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Major Animation Festivals around the World...

Animation in today’s world has become so trending and a booming field to work in. It is a new hot trending thing that is running in youth’s blood. Not only in the industries, but it is also gaining the popularity all over world by Animation Festivals.

Animation Kolkata listed out few animation festivals:

Anifest India

We chose to begin the list with our own made Animation Film Festival Anifest. Anifest India was a national event that featured entries from Malaysia, Hong Kong and the United States.
Anifest India was held in Mumbai.

Follow the link to learn more about it.

Ottawa International Animation Festival

This was one of the largest Animation Festival that happened in North America in late 1967. The amazing and the interesting part of this festival was that the festival had a kid’s jury panel, where the organisers invited children to vote on the most popular animation of the year.

Follow the link to know what happened in the festival.


This festival happens in Brussels, Belgium every year. Anima has international and national sections for entries coming in only from Belgium.  It is the best showcase for full length and short film entries.  this link will help you understand it better.

Stuttgart festival of Animated Film    

This festival began in1982, by far the largest and important animation festival. It represented the best work done during that year. The speciality of this festival was that the winner is automatically qualifies to be nominated to the Oscars.

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Holland Animation Film Festival

This festival takes place in several parts of the world. It started in the year 1985. This festival features latest developments and emerging technologies.  This Festival organises competitions for internet animation, short films and applied animation. The Festival showcases entries from around the world; it is a National Film Festival in Netherlands.

If you find it interesting click the link and understand more.

We have introduced you with few Animation festivals that happen around the world. There are many more in the list like Anima Mundi, London International Animation Festival, Melbourne International Animation Festival and many more...

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