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Elements of effective graphic designs

To create the most beautiful design apart from creative idea one should have a clear understanding about the subject’s fundamentals

There are 10 basic elements of effective graphic designs. They are as follow:


Line is the first and the most basic element. Line plays a different role in drawing ad graphic designs. In drawing line is a stroke and in graphic designs it’s about two connecting points. Lines are benefited in dividing spaces and drawing an eye to the specific spaces.


For both the users and the designers colour plays the role of the most obvious elements of design. It can be used along with other elements like line and shapes etc or it can stand alone as a background. Colour creates the mood f the design and depicts the story of a brand. Every colour has a different story to tell which can further impress by the colour combinations.


Shapes, geographic or organic add interest. Shapes are basically used to emphasize a portion of the page as shape is defined by boundaries like line or colour. Everything used in graphic design is ultimately a shape. Now it’s your creativity to use these shapes in an interactive way.


While designing a page, negative space is most underutilized and misunderstood aspect of designing for the page. The left blank part of a design whether white or some other colour, help to create an overall image. Create spaces using the negative space.


Websites & graphic designs do depend on the look and impression of texture on the screen. Textures can create a more three dimensional appearance on this two dimensional surfaces. It also builds an immersive world.


The single most important part of graphic and web design is typography. Like colour, texture and shapes the fonts you use tell readers you’re a serious online news magazine, a playful food blog or a vintage tea tins shops. Words are important, but the style of the world is should also be equally impressive.


Playing with the scale and size of your objects, shapes, types and other elements add interest and emphasis. How boring would a symmetrical website with all similarly sized ingredients be? Very. But the amount of variations will depend heavily on the content within. Subtle differences suit professional content, while bold ones prefer creative enterprises.

Dominance & Emphasis

The element of emphasis has more to do with an object, colour or style dominating another for a heightened sense of contrast. Contrast creates a focal point.


There are two kinds of balance; symmetry & asymmetry. Asymmetry is much preferred by the most designers, artist and creative folks for its eye catching nature.


Harmony plays the key role of graphic design. Harmony is what you get when all the pieces work together.

Above mentioned elements are just one part of graphic designing there are more hundreds of rules and many more principles for creating more beautiful designs on and off the web. But these ten elements mentioned above are the basic essentials that will ensure anything you create is appealing, professional and perfect.

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