Sunday, 20 November 2016

Top Indian Animators Only @Animation Kolkata (Part 1)

If you have spent your childhood doodling cartoon characters and super heroes all over your notebooks, if you tried to become any superhero or perform their deeds in your dreams or if you are fascinated by their stories flying all around and saving the human from destruction, then Animation Kolkata is the right place for you to read.
Animation is a growing industry in the Indian Market. India is rich in art and animation is one of the most modern art form in the world. Animation is still considered as a hobby but there is a huge scope of making a fantastic career out of it.
Here I enlist top animators of India who have shaped the animation industry of our country.
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Ram Mohan: He is considered as the ‘Grandfather of Indian Animation’. He is a veteran in the Indian Animation Industry.
He is the chairman and chief creative officer of a Mumbai-based Animation Company, established in 1995 known as Graphiti Multimedia. He contributed in the film like ‘Ek Anek Aur Ekta’ which was the first 2D animated film to be aired at Doordarshan.
The awards he won include National Film Award, Mumbai International Film Award and Padma shri...Read More

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