Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Stop Motion Animation: Another Approach to Animation

The animation paradise has witnessed many changes over the year. It has jumped on heights dramatically, from hand drawn animation to 3D animation. Animation as a career in this competitive era, the demand of technical skills, a good understanding of art and aesthetics and a unique creative is skill is required. These days’ students concentrate on software & technologies to create an animation film. Experimenting with any other medium is rare.

Stop motion animation is one such medium. This is the form of animation created by physically manipulating real world objects and photographing them, one frame at a time, to create the illusion of movement.

Below are the various kinds of Stop motion animation listed out by animation kolkata:

Claymation (Clay Animation)
It’s one unique form of stop motion animation that uses figures made of clay. It involves sculpture characters and background sets out of clay.

Puppet Animation
It is a technique of incorporating the animation of still puppets. Similar to claymation, the characters and sets are already made in full forms instead of being made while the animation is being shot.


Cut Out Animation
Technique of producing animations using flat characters is used in this form. 

This is the most difficult form of stop motion animation. Live actors change their movements in each frame of the animation in this form. They pose while multiple frames are taken and the position changes slightly in each frame.

These are just few examples of stop motion animation.  The medium is just a platform to give your idea a visual presentation.

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