Sunday, 28 August 2016

Overview of Gaming Industry

In our todays blog MAAC Animation Kolkata tries to share an overview of Gaming Industry by sharing some facts. Hope you like it.

Free 2 play model:

The Free 2 play model is a popular method adapted for game distribution. F2P helps in attracting new gamers and allows them to try new launches with no commitment to buy the product. It open new horizon of marketing and business for game developers to monetize games.
India despite of having a growing economy people still find it hesitant to pay for mobile games. In Free 2 Play model the user can play the game for free but have to pay for the app upgrades and virtual goods. Therefore this model is suitable for gamers who are price sensitive.

It’s not just about developing game, it’s about providing service:

In the past millennium the games were purchased in boxes and played at home. Those games use to be the final version literally saturated with any scope of improvisation.
In today’s era the games are delivered digitally and in multiplayer format. Cloud gaming allows the developers to provide updates, and downloadable content. The user level is saved in the cloud and devices. Developers are learning usage of metrics to evolve games.

Catalyzed by Platform as a Service:

The mobile games and app market in India are estimated to cross Rs 2700 crore by 2016. Platform as a service (PaaS) is opening opportunities for new developers to build new games in short period of time , without worrying about the infrastructure.

Virtual reality will be integrated with gaming:

Virtual reality headsets are slowly sneaking into the market which can be attached to the smartphone for a real world experience. Imagine playing cricket in a stadium instead of watching it from a 2D isometric.

Playing Global:

Trending digital distribution of game and global access to internet has encouraged the investors to expand. Game developers are including diverse themes and genres in their games to attract global appeal. With cloud based technology it has become easier for the game developers to capture global audience. Gaming companies are planning way ahead for right infrastructure to take their games to the audience worldwide, as poor performance will only lead to abandonment. Due to increased global reach 2016 will experience high economically.


Games are most popular on smartphones and are predicted to overdrive the console gaming in future. The audience reach have broadened to young gamers and females, Social media and smartphones have helped the game developers to reach and involve people that were not associated with video games earlier.
The gaming trends will continue to grow in the future and game developers have to get prepared for the shift in the gaming trends. To learn more about gaming and its scope and to keep pace with it join, Contact your nearest MAAC centre in Kolkata  or visit the website:

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