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Demo reel is very important with respect to your employment opportunities in Character Animation as an animator.

Making demo reel is showcasing your skills within a limited time.

The recruiting companies’ checks demo reels of different candidates.

They have to go through many demo reels in less time.

It’s very important to make your demo reel interesting.

There are so many institutes that flood the market with animation graduates every year.

For that it is your demo reel that makes all the difference.

The demo reel should have nice little story with attractive background score.

Rather you can also make combination of different small small demo reels to show case your work.

You need to have a strong character animation in your demo reel.

Remember, demo reel is animator’s creativity.

If you want yourself selected by the recruiters then your demo reel should stand out of the crowd.

In this blog we will work on the common mistakes that should be avoided when making character animation demo reel.

Animation of character is putting your heart and soul into that character.

The character should be imaginative and funny at the same time.

Sometimes the animator’s demo reels are good but there are many mistakes that make the character less interesting.

These mistakes are very crucial when you are appearing for recruitment process.

So keep your demo reel very simple, strong and unique.

Let’s look at the common mistakes that animators makewhile creating demo reels.


The most common mistakes of all is the mismatching of the speed and mass of your object.

You must know the fact that in reality if an object is fat its speed automatically slows.

So if you are designing a character which is fat then always keep in mind that its speed should be relevant to its weight.

All characters are unique in their own way. To make our characters interesting we make them of various sizes and shapes.

So it is very important to decide its speed factor.

For example if you are designing a large bulky dinosaur then its speed cannot be fast.This affects the character when screening it.

Make the mass and speed relatable.


Rotoscoping is a technique that uses the reference of live action photos frame by frame and these photos are redrawn as drawings using animation to make it more realistic.

This is a projection technique used by animators to make their animation more relatable with reality.

Though it is a very good approach for learning projection but most animators fail to remember that.

Your animation cannot be the exact same copy of some photographs that already exists, Right!. You need to add some precise modifications to it.

These small modifications will make your way out of rotoscoping.

Too much Imagination

Imagination is the key factor of making demoreel.

Imagination up to a certain point is Ok, butwhen it goes far away from reach of reality then it proves to be harmful for getting your demo reel selected by recruiters.

As you can see imagination is important as well as critical at the same time.

So while creating your character be as imaginative but don’t fail to keep it related to reality.

Make it over perfect

Detailing in the animation is the most important thing.

You must work on the detailing in your demo reel.

Adding a little messiness purposefully is a good idea, but it should be as acute as possible.

You know a little dirtiness in the character is good which makes it more near to reality.

Adding detailing to your demo reel will make it more likeable and appealing.

Your work should make audiences feel real.

For example if a character is moving his hand then a moving muscle can be shown to add extra effect to it.

Your audience must not only see the animation but also feel it, and then only it is called good animation.

These details totally depend upon your creativity. So it is good idea to make your character a perfect art piece with little mess around it.


It is a good practice to keep your characters styling consistent.It is common among the animators to be inconsistent among the scenes that the characters play.

The demo reel is the reflection of your work so make it appealing.

If the emotions of the character are changing then styling should be done according to that. You must be very subtle to add messiness in your animation.

Subtlety is very important when doing character animation especially the creature animation.

Adding some curves at right positions and making your actions intersecting in the right time will make your character feel more real.

The character should be though for animation as well as should be easy to understand.

Trends in your field

As a good animator you should always keep yourself updated with the new trends in the market.

These include updates in the technology, which are the new software in the market, their cost, why they are different, and most importantly why they are trending i.e. what are its updated functions?

A good animator always keeps eye on latest updates in the market.

Now a day’s recruiting companies use latest software in the market to provide quality to their clients.

There are two advantages of it Firstly they become the organization using latest software and secondly this updated software’s saves a lot of their time.

Having sound knowledge of these newest trends you can get easily absorbed in these companies.

As demo reels are watched by the recruiting companies, all of the above must be kept in mind.

Make your demo reel look good and feel good. It must be so good that the recruiter should remember it while filtering from demoreels of other artists.

The good animation practices will not only make you a good animator but rather you will start thinking more artistically.

So these were the most common mistakes that animators make.

Try to avoid these errors and clear your way to get recruited in an organization as a character animator.

With Maac Animation Kolkata our training team gives up-most importance in demo reel. They guide you at their best to give you the required career boost.

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