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Top 6 Most Popular Animation Magazines

The world of animation is evolving very fast. With all the advancements in the animation technology there is increase in the number of animators in the market.

Today’s blog is about the popular animation magazines that every animator should know.

Animation is being used in every field…whether it is cartoon series, games, videos, movies, commercials or anything else you just have to name it … and animation is already setting its foot there.

Thus it is very important for budding animators to know about the trends in the industry. These websites provides the information about the latest trends in the animation industry, its education and visual effects.

The animation magazines are popular among the industry people. It gives a quick glance of the new updates that the animation people are accepting and which are the new software in the market.

You can either buy a printed copy or opt for a digital one. You can get all the information through these magazines about the world of animation.

There are variety of developments and innovations in the technology of computer animation. The animation magazines take these innovations and present it to animators.

There are many animation blogs and articles available on the internet. But there are some of these that are really worthy of reading and as an animator you should be read these blogs to keep your knowledge updated. So let’s see such websites today and know more about them.

Animation World Network

The animation world network is the most famous group that has the largest selling magazines across the world.

It provides itself in around 150 countries and has lots of readers. It has wide range of interesting articles and news in animation. It has a large source of imagery resources for animators.

It also provides links for animation professionals and fans. They publish printed magazines as well as digital magazines.

These magazines are Animation World for general animation articles and VFX World for VFX and special effects. It is one of the oldest magazines and was launched since 1996.

Their magazines are also available on the online shopping websites such as eBay.

Through the Animation world network, you get one source for variety of information of facets of industry. For every person working in animation industry, AWN has some information for everybody.

Animation Magazine

Animation magazine was founded in the year 1985. It is a monthly magazine that publishes 10 times in a year.

It comes in digital as well as the printed format and covers the latest trends in animation industry and visual effects and its education.

Every form of animation is covered in the Animation magazine.

It also covers the articles about the animated films, TV series, cartoons, visual effects, new media, and new computer graphics techniques and software’s.

They keep their website updated with latest posts. You get the most exciting articles about animation here.

Every year two events are hosted by the Animation magazine. These events are The World Animation and VFX Summit and The World Animation Celebration. Both the events are very popular and prestigious.


Another good magazine for animation is Cinefex. It is a bimonthly journal that covers visual effects in movies.

It was launched in 1980.They have lengthy and important articles about the trends in the animation industry.

This magazine also contains the interviews of popular animators and artists. This is a very famous magazine ever since its launch. It comes in digital and printed edition.

There is special article about the behind the scenes photographs that explains the use of visual effects in the movies.

These photographs contain the stages involved in the progress of the film making.

The digital copies were launched in 2011 and were also made available for ios users. the online magazine has served as the nucleus of the Indian Animation, VFX, Gaming and Comics industry online, since its inception.

Animation Xpress organized many industry conferences and have media partnered almost everyone in the animation, vfx, gaming and comic events all over the world for the past several years. is in the midst of a transformation that will add immensely useful engines and features and revolutionize the way B2B happens online globally.

3D Artist

3D Artist is a magazine that contains all the latest articles about the animation field. They are very popular among the animation crowd and have wide variety of articles and information about different different projects in 3D world.

This magazine is published in UK. They have everything the artist in 3D animation needs to know.

This magazine provides a source for motivation among the new aspirants hoping to make future in the Animation or computer graphics industry.

They interviewed artists across the industry and makers of the 3D projects. They also give career advice from the industry professionals.

It also features the computer graphics tutorials and awesome 3D stuff. This magazine has articles for all levels of animation artists.

3D World

3D World Magazine is another popular name in the Animation magazines.

This magazine is designed for the artists in computer graphics, and also covers areas of VFX, animated games, movies etc.

It is a monthly subscription magazine. It contains the articles related to the 3D creativity.

It in year 2000 Andis published in UK. The magazine is sold across many countries. It is also available in digital as well as printed format.

The magazine illustrates the updates in the 3D animation world, visual effects and video games.

They also provide the column for questions and answers. They provide the tutorials for 2D and 3D animation. They have review articles about new software’s and trends in the market.

So isn’t it cool that you get so many exciting content just by paying some minimal fees.

These are very important magazines for the budding talent in the market of animation.

All the aspiring animators should learn the new trends and technology in the market. There is increase in the number of animators in the industry.

Keeping yourself updated is very important if you want to grow as animator and want to survive in the industry. But reading these animation magazines is informative and fun at the same time.

And why not? They give you information about your favorite animation character.

Today we summarized the top five most popular animation magazines. You truly will get benefit by reading these fantastic periodicals.

Just keep reading!!! Our Animation Blog for more updates.

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