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Visual Effect In Dabangg 2

Salman Khan’s action movie Dabangg 2, which was released in December, did a business closer to Rs. 200 crore mark the movie had number of visual effect shots. Today in our blog we we will discuss about the same.

The film was based on the adventures of a heroic cop the great Chulbul Pandey, enacted by Salman Khan.

In the success of the film the visual effects has an important role to play.

India’s leading post-production studios, Prime Focus, was in charge of the visual effect activates and the post production of the movie.

A team of around 120 VFX artist of Prime Focus in both Mumbai and Hyderabad was responsible for over 950 visual effect shorts in the movie Dabangg 2.

That too in a span of two months only. The team wasled by Reupal Rawal.

According to  Merzin Tavaria, co-founder and chief creative director, of Prime Focus, said, “It was a ground-breaking effort on our part as we were involved in the process right from the pre- production stages itself. We delivered a massive amount of VFX in a very short time span. Our work in Dabangg 2 goes to prove how VFX can add value to a narrative not just as a garnish, but a vital ingredient in the recipe for filmmaking”

“The shots were enhanced further by retouching and improving the fluidity of the movement”

The introduction scene if you remember where Salman khan enters with a jeep breaking a wall apart, hanging on to a car and landing was augmented digitally done which resulted in such a  dramatic entry mesmerising our eyes.

Talking about executing the VFX process of the film, Reupal says, “We designed the ‘time-slice’ sequence which involved the actor hitting the thugs hanging from a pole encircling it 360 degrees.

With multiple camera set-ups and freezing the moment to capture it in entirely with different angle.

The shots were enhanced further by retouching and improving the fluidity of the movement.

The team had done extensive compositing detailing job on the shots, CG work like bricks, dust and debris to added effects.

They used 3D dynamics simulation of the concrete slab cracking can you beat it.

In the ‘Dabangg 2 Reloaded’ song, multiple visual effects shots were involved in augmenting the over the top jigs to create more visual appeal on screen.

Visual Effect Animation KolkataVisual Effect Animation Kolkata

In the musical jig, Salman shows off his strength with pushing a water hydrant into the ground breaking the concrete apart.

In order to achieve this, the original plates did not have the hydrant in place; the hydrant was remade in CG which was synced with the live action plates to show the superb strength of macho hero.

To bring about more credibility in the shots, team had used a 3D dynamics simulation of the concrete slab cracking the particle emitting towards generating dust.

In the song sequence, to bring in a twist to the famous Dabangg 2 signature belt move, the team worked on the belt movement in post as well can you beat it.

“The CG sunglasses which flies off the table top somersaulting were added”

The Dhaba sequence was shot in an urban location; to give the place a highway Dhaba look and feel, the team at Prime Focus digitally replaced the walls and buildings through matte paintings.

The team also recreated the cylinder blast digitally, so no harm was done to the actors keeping safety in mind.

Additional shots in the sequence augmented include, Salman kicking a table dramatically resulting in his sunglasses flying up in the air and eventually falling down on his lap.

Talking about the shots, Reupal says, “To stylize this shot, after the CG table breaks into pieces we added the CG sunglasses which flies off the table top somersaulting and landing on Salman’s lap.”

The bullets in Salman’s gun barrel were also made using CG.

“It was impossible to have sunny weather throughout the time”
Senior colorist  Mr.Ashirwad Hadkar set the overall colour palette of the film.

Talking about the visuals of the film, Rohan says, “The overall look and feel in the film was warm brown, it was challenging to maintain a grungy feel throughout the movie and to uphold a synonymous colour flow for the outdoor sequences which were shot in the city of Kanpur, in India.

As there were fluctuating shooting schedules, it was impossible to have sunny weather throughout the time, so the team graded the shots frame by frame to bring in similarities between the shots.

For instance, the climax scene was shot across for almost 15 days where the team achieved the look by grading each frame, and then matching it with the previous frame to maintain consistency and continuity.

With the film having a horde of VFX shots, DI came into play seamlessly merging the entire narrative.

The project posed several challenges, including the tight deadlines, but team ensured to achieve exactly what the director Arbaaz Khan had envisioned.

“The team worked on detailing in each of the VFX shots”

Talking about the experience of working in the project Reupal says, “We were involved right from the pre-production stage and worked closely with director and producer Arbaaz Khan”.

We had to ensure that the VFX used in the movie not only matched the storyline, but also helped audiences to recall 2010 hit Dabangg 2.

The team worked on detailing each of the Visual Effect shots to make it look as credible as possible.

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