Wednesday, 31 August 2016

What Stop-Motion Animation ?

Stop-motion Animation, also called as Stop Frame Animation is an art of animation of camera captured frames of physical objects. The objects are moved slightly between the frames. When the sequence of images is played rapidly, it creates an illusion of magical movement. It’s a technique to physically move any object so that it appears like it is moving on its own. Stop-motion animation is different from 2D animation only in the way that in 2D animation we need to draw frame by frame and here we just need to move the object in each frame. Yes, we need to be patient and give labor in order to create footage of only 5 seconds. Dolls with movable joints, toys or clay objects are used in stop-motion animation for their ease of repositioning. Stop-motion animation using plasticine is called Clay-animation. It is not mandatory that all stop-motion animation requires models; many stop-motion films can involve paper-products, humans, household appliances and any other thing that gives the sense of comedy.
Decades back, stop-motions were used in the feature film to give special visual effects. Stop-motion animation has a very long history in the films. It was often used to show objects moving as if by magic. The first film where stop-motion technique was used was The Humpty Dumpty Circus (1898) in which a toy circus of acrobats and animals comes to life. Another good example of application of stop-motion animation in the movie was The Lost World (1925) and King Kong (1933) by a well known animator Willis O’Brien. Click on the following link to view his work in King Kong (1933)
Early stop-motion was captured with film cameras; it was difficult for the animators to see their works until the film was processed. They had to keep track of their character’s position and how far to move them. But thanks to digital cameras today, with the help to DSLRs it has become very easy to view how the animation is progressing.
We do train our students to do stop-motion animation and animate through clay. They find a lot of fun and interest in this work. If you are planning to make your career in animation, feel free to contact us. We are at Chowringhee, Kankurgachi and Rashbehari. You are just a call away @+91 9836321595.
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