Tuesday, 23 August 2016


A picture is worth a thousand words for emotions!!!! Visual communication is an effective way to communicate the ideas and messages and can leave a long lasting effect. Do you want to be a game changer? Or give life to your thoughts? Do you want the world to see through eyes? If yes here is how can….Be a Graphic designer. Graphic designer is a modern day artist who can wisely blend typography, space, image, color and can give shape to ideas and bring them to life and can have long lasting effect on the audiences.

Tips for creating effective designs:

Print media plays a vital role in building a business brand with the help of effective graphic design. Thanks to Internet marketers have shifted the focus from print media to digital media which has the potential to reach millions of users.
The use of number of words and images should be limited as too much of content will make it difficult for the audience to identify the message.
  • Make use of geometric typefaces to enhance your message.
  • Create two tone filter effects using a combination of tint and Two tone filter effects.
  • Use grid and Collages with your photos and make sure that you apply same filter to each of the image.
  • Add shapes to amplify your text from the background.
  • Bold and light font can be used for creating an impact.
  • A clean composition can be created by using one of the photo holders as a Text Box in the grid.
  • Placement of text plays a vital role in interpreting the message to the audiences….Break up the lines in the way it should be read.
  • Intelligent compositions can be created by placing the text within the images.
  • Text should be wisely placed in the clear spaces of the image

Tips for becoming an effective graphic designer

Techniques in graphic designing keep on changing and so to keep up with the pace you will have the need to acquire new skills.

Be a collector

No matter who you are and where you go……you always get inspired by your surrounding make sure you maintain a collection of things that inspires you so that you can access them for reference. In case , if you are out of ideas these collections will provide you with inspirational and creative ideas.

Let the words do the talking

A creative graphic designer will always be able to portray the emotion behind the word successfully with ease. For eg: the logo of the film describes the genre of the film, if the movie is a horror flick than the name of the film will be written in a way which will bring out the thriller. So when you hear a word try to bring out the feeling of that and design it in the same way.

Redesign others work

When you come across the work that you find to be impressive, don’t just appreciate it , try to redesign it .this practice will definitely help you to learn new things and improve your skills.

Participate in seminars and events

This is the place where highly talented people with great minds and creativity come together. So don’t miss a chance to get acquainted with great work that would help you enhance your skills.

Create free samples

Work on some logo, letterheads and mock websites and keep all these designs handy when you meet a client this will help you gain their confidence.

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