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Job Profiles In Gaming Industry

Over the years, the gaming industry has changed into a posh mechanism that provides jobs and opportunities to a good variety of abilities to aspire a career in game designing.

UN agency caters to the ever growing demands of the play trade.

Gone  the times once Atari used to ship out games with monochrome graphics and tiny beeps and buzzes to function a sound accompaniment.

Now, games provide vivid types of images in millions of small pixels with a complete designed background score.

Game design has grown to be the most exciting and competitive careers in the world.

For people with a passion for technology and interactive entertainment, game design has become a dream job and career for many aspirant, but even those with a slight interest in games would jump at the opportunity to become a part of this wonderful fascinating industry.

Game designers use a combination of technology, science, engineering, mathematics, and design, art, and animation skills to create realistic action packed video games.

It is they who are responsible to rake in billions of dollars in sales around the world only by developing games that will attract viewers.

In addition to the entertainment industry, video game designers create interactive games for the mobile technology industry, education, advertising and marketing, web design, and so many other businesses.

In our today’s blog post we will be discussing the number of the key job profiles within the field of gaming industry.


A game is the inspiration of the game designer,who puts all his/her imaginary vision into his project.

They build ideas and set up the whole game flow.

The game designer will define the core elements of the game being designed by him. It is their responsibility to communicate their vision to the rest of the development team, including the ones who create the artwork and to those who work on the computer coding.

Game Programmer

 The game programmer is responsible for writing the computer code that makes gaming possible It’s the most important and vital part of gaming industry.

They are actually the heart of the development process for any games being designed by the game developer.

The lead programmer communicates the game design into a technical specification and then delegates tasks to the programming team. A proficiency in computer languages such as C & C++ language is prerequisite for becoming a game programmer.

Game Artist

The role of the gaming artist begins early in the stage where pre-production phase of the game development process starts.

They create the initial concept art and storyboards of how the game will look and progress in short the flow chart of the process is developed.

The game artist is also responsible for creating the visual elements of the game such as characters, scenery, objects, background images, clothing and skin texture.

Some games focus on how realistic look and feel the game will be  while others go for a more stylised design where stress on the final outcome.

This is more by design than by accident. The development team decides on how much resources should be put to the visual as opposed to other aspects of the game such as motion sensitivity and advanced game play features.


An animator’s role is multi-dimensional.

They are soul responsible to portray movements and character & object behaviors among the game designing.

Animators should work among the constraints of the gaming engine’s technology and its platform with its limitations.

They convert design and code into living characters on the screen.

While most video game designers work in gaming studios, some work at advertising and design firms, web design firms, multimedia companies, mobile technology firms, and software development firms.

In the organization they usually hold titles such as lead designer, game developer, game designer, interactive designer, lead mobile game designer, lead game developer, senior game designer, and many others.

Game Designer Salaries

 Game designers belong to the broader career group “Applications Software Developers.” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for applications software developers is $90,060 per year.

The lowest 10 percent earn less than $55,190 per year, and the top 10 percent earn more than $138,880 per year, says the Bureau. Several employment and salary websites report that video game designers (as a single career group) average between $70,000 and $90,000 per year.

While video game designers are among the highest paid professionals in the world of entertainment, individual salaries vary greatly depending on experience, education, area of expertise (video games, mobile technology, interactive games for education), company, benefits, industry, and geographic location. For example, the top five highest paying states for developers are California (average $112,180 per year), Washington ($111,380), Maryland ($110,160), Virginia ($103,680), and New York ($103,390).

In India market, joining salaries of a fresher’s are around Rs 4.5 lakh (Rs 405,000) per annum for programmers and designers and Rs 3.5 lakh (Rs 305,000) for Graphic Artists and Game Developers.

Indian gaming industry is undergoing makeover and lots of scope is coming up.

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