Sunday, 25 September 2016

5 Indian Animated Shorts – A Must Watch

There is a huge potential for growth of animation world in India. Animation industry is developing in India by leaps and bounds. It has witnessed a never seen growth rates in recent times. It can be easily assumed that the future of Indian animators is very bright. I am presenting some of the Indian made short movies that have been recognized with national and international awards.
Sanjay’s Super Team:
This Sanjay Patel directed seven minute movie was nominated for the Academy Awards. It is a 3D animated movie about a lad named Sanjay who is very fascinated with superheros. When his father sits to meditate, he dreams that Indian God and Goddesses turned into superheros to fight with the evil.

Aai – A Mother
This short movie was directed by Aroop Dwidevi released in 2014. This short is about a mother’s unconditional love for her son whom she brought up with great pain. It shows its viewers the Indian middle class family values and emotions.

Chasni – The Sugar Syrup
Directed by Abhshek Verma, this 5 minutes 23 second long film shows the pain of a woman who is victim of acid attacks in Mumbai, India. It shows how painfully she deals with her life and society where nobody bothers even to look at her. This film was awarded and appreciated at a host of platforms.

This film, directed by Prashant Shikare, is a ten-minute video about a seven year old girl Komal who is sexually abused by her father’s friend. Like other children she is very sad and afraid to discuss what happened with her. This award winning movie gives children a social message how to prevent themselves from being sexually abused.

This short film was directed by Rajesh Chakraborty and won several awards. Dhak is considered as an integral part of Durga Puja in West Bengal, India. This three minute video throws light on the dynamics of this popular element.

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