Sunday, 18 September 2016

Do You Have It In You To Become An Outstanding Animator?

Be imaginative:

“That’s the real trouble with the world , too many people grow up”- Walt Disney. Never stop dreaming and dare not anybody tell you not to dream or to get your head out of the cloud. Imagination gives birth to situations and characters within you and brings them to life on paper. What would have happened if someone asked Walt Disney to stop dreaming? Let me tell you what our childhood would have been empty of color filled characters like Mickey Mouse, Mini, Donald Duck, Goofy etc.

Patience you must have!!!!!


You should have the capacity to sit at the desk for hours together just to get a couple of frames together, and then getting it approved by the art director who would normally ask you to do it all over again. Traditional animation for most of the time is pain in the neck/time consuming/ frustrating job. For eg. It took around three years to put two and a half minute of wild-beast stampede animation running at 24 frames per second in the movie ‘Lion King’.

Master at individual and a Team player as well:


The animation field has a wide spectrum of work and therefore it sometimes becomes impossible to work in isolation and there it becomes important for one to work in team if you really want to make it in the industry. In an animation film there are N number of contributors such as background designers, concept artist, key animators, character animators, layout artist and many more. Everybody overlap with one another at some point of time. So therefore one has to be a good listener and have high tolerance and patience level.

You have a sense of humor:


Remember that most of the animated characters are designed for children,so you have to have a mindset of a child of what can make it laugh. This is the key to successful animating comedic. Your animation should be able to showcase your sense of humor by incorporating your characters action and facial expression.

Have an eye for exaggeration:


You should be a ‘RULE BREAKER’ or a ‘PATH BENDER’. There are rules for animation which proves to be milestones for decades. They are the base on which future of animation work 3D technology such as Maya, but for 2D animation it is still a challenge. But you what………

You have impeccable attention to detail:

To look at an object in front of you and draw it on a piece of paper makes you a good animator. But if you learn your subject to the extent that you don’t need the reference anymore makes you a great animator. For e.g. You can imagine a waterfall or a person walking on street that you can actually bring the mechanics of it to life on paper successfully.

So there we have it! The qualities that you require to master to become a great animator. Mastering the above aspects will help you to stand apart in the crowd. And we can help you to achieve it come and visit us to know how at Maac Animation Kolkata.

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