Sunday, 8 January 2017

Facial Expression in Animation

There are two important parts of any character, it plays most vital role at the time of acting. In animation also, these two body parts gets animated the most: Face and Hands.
While talking on facial animation, stretch and squash law in principal of animation also plays a vital part.
Any expression, like laugh, anger, pain, sad, aloof, surprised, skeptical can be easily expressed without any voice-over or dialogue. From Beauty and the Beast, fierce look was a terror to scar, in the Lion King’s satanic look, all expressions are work of animators.
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Why does animated character need facial expression in animation?
 Facial expression makes the animated character more appealing. If the animators do not express it properly it is not possible to bring life into the character. So to keep character more and more living and to communicate, the thought process of the same we need a proper rigged face.
How to select the right facial expression?
We need to follow what is happening to the shot and also we need to follow the breakdown of the facial actions according to the mood. We should keep in mind that the upper part of the face like the upper jaw part is squashed less, but the lower jaw stretches a lot. At the time of animating a face, this law of Stretch and Squash of 12 principles help the animators...Read More

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