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The Academy Awards, officially known as ‘’ The Oscars’’ is a set of twenty four awards given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements as assessed by the voting members of the Academy .

This award for artistic and technical merit in the American Film Industry is given annually. The winners of various category are awarded with a copy a golden statue known by the nickname ‘’Oscar’’.

The first Academy Awards was presented in the year 1929.

The First Oscar or The Academy Award for best animated feature film was given for films made in 2001.

An animated feature film as defined by the academy as a film which runs for more than 40 minutes.

In such a film, the characters’ performances are created using a frame by frame technique.

A considerable number of the major characters are animated. At least 75 percent of the total running time of such a film should be dominated by animated figures.

Previously, few animated feature films were produced. The Academy award body did not want to consider an Oscar Award for an animated feature film.

The academy used to give special awards to exceptional productions usually for Walt Disney Pictures.

Like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the year 1938, who framed Roger Rabit in the year 1989 and Toy Story in the year 1996?

Before an Oscar for the animation feature film came into existence, the film Beauty and the Beast was the only animation film that was nominated as Best Picture, in the year 1991.

From 2001, the animation film market started to expand. Many competitors to Walt Disney joined the animation film market.

An increase in the number of animation film releases compelled the Academy to consider animation feature film as a category for award or Oscar.

Thus in the year 2002, in the 74th Academy Awards, the first Oscar was given to the Best Animated Feature Film.

When this category of award was first come into existence, the nomination went to the persons who were involved in creating the award winning film.

That person could be the producer, the director or both. For the 76th Academy Awards in the year 2004 only Directors of the Film received the nomination.

From the 86th Academy Awards the above point was amended to include one producer and up to two directors.

The 89th Academy Award took place on 26th February 2017. The animation films that were produced in the year 2016 were nominated for the 89th Academy Awards were:

Kubo and Two Strings by Travis Knight and Arianne Sutner
Moana by John Muskar, Ron Clements and Osnat Shruer
My Life as a Zucchini by Claude Barras and Max Karli
The Red Turtle by Michael Dudok de Wit and Toshio Suzuki
Zootopia by Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Clark Spencer

Kubo and Two Strings:

In the above animation film the story develops around Young Kubo. His peaceful existence was shattered when he accidentally summoned a revengeful spirit from the past.

Now in the mission Kubo gang up with Monkey and Beetle to unlock a secret legacy.

Armed with a magical instrument Kubo must battle the MOON King and other Gods and monsters to save his family and to solve the mystery of his fallen father, the Greatest Samurai warrior the world has ever known.

The Box office earning is 74.5 Million USD and the Budget was 60 million USD.

Moana :

This story is inspired by a Polynesian legend about demi-god called Maui.

The story is entirely universal, mainly for girls about the danger that lay beyond one’s home. Moana find her way to the sea.

The mission is to bring back heart of Te Fiti, the goddess of creation. It was stolen by Maui thousand years ago bringing misery upon the whole world.

In the entire film Moana keep convincing Maui to venture on the task despite the fact that he no longer has his powers.

The two of them making their way to Te fiti despite the hurdles. The Box office earning is USD 639,557,044.

My Life as a Zucchini:

The film is a celebration of friendship and empathy as Zucchini makes peace with a bully name Simon and Delops a crush on Camille, a newcomer.

There is an enchanting ski trip, a smattering of pranks, misunderstandings and touch suspense.

Everything rendered in expressive and imaginative visual detail. The animation technique is more soulful.

The characters are enigmatic and individual in ways that they are hard to forget. The box office earning is USD 296,721.

The Red Turtle:

It is a story of a man whose ship wrecks on a tropical island inhabited by turtles, crabs and birds.

The Red Turtle recounts the mile stones in the life of a human being. This film received critical acclaim.

A simple story has been beautifully animated with layers of rich visuals.

The box office earning is 3.7 million USD.

The winner of 89th Academy Award for animation film is ZOOTOPIA.

Zootopia :

This film is about a world where predators and prey live in harmony, a rookie bunny cop and con artist fox work together to uncover a conspiracy that put the lives of predators in danger.

Zootopia is a city where animals from every environment live together. For this film the studio’s IT engineers   developed the fur controlling software iGroom.

This gave character designers precise control over the brushing, shaping and shading of fur. This film offers a thoughtful inclusive message that is as rich and timely as it’s sumptuously state of the art animation.

All while remaining fast and funny enough to keep younger viewers    entertained.

This film was released in Disney Digital 3-D, RealD and IMAX 3D, making it the first Disney animated film shown in domestic IMAX theatres.

The box office earning is 1.024 billion USD.

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Top 6 Most Popular Animation Magazines

The world of animation is evolving very fast. With all the advancements in the animation technology there is increase in the number of animators in the market.

Today’s blog is about the popular animation magazines that every animator should know.

Animation is being used in every field…whether it is cartoon series, games, videos, movies, commercials or anything else you just have to name it … and animation is already setting its foot there.

Thus it is very important for budding animators to know about the trends in the industry. These websites provides the information about the latest trends in the animation industry, its education and visual effects.

The animation magazines are popular among the industry people. It gives a quick glance of the new updates that the animation people are accepting and which are the new software in the market.

You can either buy a printed copy or opt for a digital one. You can get all the information through these magazines about the world of animation.

There are variety of developments and innovations in the technology of computer animation. The animation magazines take these innovations and present it to animators.

There are many animation blogs and articles available on the internet. But there are some of these that are really worthy of reading and as an animator you should be read these blogs to keep your knowledge updated. So let’s see such websites today and know more about them.

Animation World Network

The animation world network is the most famous group that has the largest selling magazines across the world.

It provides itself in around 150 countries and has lots of readers. It has wide range of interesting articles and news in animation. It has a large source of imagery resources for animators.

It also provides links for animation professionals and fans. They publish printed magazines as well as digital magazines.

These magazines are Animation World for general animation articles and VFX World for VFX and special effects. It is one of the oldest magazines and was launched since 1996.

Their magazines are also available on the online shopping websites such as eBay.

Through the Animation world network, you get one source for variety of information of facets of industry. For every person working in animation industry, AWN has some information for everybody.

Animation Magazine

Animation magazine was founded in the year 1985. It is a monthly magazine that publishes 10 times in a year.

It comes in digital as well as the printed format and covers the latest trends in animation industry and visual effects and its education.

Every form of animation is covered in the Animation magazine.

It also covers the articles about the animated films, TV series, cartoons, visual effects, new media, and new computer graphics techniques and software’s.

They keep their website updated with latest posts. You get the most exciting articles about animation here.

Every year two events are hosted by the Animation magazine. These events are The World Animation and VFX Summit and The World Animation Celebration. Both the events are very popular and prestigious.


Another good magazine for animation is Cinefex. It is a bimonthly journal that covers visual effects in movies.

It was launched in 1980.They have lengthy and important articles about the trends in the animation industry.

This magazine also contains the interviews of popular animators and artists. This is a very famous magazine ever since its launch. It comes in digital and printed edition.

There is special article about the behind the scenes photographs that explains the use of visual effects in the movies.

These photographs contain the stages involved in the progress of the film making.

The digital copies were launched in 2011 and were also made available for ios users. the online magazine has served as the nucleus of the Indian Animation, VFX, Gaming and Comics industry online, since its inception.

Animation Xpress organized many industry conferences and have media partnered almost everyone in the animation, vfx, gaming and comic events all over the world for the past several years. is in the midst of a transformation that will add immensely useful engines and features and revolutionize the way B2B happens online globally.

3D Artist

3D Artist is a magazine that contains all the latest articles about the animation field. They are very popular among the animation crowd and have wide variety of articles and information about different different projects in 3D world.

This magazine is published in UK. They have everything the artist in 3D animation needs to know.

This magazine provides a source for motivation among the new aspirants hoping to make future in the Animation or computer graphics industry.

They interviewed artists across the industry and makers of the 3D projects. They also give career advice from the industry professionals.

It also features the computer graphics tutorials and awesome 3D stuff. This magazine has articles for all levels of animation artists.

3D World

3D World Magazine is another popular name in the Animation magazines.

This magazine is designed for the artists in computer graphics, and also covers areas of VFX, animated games, movies etc.

It is a monthly subscription magazine. It contains the articles related to the 3D creativity.

It in year 2000 Andis published in UK. The magazine is sold across many countries. It is also available in digital as well as printed format.

The magazine illustrates the updates in the 3D animation world, visual effects and video games.

They also provide the column for questions and answers. They provide the tutorials for 2D and 3D animation. They have review articles about new software’s and trends in the market.

So isn’t it cool that you get so many exciting content just by paying some minimal fees.

These are very important magazines for the budding talent in the market of animation.

All the aspiring animators should learn the new trends and technology in the market. There is increase in the number of animators in the industry.

Keeping yourself updated is very important if you want to grow as animator and want to survive in the industry. But reading these animation magazines is informative and fun at the same time.

And why not? They give you information about your favorite animation character.

Today we summarized the top five most popular animation magazines. You truly will get benefit by reading these fantastic periodicals.

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Baahubali 2: The Conclusion VFX Work Behind The Scene

Baahubali: The Beginning which was released in 2015 and from then ever since, the audience has been waiting eagerly for its second part, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. In our today’s blog we will discuss the amount of VFX or visual effect the film has incurred and its behind the scene activity.

While the first part was definitely epic as well as superb entertaining, but at the same time we have ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ taking the excitement of the audience to the level next.

Those who have seen the movie have been waiting keenly to find an answer to the life changing question – Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?

While the world waits to know the answer with the sequel finally got released and we all got our answers too. But with addition to the answer the audience has got much much more.

The whole film industry is in awe of the film and its every frame that is no less than a visual masterpiece.

It is the first Indian movie to be released in 4K High-Definition format, so the audience got to see crystal-clear graphics that has left the viewers stunned and experiencing new flavour of Indian Cinema.

It has proved to be the most expensive movie series in India, and a large part of the budget has gone into the visual effects, so the movie is full of effects which are beyond anything that anyone ever seen before.

Every scene has been pre-visualised before shooting. After completing the shoot, footage has been send to the VFX team and get a post-visualization done on them.

There after the footage were taken to the editing table to see if it is going as per director’s vision or not.

The team has been involved in intense post-production work for the last five months (after shoot got completed) when they started receiving VFX shots for colour grading (or colour correction).

Each and every scene (both VFX and non-VFX shots) similar in terms of colour and it took a lot of time to complete and to give it the desired intense look and feel.

There were problem of bad light sometimes but the team had overcome it successfully.  Starting from brilliantly choreographed bow and arrow sequences to VFX scenes each and every scene is a treat to watch, Bahubali 2 had all of us awestruck.

Bahubali 2 happens to be a visual film and it has a lot of visual effects.

The film has create visuals that don’t exist in real life with VFX assistance it had actually made it possible to happen.

The film has been released in IMAX format that will enhance the viewers’ experience.

The images are wider in Baahubali 2. So, one will get to see 25% more of Baahubali and Mahishmati kingdom compared to Baahubali 1.

Also, Baahubali 1 was about character introduction. Baahubali 2 is grander than the first film. Everything is on a bigger scale. One get to see grandeur visuals and emotions.

The brilliant tapestry of VFX-aided visuals, the larger than life war sequences, the intricate action scenes, the pulsating romance, the hate, rage, envy and commitment wraps the film in.

The director Rajamouli enhances the real-time emotions, the pace he unleashes to turn this period drama into a modern thriller making the sequel as big a blockbuster as its prequel.

It is a matter of pride that this is one Indian film that has the muscle to match up to Hollywood’s special effects and visual effects and stands to make it go down in history.

The movie turned the tables on Indian cinema’s VFX backwardness forever.

The film has now set some really high standards for other films to follow in terms of visual effects in upcoming years.

Reports claim that it took more than two years to get the VFX elements in the film perfectly set in the movie.

And approximately more than 30 studios from countries like Ukraine, Serbia and China were brought on board for Baahubali’s sequel.

Apart from being one of the most expensive climax shots, the sequence is approximately 40-45 minutes long, which means as a Baahubali fan, you know you are up for a visual treat with some stunning graphics and effects.

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In the present time, Animation as a carrier option has boundless scope. There are various ongoing domestic projects as well as outsourced projects from the industry giants in animation industry.

This has fueled the growth of this industry in India in spite of global economic crises.  For an individual who loves to create magic has immense opportunity with proper education and guidance. There are courses and avenues an individual can pursue after finishing his or her 12th grade.

The major problem students find in case they are not good with maths, physics and science what will they do. Their parents also are extremely worried about their future prospect.

This happens to be quite common symptom now a days.


At the very beginning one has to be clear in his / her understanding about the field one is entering. Often animation is misunderstood as cartoon creation.

To end that confusion animation can be defined as a process of making the illusion of motion and the illusion of change by means of rapid display of a sequence of images.

To simplify, animation is the art of making inanimate objects alive with modern computer techniques.

As an animator an individual can use techniques like 2D hand drawing, 2D computer generated sketches, 3D computer generated  animation, stop motion or model animation techniques .

The method depends on the specialized skill acquired by the animator or individual.  Animation is done now –days with the help of computer and various software’s are used to create 2D and 3D animation.

In India, different courses are available in animation.

Diploma courses, Certificate Courses, skill based specialization courses etc.

The duration varies from 36 months to less than 6 months respectively. The eligibility for the Courses is 10+2.

Whereas institutes allow even 10+ to take up Diploma and Certificate Courses. Since it’s a skilled based course.

Sometimes the Certificate Courses help an individual to assess oneself if he or she is suitable for this field. As a student when an individual is being taught the very basic skills of the trade, he gets to know whether he is in the right carrier path.

While choosing the right course a person has to know the various courses offered by institutes and the jobs offered by the industry, with the clear understanding of the skill required for the specific job roles.

A person can approach the industry with a specific job role in mind and prepare himself with the required skill and courses.

A person who wants to concentrate on pre-production and digital film making with overall concentration on 3D animation should have an exposure to the following areas:

Concepts of Film Making
Stop Motion
Digital Design
Sound Editing
Concepts of Non-Linear Editing
Modeling & Texturing
Lighting & Rendering
Particle & Dynamics
Character Setup & Skinning
Character Animator
Moreover to cater to the requirement one should have the knowledge of the required software’s on 3D animation.

The software’s are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After effects, Adobe Audition and Autodesk 3ds Max.

The job roles on offer with the above are as follows:

3D Modeling Artist
Character Animator
Texturing Artist
Lighting Artist
Rigging Artist
Render Artist
Layout Artist
3D Generalist

Again for a person who wants to concentrate on all the aspects of 3D Animation should learn certain specific software’s like Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Mudbox. The skill and knowledge required are:

Concepts of Filmmaking
Digital Painting
Matte Painting
BG Modeling & Surfacing
3D Character Development
Texturing & Look Development
Lighting & Rendering
Particle & Dynamics
Rigging & Character Setup
Character Animator

The job roles offer for an individual with the above set of skill is as follows:

3D Modeling Artist
Character Animator
Texturing Artist
Lighting Artist
Rigging Artist
Render Artist
Layout Artist
3D Generalist

For venturing into the animation industry with complete knowledge of the process of animation film making from pre-production to post production require something extra on the knowledge and skill part. A person should have exposure to the following areas:

Video Editing
Digital Design
Sound Editing
3D Design & Modelling
Digital Sculpting
Look Development
Lighting & Rendering
Fluid, Hair & Cloth FX
Character Set-up & Skinning
Character Animation
Visual Effects
3D Tracking & Match Moving

For a person to become a job-ready professional in the industry , acceptable by animation studios , graphic design companies and gaming studios should go for specialization on any one of the following subjects as per requirement of the industry :

Modelling and Texturing
Lighting Shading

Specific software skill is required for such a professional. The software’s should be learnt are the following :

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Audition
Autodesk 3dsmax
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Mudbox
Eyeon Fusion
Autodesk MatchMover

The job roles on offer for a person with the above knowledge and skill are:

Modeling Artist
Character Animator
Motion Graphics Artist
Texture Artist
Lighting Artist
Rigging Artist
Storyboard Artist
Compositing Artist
FX Artist
Match Moving Artist
Render Artist
Layout Artist
Digital Sculptor
Roto & Clean-up Artist
Video Editor

As per data of the animation industry pay scale of 2017, the average pay for an Animator is around Rs 3, 53,000 per year. Experience plays a key role in salary in this industry.

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Popular Mobile Animation Games

Mobiles are everywhere and are so popular that every person got to have a smartphone. Smartphones are in trend so are the mobile animation games. In past few years with increasing popularity of mobile phones the popularity of mobile animation games has also increased.

Mobile is a device that you can use it wherever you are… thus you can play games in your mobile phone when you have time and anywhere you want…

That’s what has made these games so popular. Also the mobile animation game designer earns a lot of money by presenting mobile games in app stores.

Angry bird is such popular game of its time; even today people like to play it. A movie was also made based on the theme of this game. Isn’t that amazing!

Mobile animation games once it gains popularity among users it also let the designer earn good remuneration.

The creator of Angry birds Rovio Entertainment launched the angry birds game in 2009 and it was declared as the most downloaded mobile app the next year.

There is also a recent example …You must have known the game Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go is one of the most popular games that have made people go crazy after it. Pokémon go is one of the games that are popular among all age group of the people.

There has been incredible development in the field of mobile games from 2d snake game on Nokia basic phone to latest high end animation mobile games.

So today we will see the top most popular mobile games that use animation efficiently.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go became popular with its release as it is based on the most popular TV cartoon Pokémon.

Pokémon Go is freely available. There are some Poke stops that are already marked on the map on the phone and you have to walk around to find your Pokémon.

Millions of players have downloaded this game in a very short time. The design of the mobile game is done in such that it works with the maps app and the camera app in the phone and the gaming app feels like the game is occurring around us.

We have to find the Pokémon that are hidden. There was a time when everyone around was playing the game whether it be friends or people passing by.

Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is another game that has become popular with time.

It has the best animation effects.It is played with real life opponents. It is easy to play and is more popular because of its theme of medieval battle field.

You can also communicate with your chat in the app if you belong to one clan. Patience is very essential to play this game.

There are various rewards and upgrades that are to be made you can either buy it with money or wait for the great deal.

This is also a free bee game. You have to quickly react and plan strategies according to the situation.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you are lover of cars and are crazy for car racing, then this game is for you.

This game has the most great animation effects in it and is designed according to the racing environments. This game gives you complete feeling of car racing.

It is one of the most successful racing games. It has latest cars with sensational speed Game loft can give.

It is eighth in its series. It has different countries and cities with every version. Though racing is not quite a thing in games these days but asphalt has managed to keep up in competition.

Infection in this game has become reason of its popularity. Infected racers can get unlimited boosts. It has wide variety of racing zones and cars.

 Fruit Ninja

Fruit ninja is the game where you have to cut half the bouncing fruits. It has nothing to do with the ninjas as its name suggests.

You have to use your finger as sword and make cuts through the bouncing fruits. But beware that there are also bombs popping out. You have to escape the bombs and only need to slice the fruits.

As the speed increases it becomes difficult to maintain the speed. As far as the graphics are concerned the game doesn’t have much  mobile animation in it other than the bouncing fruits but that’s ok, the whole game is about speed and thinking power.

It is a highly reviewed game though and has nice background effects. It is easy to play and keeps you trying to make new high scores.

Achievements can unlock new backgrounds and blades. We can compare our scores with our friends and also play multiplayer game.

Temple Run

Temple run is one of its kinds in chasing games. Temple run became popular in very short period and was very easy to play.

Especially the treasure coins that you get while running makes the game more adventurous. Playing temple run is fun and good for kids as it improves the eye and hand coordination.

While playing, you will automatically feel the coordination between the eyes and hands. You can earn the game credits but if you don’t have enough patience then you can always buy it with money.

The main reason behind popularity of this game was its graphics effects. Escaping the angry monkey-creatures, this game tests the reflexes of the player.

The effects of turning left and right, jumping and sliding are nicely done. You may die many times but you will always want to play more.

So these all were the games that we think are great to play. They look good when you play them and feel good.

They all have impressive titles and your experience gets better with these games as you play.

But there is one thing to be noticed that gaming is becoming better and better day by day. Android comes up with new version every year and so does the mobile games.

This mobile animation gaming is improving with technology with big rate. In last two years the gaming is covering new heights. The coming years may bring many more things in the gaming environment.

So gamer be ready you have many more to come on your way. And Mobile  animation game animator there are huge and lots of scope for you in the gaming industry, so be ready to join the best animation gaming institute.

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Hi there our today’s blog is about use of VFX in the film Life of Pi. You must be little astonished, because the movie has real life like scenes believe me they are all done using fine VFX.

Life of pi won 11 awards in the Oscars that year. Isn’t that great?We will see today how the movie was made and discuss the scenes that have used in them.


  The movie “Life of pi” is an American drama film which is based on Yann Martel’s novel “Life of pi” released in 2001.

 The film was directed by Ang Lee. This filmhit the theatres in September 2012 was proved to be a critically as well as commercially successful.

The movie seems very natural in its screening, but major part of the movie is actually filmed using VFX effects. The effects were used to picture the animals in the movie and the scenes at the ocean and aquatic animals.

 The VFX work in the film has been done so precisely that it is very though to distinguish between the scenes with real animals and animated animals.

The detailing of the animals in the movie is done very accurately. It even includes the anatomical structures of the animals also.

Every shot in the movie was explored artistically making it more interesting. All the shots at the ocean were stunning. These shots left the viewer’s awestricken.

 The special effects in the movie “Life of PI” was done by Rhythm & Hues, a visual effects and animation company.

 They won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects. It took them more than a year to study and build the animated characters in the film.

 The study of behavior of animals in different environment was done in order to screen particular scenes in the film. The scenes in the movies  really were a visual feast for viewers’ eyes.

 Now let’s see some of the scenes where the VFX effects were used to screen the shot.

The scenes at the ocean were shot in the huge water tank. High powered equipment’s were used to create the waves in the ocean.

To make the reactions of the actor, Suraj Sharma more real, high strength winds and powerful water blasts were made.

The tank was so massive and at the time of shooting the intense water sequences there were no crew members near the actor and he himself used to replace the items in the scene during the retake.

Loud horns were used to address the actor whether the scene is going on a retake or has been cut.

He also had to remember where to walk on the boat as there may be an animal in the shot at the same position.

The most challenging task for the actor was to act by using his imagination of the tiger and other animals.

He had to perform the scenes with the costars that were invisible.

After the scenes were filmed, the VFX team has given its best for applying the visual effects on these shots.

The animals used in the film were the hyena, tiger, zebra, orangutan,meerkats,whale and fishes out of which only the hyena was real while the other animals was the work of animation.

The hyena was there in the film for only seven shots and it was away from the actor in every scene. The orangutan was an animated character. The design of the orangutan was its anatomical structure. It helped the artists to animate its movements in the scene.

The tiger, Richard parker, there are only few scenes where the real tiger has been used otherwise most of the scenes the computer generated tiger was used.

Mapping out the details of each and every scene of tiger, his position and posture and what he would be doing.

The toughest scene to film was where the tiger is in water, in the midst of the storm. The tiger’s eyes had to match with the boat.

For this the Visual effects team studied the real tiger and its behavior. They needed to spend hours on studying the footages of real tiger.

The tiger was designed with so much of detailing that it has created a benchmark in VFX industry.

The anatomical structure was built to design the tiger and it enabled the animators to trace its movement. This made the tiger more realistic.

Talking about the ocean, the scenes at the water were meant to be the very realistic.

So water was treated as a separate character in the movie.The time of the day whether it is sunrise, sunset or middle of the day was a deciding factor for color of water.

The color of the water needed to match with the scene. The water used in tank could not give the original effect to the shot.

So it was to be blended with the VFX effects to give it the real life effect needed. All the waves in the water tank were extended and improved with the help of computer graphics.

If you have watched the movie, you will recall the scene where a whale jumps around the Pi’s boat.

The scene is not just screening the whale but also the disruption in water that whale’s movement causes.

The shot is truly done fantastically. The whale is enormous and thus throws huge amount of water on the boat. The picturisation is done very cleanly.

Another scene where the luminescent planktons is used, it is the scene where Pi remembers his story and what happened to his ship, animals on that ship, his mother and family.

The imagination of Pi is the main motive in the scene. The sequence is completely done using the visual effects. It is the most emotional scene in the movie and VFX adds an extra edge to it.

So these were VFX effects in the film “Life of Pi”. The hard work of the VFX team of this movie paid off and it became the popular movie of 2012.

It is not to be forgotten that they won Oscar for this film. The movie “Life of Pi” has set a benchmark for other films in terms of VFX effects.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

7Unbelievable Bollywood VFX Scenes: Before And After

If the movie lovers while watching his / her favourite hero’s movie get  amazed and thrilled by the beautiful landscapes and difficult to difficult stunts shown in Bollywood movies, you will be surprised to know that most of them do not actually exist in reality. They are a work of pure graphics and VFX or visual effects.

Visual effects (abbreviated VFX) help the director bring his vision to life.

They are the processes by which director’s imagery vision is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. Which enhance the quality of the scene and its visual appeal?

Here in our blog we will discuss 7 such remarkable VFXs from famous Bollywood movies that viewers thought were real.

Remember the whopping crowd in Bhag Milka Bhag was, in fact nothing else but was a pure cinematic illusion. The crowd was created by vfx, since while shooting it’s not possible to gather so many people and retain them together for long shooting hours. So alternative to the same is here which you get to see below.

The center of attraction, the long and stunning train running towards Chennai was actually a work of fiction and the train ride was indeed not that scenic. In reality to place such camera angels to capture the scenic beauty is very difficult keeping weather condition in mind.

  3. READY
Salman Khan might be a macho hero with all physical strength and super human abilities, but he is not stupid enough to risk his life and will hang himself to save the heroine from such a great height . So here is how it happened below.

Mr Perfectionist, Amir Khan has actually not ridden the bike along the rope in Dhoom 3.  Such stunts we only get to see in circus with expert stunt man doing the same.

Our hero’s cannot risk their lives for such dangerous act.  So the gorgeous stunt is a striking effect of graphical art and of course VFX.

Here you get to look into the same.


Remember Chak De India movie of our Indian ladies hockey team winning world cup for our country.

The stadium where most of the scenes were shot was actually empty. Here you go.

VFX can make a simple walk look of an extremely dangerous stunt stunning being enacted by Salman Khan.

7. PK
The fascinating spaceship we wish to see in reality, it actually doesn’t exist in reality.

So with our above discussion we would like to conclude that the VFX has become a part of every Bollywood ventures.  So skilled technician and good VFX artist are in high demand in India as well as abroad.

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