Sunday, 4 December 2016

Importance of Lighting in Photography

Today we are going to discuss about the importance of light during “Photography”. Light and illumination are the basics of photography. The very word “Photography” comes from Greek words, ‘Photo’ means light and ‘Graphics’ means drawing. Hence photography can be described as “Drawing with Light”
 Lighting plays a crucial role in photography. Without light there is no illumination. It can bring a photograph to life. It can generate effects, including spectacular shadows and silhouettes. Say for example- In a room without illumination everything is pitch black we can’t see anything, taking a shot assuming the camera allows to produces a solid black photograph. Now if we switch on the light everything is illuminated.
Lighting determines not only darkness or brightness but also tone, mood and atmosphere. Therefore it is necessary to control and manipulate light correctly in order to get the best texture, vibrancy of color and luminosity of the subject. Without good light, even the most compelling subject won’t make for an interesting photograph.
 Even natural light comes in four basic varieties. Soft light, front light, side light and back light. Soft light works best for colorful subjects.
  1. Softlight: While direct sunlight emphasizes the contrast between light and dark soft light heightens color contrasts, and can emphasize subtle tints that would be lost in the sun...Read More 

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