Monday, 11 July 2016

Evolution of Indian Animation

Animation! This term has come up in market so high these days. Animation is creating once imagination and takes us on a magical journey. Indian animation industry is one of the oldest animation industries in the world.

Some of the interesting facts about Indian animation Industry:

  • Dadsaheb Phalke is the first Indian animator also known as father of Indian cinema.  
  • Clair Weeks, a Disney studio animator was invited to train animators for the first ever        animation studio in 1956.
  • The first animation film in India was in 1957, The Banyan Deer.

Current Status

Over the past 10 years India has shown immense growth in the Animation Industry. Few of the examples are:

  • Roadside Romeo, O my friend Ganesha & Hanuman. These movies were produced with the help of 2d & 3d animation in 2008.
  • Arjun -The Warrior Prince was released in India & US in 2012. This movie was appreciated worldwide for its sheer quality and brilliance of animation. It unlocked new avenue for the industry.
  • Indian production houses and studios have tie ups with Hollywood production houses and studios.
  • Animation institutes are doing their jobs by providing an adequate knowledge about 2d and 3d animation along with various other courses related to film making technology.

The future of the industry

Indian industry is doing well and getting renowned all over the world. But it’s always about more. It still has to go long way to gain its foothold in the international market. The following steps are needed to be taken:

  • Invest more in technology
  • Train people
  • Arrange for indoor and outdoor training methods.
  • Set up more animation institutes with the beneficial courses that could teach about film making.
  • Arranging workshops and seminars and generating awareness about the benefits of       animation.
  • Encourage beginners and allow them to experiment with their creativity.

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