Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Latest Techniques used in 2D and 3D Animation

When the first ever five minute film, Steamboat Willie was released by Walt Disney he never thought that his animation based would form the basis of an entire industry, encouraging new styles in 2D & 3D animation.  The industry has grown since then, both in terms of application and importance in a variety of fields such as entertainment, education, medicine etc. The government and the private sector funded several institutes for the development of innovative techniques to bring objects to life on 2d and 3D screens.

It is now possible to create facial animation using the recent advancements in computer technologies. Before this phase the characters’ faces were nothing more than hand down painting sequences of images to create the illusion of movement. Now in the new era the modern research and development of computer graphics has come to a stage where producers can create climatic wonders such as Avatar. Facial animation has made its place and has come a long way. Sparse Stereo Mesh is a creative technique that has made it possible for animation come close to real life. This technique was made to drive facial contour by reading data from customised markers, kept on the face, with the help of camera lens. The three dimensional mesh of facial information is the incoming data which is then processed on the 3D mesh in the application.

Today, a large number of advanced techniques are implemented for character animation. Every production studio from Pixar to Light & Magic are inspired by Skeleton based animation and motion capture advance methods. Skeleton based animation possesses a hierarchal order of the anatomy of the character that involves a ground plane. Which further allows the physics to take over when the character is set into motion.

Motion capture advance is a tool for character animation while working with 2D and 3D space. That further enables artists to realistically capture character motion.

In the animation industry 2D and 3D techniques have come a long way.  

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