computers, Wacom tablets & other equipment to train students.

The infrastructure is similar to that used in the global Animation & VFX industry.

This helps create an ‘on-the- job’ environment in the class. As a result, our students often win many Awards for the films they create.

We also specialize in Web Designing Courses and Graphic Designing Courses.

The said courses are best for students who are willing to join IT Industry but have no professional degrees.

Our Web and Graphic Designing Training Course has been designed keeping in mind the current Industry and Technological requirements.

MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Rashbehari and MAAC Kankurganchi are surely the best web designing, vfx, 3d, 2d animation, gaming and multimedia institute in Kolkata.

The event will be held at CRC Calcutta Rowing Club on 25th September from 6.00PM onwards.

All excited!!!

What are you waiting for Maacits?  Come and join us and make the event rocking with all your presence.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Filmfare Awards For Best VFX Movie

VFX or visual effect is the manipulation of shots, where animated images or 3D computer generated sequences are added to a live-action shot.

The basic purpose of VFX is to create realistic environments and to manipulate shots including stunts, which would otherwise be expensive or involve life risk.

VFX has opened door to many other aspects in the process of film making. Like, we don’t need to rely completely on make-up for making a character look monster or for making a superficial character or even make a character look younger.

Using VFX we can make a character jump from a high altitude or make a character fly high or create explosions or vehicles crashing and colliding or even create a mesmerizing background in a song sequence (remember, Gerua from Dilwale).

There is a long list of effects that can be incorporated in a scene using the wonders of VFX

Over the years, in Bollywood too, there has been an increasing trend of using VFX shots to create mind-boggling results.

Bollywood is slowly and steadily assimilating VFX shots into live-action shots, following the latest trends and techniques of the West.

From creating a surreal background in songs to create an action packed fight sequence, VFX is induced wisely but in our Bollywood style.

The journey of VFX in Bollywood films has been full of drama just like our Bollywood.

From the beginning, there have been many instances of poor VFX work, where the scenes have failed to create on-screen magic and looked stale.

But with time, it has improved a lot and gifted to us spectacular s like Krrish, Ra One, Dhoom 3 and many more.

With great works comes the responsibility of recognizing the art to appreciate the artists and the whole efforts, put into it.

The Filmfare Awards– an annual award ceremony- was introduced in the year 1954, to honour the best cinematic creations of Bollywood Film Industry.

It is one of the prestigious awards show held every year to acknowledge the pure talent.

In the year 2007, The Filmfare Awards, started a new category of awards, where films with best special effects were honored.

This was surely a nice gesture to encourage the newly emerging art form called VFX.

To name a few, production houses like- Red Chillies Entertainment, Prime Focus, Prana Studios, Reliance Media works, MPC Bangalore and many more- are putting a great effort to increase the level of this art form and deliver excellent output, to entertain people.

These companies are leaving no stones unturned, to create the best and win the chase to grab this prestigious award.

There were 5 films in the nomination chart for the  with best special effects, namely, Dhoom 2, Rang De Basanti, Don- The chase begins, Krrish and Jaan-E-Mann, in 2007.

That year the award was bagged by Krrish, whose special effects were created by Hollywood experts Marc Kolbe and Craig Mumma.

The  is considered to be the first super-hero  of Bollywood.

It has successfully achieved greater heights for special effects equivalent to the Hollywood standards.

A full packed family entertainment with romance, action and science fiction.

Krrish-a  to be first of its kind in Bollywood- created on screen magic for it’s exquisite VFX and is loved by both kids and adults.

Red Chillies Entertainment succeeded by Dreamz Unlimited is founded by Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan, in the year 2002. From Main Hoon Na to Harry Met Sejal, this has approximately gave us seventeen films, with undoubtedly, elevated standard of special effects.

Red Chillies Entertainment produced films like Om Shanti Om, and Fan, which were honoured by The Filmfare, for their unparalleled employment of VFX.

Om Shanti Om had all the elements of a perfect Bollywood  film.

Romance, drama, action with the fictional plot of reincarnation.

In terms of songs, it had romantic numbers to party tunes. And everything was made to look superficially great with good work of VFX.

How can one forget the sequence of “Dhoom Taana” song, where one can witness the highly appreciable VFX compositing!

There was a mixture of old Bollywood song sequences, perfectly fused with the item number, which looked so natural.

So in the year 2008 we can guess why Om Shanti Om was awarded the

Best Special Effects by the Filmfare!

Ra.One was another Indian superhero film after Krrish.

It’s about a villain of a game, who happens to come out of the virtual world, eventually threatening the life of the game creator and his family.

Another virtual character, G.One, was brought out to protect the family.

The plot also displays the delicate father-son relationship and a complete package of family drama. But what caught the attention of all, was the top notch execution of VFX, which definitely deserved to be awarded.

The film was also released in 3D and the 3D conversion was done by the Prime Focus. The VFX was done under the supervision pf Jeffrey Kleiser.

And the CGI was supervised by Edward Quirk. The whole work of VFX took over two and a half years for completion, where 1200 artists worked day and night to give the excellent output that we got to see.

The hard work’s paid off and they got its due recognition by The Filmfare.

Another, for which Red Entertainment got the Filmfare award for Best Special Effects, is Fan, in the year 2017.

Under the Yash Raj banner the VFX was conducted by the Red Chillies.

Not only, was the audience gifted with A-grade acting of SRK, but also some really good works of VFX.

The digital reconstruction of Shahrukh Khan’s face, with the help of VFX, to make him look younger and a close enough lookalike of himself, was both difficult and challenging.

To accomplish the grading of VFX plates and fine tune the colour, over 500 hours were spent. And unquestionably, the Red Chillies team has brilliantly executed the VFX work.

Love Story 2050, a sci-fi romantic , released in 2008.

Though the failed to create any box-office magic, the application of VFX was apprehended by all.

Four international firms, namely, Fantavision, Frantic Films, Prime Focus and Rising Sun Pictures, were employed for creating the special effects.

The futuristic utopian city of Mumbai in was created by John Cox( Oscar winning special effects supervisor).

We got to see advanced effects like hologram, virtual games, 3D cityscape and many more, which was definitely a new thing for a Bollywood  back in 2008.

The  got awarded The Filmfare awards for Best Special Effects in 2009.

Vishal Bhardwaj knows how to create a buzz with his technique of making commercial films with off beat plot.

Kaminey, a Vishal Bhardwaj film, was released in 2009.

It can be termed as unpredictable crime drama with unique and refreshing plot, well designed in terms of special effects and editing.

The VFX of the  was designed and supervised by Govardhan Vigraham, a well known Bollywood designer known for his works like Vaah life ho to aisi,

Drona, Phir Hera Pheri. Kaminey got it’s recognition from the Filmfare in the year 2010, for Best Special Effects.

Dhoom 3, released in 2013, under the banner of Yash Raj Films, is another milestone to be awarded The Filmfare Awards for Best Special Effects.

It was the first Bollywood film to be released in format of I-Max motion pictures and included Dolby Atmos surround sound.

The effects in the film have been created by Tata Elxsi- Visual Computing Labs.

We can call it the best in terms of VFX, which included rotoscopy, wire removal, motion control etc.

Each scene was well co-ordinated and the effects created an illusion, to be real.

It was a delight watching two Amir Khan on the screen, which looked so natural.

The can be a landmark for the upgraded techniques used in a Bollywood film.

Another Box-office failure Bombay Velvet grabbed the award for the with Best Special Effects by The Filmfare.

This showcased some innovations in terms of VFX in Bollywood films.

The smooth execution of live-shoot and VFX, the convincing recreation of the old Bombay in Sri Lanka, rendering vintage cars etc, created a spellbound effects.

Prana Studios incorporated the VFX sequences in this Anurag Kashyap .

There has been an ever increasing rate of VFX usage in Bollywood s, which is showcasing the innovative and artistic creations. Bollywood, being the biggest film industry of India, is incorporating over the top VFX in the films to attract more audience to the theatres.

And The Filmfare is rightly acknowledging their efforts from time to time.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

TOP 10 Animation FILMS OF 21st CENTURY

Animation, the increasing trend in the film industry, is the replica of movements created by the illustration of series of pictures or frames.

It is a dynamic representation of motionless drawings, objects and models through a series of movements which creates a delusion of true to life cinematic motion.

There has been considerable rise of Animation as a form of art.

Animation movies are getting recognition. It has been marked as one of the fastest growing industry.

This escalation is caused due to the increasing broadcasting in television and increasing demand on Internet.

There also has been an increase in the target audience.

It doesn’t belong to kids; rather grownups are also attracted for its diverse subject and eye catching techniques.

We can say, people of all age groups are showing interest in it due to the life-like picturesque of lifeless things.

The Animation industry has been able to keep up the pace with changing expectations, in terms of techniques and subject matters, and has been able to strike the fancy of the audience.

Disney, the ruling production house, along with DreamWorks Animation, 21st Century Fox and many more, have produced some masterpiece that has garnered recognition and appreciation from all.

Pixar, a collateral branch of The Walt Disney Company, has contributed a lot in the Animation industry.

It has been able to shape up this industry with its unparalleled works, which resulted in it being a household name.

DreamWorks Animation had been able to deliver some great stories too with striking visual imagination.


It’s one of the highest grossing film of 2001, produced by the Dream Works Animation.

A computer animated fantasy film dealing with an ogre, of same name, and his adventures which into falling in love with the princess, who also turns into an ogre after sunset.

The noteworthy detailing of the characters has caught attention of all.

It has successfully executed the unconventional love story of two unattractive figures.

It also provides a moral lesson of love beyond looks. DreamWorks has broken the stereotypical norms and presented us this excellent piece, which is no

doubt, having a heart touching story with brilliant work of Animation.

Monsters INC

It will remind you of your childhood days when you used to get scared of the imaginary monster dwelling under your bed or your closet.

This movie has gained strong ensuring appeal, over the years.

The ape-like monster is one of the most adorable characters of Disney.

The film released in 2001, yet in technical terms, it was way ahead of its time.

The remarkable minute detailing of the monster is really appreciable.

The innovative story line and the music along with the flawless Animation has added a new dimension in this film. This movie can be enjoyed by all ages.

Spirited Away

Probably the best Animation film ever been made till date.

A film with real plot, this fantasy mystery, is a Japanese Animated Film produced by Studio Ghibli.

It’s a hand drawn animated film which became the highest grossing film in Japanese history and also won the Academy Award For Best Animated Feature.

The story deals with a journey to a magical world of a ten year old Chihiro Ogino and her parents.

It is considered to be an engrossing and brilliantly drawn animated film which can tickle our imagination to a whole new level and leave us spellbound.

Finding Nemo

It’s another classic movie of Disney.

The surreal eye soothing and beautifully made characters with a touchy plot is a visual treat.

The movie with a moral and valuable life lesson showcased in a subtle way has attracted the audience largely.

The Animation, music, screenplay and story has created magic in the silver screen.

No doubt, Disney knows how to attract people of all ages to their films.

And this particular film by Andrew Stanton, has won the Academy Award For Best Animated Feature, which it truly deserved. It also became the highest grossing Animation film and 2nd highest grossing film of 2003.

 The Incredibles

This computer generated animated movie of director Brad Bird is another great example of best Animation films of this century.

It unravels the comic book with a family melodrama.

The thrilling set of action and well designed Animation has legitimately established itself among the audience for it’s realistic character drama.

It can boast of a perfectly co-ordinated storyline which is complementing each other.

Due to the unparalleled employment of action with a mixture of family drama, it has been the best animated super hero movie.

Waltez With Bashir

A strong example of skill full Animation.

The story deals with the experience of a soldier in the 1982 Lebanon war.

It carries a strong message of human rights and issues, which is a rare subject in Animation films.

Ari Folman has manifested a pictorial representation of emotion and entertainment in this film.

In terms of technicality, a mixture of classic Animation with Adobe Flash cut-out has infested a greater impact.

Precisely the unusual combination of social issues in Animation films is a bold step and helped a lot in the evolution of stories in Animation films.


A production of Disney Pixar, which carries strong environmental message of destructive effects on Earth by the so-called civilized people and a lonely robot who has been isolated by the people.

With limited dialogues and more expressions, this film is funny and satirical.

WALL-E unfolds the story of a near mute hero who sets out to win it’s lady love and also saves humanity in return.

It’s a perfect example of flashing creativeness. The impeccable work of Animation is a delight to watch.


One of the greatest creation of Disney films, which serves a full package of entertainment and emotions.

The lofty characters have been made to look natural. Animating realistic humans with natural clothes was a difficult challenge.

But Disney knows how to make things look realistic and did this job in this particular film smoothly.

How can one forget the famous scene of Carl’s house flying! And also Carl’s distinguished movements.

Nothing looked unusual.

The technical directors have worked real hard to create this excellent piece of work with a touching storyline. Everything seemed to have life inside it.

Mary & Max

A fine example of clay animation by Australian Adam Elliot.

In this type of Animation the flaws in physical appearance of the characters is highlighted.


A sci-fi animated movie, of a robot Hiro, who joins hands with Baymax to avenge his brother’s death.

A perfect blend of science fiction and action, which is produced by the Walt Disney Pictures, which became the highest earning movie in the opening weekend, beating Interstellar.

It has been an outstanding adaptation of Marvel Comics.

Software programmes like Denizen to create the characters, Bonzai to create the trees and Hyperion, new rendering software, were used to deliver this masterpiece.

It has been a third highest non-Pixar film from Disney, receiving mostly positive reviews, for it’s agreeably entertaining and greatly animated frames with prompt pace and balance between action and emotion.

It seems like this industry have undertaken the oath to redefine the art of Animation with their profound imaginative skills and tireless efforts to create the best.

From the beginning of this century till date the Animation films have touched the greater heights and revolutionised the industry as a whole. Everything made till date ensures better creations in future and has rightly increased our expectations.

These movies have been able to attract huge amount of audience to the theatre.

A movie is bound to create magic in the box-office when it has the ability to draw a whole family to the theatres.

 Just like the mentioned movies, which excelled not only in storyline but also more creative execution of Animation.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Realistic Effect In 3DS Max

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3DS Max, created by Autodesk, is mostly known for creating 3D Animations, Models, Games and Images.

There are steps to make realistic effects in 3DS Max which includes.


With the help of these steps one can acquire convincing results which can be further used in a game or a film.
3DS Max is largely used in a variety of fields.

Many motor car and bike companies use it to design a model before the real manufacturing begins.

3DS Max is very accurate and that’s why it is also used by interior designers and architectures.

It becomes very easy to broadcast the ideas on Max rather showing it with the help of a pen and a paper.

On 3DS Max the architecture or the interior designer can create a look alike building or the interior respectively with the help of the steps as mentioned above.

So with this blog I am going to put up the extra-ordinary features which Max possess and how MAAC is helping students learn and prosper their career.

There are questions from many people who are the unaware of the fact that what Max is all about?

What does it do? I will answer you briefly in three important steps and they are as follows:-

MODELLING, creating complex 3d forms
ANIMATION, creating video animations of models
RENDERING, creating visually stunning images of models

 3DS Max runs on an interface that is strictly button based rather than programs like Auto cad that are mostly command based.

3DS Max is based by default in four different viewports.

The four viewports show four different views of the model space.

Working between multiple viewports at one can allow much more efficiency and flexibility in design.

The ability to see how the model looks in various views at one time is important to the final outcome.

In MAAC, with the help of skilled teachers, you will learn from the basic to the top level. Every minute detail of 3DS Max would be taught so that the students could come up well with their projects.

To design a realistic or a look alike effect in Max you have to start with creating 3d models.

The modeling should be properly done as it is the base of any convincing project.

If there is any error in the modeling then the final outcome after rendering wouldn’t be eye-catching and thus failing to provide a realistic effect.

The wire segments while doing modeling should be in a continuous order.

The edges should be properly wielded because if not then there would be a problem during animation.

Then comes texturing.

The material editor tab is one of the most important parts of rendering.

In order to make a model look like something other than a grey box, a material must be created.

The new versions of 3DS Max have the “Slate Material Editor,” but the “Compact Material Editor” can be selected by the mode button.

3DS Max has many pre-made materials that can be used as is or easily customized.

To apply realistic textures to the raw 3d models, the best is to unwrap with planner and then paint textures in Photoshop.

Painting textures is mostly done by texture artists.

MAAC helps students excel in every platform. At the end of a particular course students will have many career options open.

 The next step is followed by Lighting. In order to create realistic effects lighting is very important.

It creates proper shadows and highlights the textures on the 3D models. 3DS Max is equipped with a default lighting feature.

Just like any other object you can create a separate lighting setup and modify the same according to your requirements.

Default Lighting

 3DS Max provides you with a default lighting setup until and unless you switch on a particular light setup.

This allows you to create models and textures without having to worry about lighting the area first.

The default will automatically disappear as soon as a light is created and will reappear if the created light is deleted.

Rigging, which is the next step, is the process of creating a skeleton for a 3D model to make it move.

Rigging is done before animation because if the character is not rigged then it can’t be deformed or moved around.

Rigging involves few more sub-steps:-


ANIMATION, it helps you to animate characters and vehicles and create special effects for films, games and other broadcast.

The basic step to create animation is very simple.

Turn on the Auto Key, and then move the time slider and then you transform objects to change its position, rotation, etc.

Animation requires patience as every frame is animated and each frame consists of many animations depending on the kind of project you are doing.

RENDERING, without this all the above process is useless.

3D rendering is the steps of output including shading, color and lamination to a 2D or 3D wireframe in order to create life images on screen.

This step includes no effort as everything is done by the system.

You just have to wait till the rendering is done and then you can enjoy the the realistic effects with life in it.

Rendering for 3D takes fairly a good amount of time as loads of effects are getting rendered.

The time taken by rendering depends on the memory of the system.

Higher the memory lesser the time. That is why professional work is done on super computers.

To conclude this blog I would like to say that MAAC offers professional course on 3DS Max which you will taught all the process mentioned above to create realistic looking effects.

The faculty at MAAC is very skilled and helps each and every student in clearing their doubts related to any kind of topic.

It also gives the exposure the participate in events like 24fps where the students work in a team and compete on a national level.

The ex-students of MAAC are very well placed and are working for renowned studios.