Friday, 29 July 2016


Virtual reality in trending in Bollywood as well as Hollywood for creating larger than life pictures. The years have witnessed the increasing presence of VFX in movies, television and advertisement. Indian VFX studios have made their presence felt in the international market and have moved up the value chain to become Centers of excellence in the area of VFX and Animation. But we still are facing some challenges on the domestic front……..


Even though the advertising sector have quickly adopted VFX as a means for creating visual experiences. Bollywood have been sluggish to experiment with this technology mainly due to lack of adequate funds and skills. The only exception was starring Shahrukh Khan which had 3500 VFX shots and was assumed to be most expensive movie ever made in Bollywood. On the other hand Tollywood have quickly adopted to VFX in movies like Baahubali, Robo, Pranayam etc. where mesmerizing effects were created successfully.


India has witnessed a significant growth in the work out sourced from countries abroad and from Hollywood and it continuous to be on rise. Around 40 major VFX studios in India are successfully catering to the demands and need of the domestic and international clients. About 10% of the total animation and VFX outsourcing is done by companies in India.

Hollywood companies gained significant economic advantage by outsourcing to India. But due to lack of artists with advanced VFX skills resulted in demand for high monetary compensation by the competent in the field. India will soon lose its cost competitiveness as compared to its Asian rivals.


Evolution is a natural phenomenon and therefore VFX not being an exception gets upgraded at regular interval with introduction of new techniques and products. To compete with the growing competition major VFX companies are getting their employees equipped by getting them trained and upgraded from time to time. Artist often tend to be unaware of the latest trends and development, therefore to keep their artist upgraded and to be at par with the growing market, companies have started training there employees at regular intervals from reputed institutes. Another major challenges one is facing is lack of skilled professional in the field. Companies are grabbing projects, and have deadlines to meet, but with the amount of skilled professional they have, its becoming difficult for them to complete project on time. Huge lack of skilled people in the field. Thus a great opportunity for someone who wants to choose VFX / Animation as a career.


Government policies play a vital role for the development and growth of any sector in the country. The government of India needs to take steps by providing advanced infrastructure and training facilities. For instance, due to trend of outsourcing animation and VFX work in Hollywood the VFX artists in developed countries have been adversely affected, therefore in order to support the artist on the domestic front, government of Canada are offering tax credits and subsidies to the domestic VFX companies such as Starz Animation Toronto, a Canadian studio, for retaining the artist by creating job opportunities and also for enhancement of studios as centers for innovation. The domestic market has been slow mainly due to lack of skilled professionals and economic constraints.

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