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We’ve all wondered at one point of time or another it would be like to be among the stars – not just the gaseous kind that we see in the night sky, but those that walk the earth as well. In every field, there are some names that – through time, perseverance and dedication to the work – have established themselves as ‘stars’, shining bright against the sea of ordinary folk.In the sphere of media education development, there is one such name that stands apart from the rest: Maac Kolkata.

From its inception sixteen years ago, MAAC has worked tirelessly to encourage aspirants to the world of media with its unique Research and Development department that curates holistic course content and ensures that the institute, its faculty and its students stay abreast of the latest happenings and advancements in the world of media.

The star behind this amazing facility to our students is Mr. Abir Aich, who is the AVP-Academics of MAAC India. He is a self-taught 3D Artist, and has been in the animation and visual effects industry for over 18 years.

He is also one of the first Autodesk Certified Instructors in India.

With this driving force of advancement as a constant motivation, MAAC Centers across the country organise several events every year so that its students can make the most of their learning period by interacting directly with the stars of the field and gaining invaluable insight and knowledge.

One such event is the MAAC MANIFEST, which is a seminar conducted with the sole purpose of serving as an interface between the students of MAAC and the stars of the media industry.

In recent years, MAAC MANIFEST  at Maac Kolkata was conducted in the Eastern zone by MAAC Chowringhee | Rashbehari | Kakurgachi in Kolkata covering themes such as visual effects and techniques used in films today.

The students got to have an in-depth behind the scenes look at some of the recent visual effects work in groundbreaking films from the various film and television industries, such as Baahubali, Magadheera, Bajirao Mastani and so on.

Also, an important and irreplaceable take away was the advice that these stalwarts of the media world gave the students.

Sanath PC of Firefly Studios, Hyderabad stressed the need for time management and having a well coordinated team, and provided insight on the importance of visual effects in the media industry today.

Gitanjali Rao, a legend as far as classical animation films in India go, talked about the timelessness of the format, and about animation in general.

Rajiv Chilakalapudi, founder of Green Gold Studios and the mastermind behind the popular TV show Chhota Bheem spoke of the importance of the market and the audience in the media world, which runs entirely on the demands of the end user.

All work and no play, however, make one a dull boy or girl… and through the information exchange, these stars shared little tidbits about their experiences that were both entertaining and wholesome.

Mr. Chilaka, for instance, while explaining the story behind the creation of Chhota Bheem, touched upon the topic of how they decided on a name for the studio.

Mr. Sanath PC recounted several incidents from when the team was working on Baahubali: The Beginning. These anecdotes were welcome reminders that despite the all-consuming nature of work in the media industry (be it in the form of film, television, advertisements or graphics), there is plenty to enjoy along the way.

This year, too, MAAC Chowringhee | Rashbehari | Kakurgachi is organising a MAAC MANIFEST by Maac Kolkata, with a very special star of the field as the guest speaker. Mr. Pete Draper, co-founder of Makuta Studios will be gracing us with his presence and sharing his expertise with our students.


For those who aren’t familiar with these names, Makuta Studios is based in the USA with an office in Hyderabad, and is the studio that churned out the likes of Ghajini (2008), Eega (2012), Magadheera (2009) and the Baahubali duology (2015-17).

These films are path breaking in terms of the quality and amount of visual effects work involved, and we at MAAC Kolkata are privileged to have someone who was closely involved with all three projects in a supervisory capacity to share his experiences with us and our students despite his busy schedule.

The latter three films are part of the oeuvre of Telugu filmmaker S. S. Rajamouli, who has established himself as a maker of unique fantasy-films which feature the brilliant and often ingenious use of visual effects.

Eega depicts the story of star-crossed lovers, one of whom turns into a fly that makes it its mission to protect his lover. Magadheera is the tale of a warrior and a princess who are reincarnated and reunited after four centuries.

Baahubali is an epic yarn about a heroic ruler whose lost son returns to claim his birthright as king. The films have all been critically lauded for their technical achievement, and have won several major awards.

Pete Draper was VFX supervisor and advisor for these projects, and is a well-recognized name in the world of film and visual effects.

He is also known to be a jovial and passionate person, thoroughly versed in his craft of making illusions come to life on the big screen.

It’s not every day that one gets an opportunity to mingle with the stars of this world, and that Mr. Naveen Choudhary, Director –  MAAC Chowringhee | Rashbehari | Kakurgachi is keeping up the initiative to ensure that students, and the well-rounded formation of their careers, come first, is a wonderful thing indeed.

We look forward to seeing you at the MAAC MANIFEST 2017, at Maac Kolkata which living up to its name, will share the light of wisdom that is in store for us all.

Or click here on the link to register yourself free of cost for this gala event.


When: 22nd June, 2017; 10.00 A.M. Onwards

Where: Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata

For free passes, drop by MAAC Chowringhee (3rd Floor, Chatterjee International Centre, 33A,  J. L. Nehru Road – near Park Street Metro station). Or Call: 98363 21595

Seats are limited – hurry!!

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