Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Use of Animation In Advertisement

Animation has already established its footprint in advertisement industry.

It is quite common these days that animation is getting recognized in every industry.

Animation is widely being used as substitute for costly film stars and it also provides as option for generating imaginative scenarios related with theme.

For example the Zoozoo in Vodafone advertisement got famous because of its unique advertise theme.

It was so popular that Vodafone Telecom Company was getting recognized by its representative mascot ZooZoo.

It is also to be noted that even giant companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook are also using animation to describe new updates.

It is good to notice how Google maps use the animation to explain the latest updates and trends in its technology.

Facebook also advertised its reactions update through the animation.

It explains different emotions such as happiness, sadness, aww, humor, love, etc through it.

Advertisement is the one feature of the product that attracts the audiences to itself.

It describes the products information in an entertaining way.

That is how the audiences get attracted towards it. For promoting any product it is very important for the company to popularize the product among the viewers so that they can buy them.

The customer will remember the advertise when buying the product from shop. The more unique the ad is, it easy for the customers to remember it.

Animation provides this feature of making an ad creative unique.

Animation creates the world and environment that could not be regenerated within real world or it might be very costly to make it.

Animation in advertisement is getting popular as the cost is less and outcome it more.

In today’s blog we will  discuss about such ads. These ads have made their mark in the advertisement industry.


Fanta is a popular drink.

Fanta advertisement of animated characters that was shown on tv in 2011 was very popular.

That features a girl, and a boy, and a dog’s animated character. It was very much famous at that time and helped to increase the fanta sales.

Advertisements make a huge difference. Although we all know that this is not a best available orange drink product but the ad makes drinking fanta more fun and customers tends to buy this products.


We all remember the ad “Mongo frooti fresh and juicy”.

The latest frooti advertisement that stars Shahrukh Khan and some humans is a famous ad and has new lyrics to it “suck it, and lick it”.

In this ad Shahrukh Khan is shown tracking the frooti that makes us feel like frooti is so good that even Shahrukh Khan loves to drink it and the minute he tastes it everything becomes colorful.

The frootie done the rebranding by using the animation in commercials.


We all are familiar with the Amul girl saying utterly butterly delicious.

Amul is one of the leading companies in dairy industry.

By four decades amul has kept the amul girl as its brand ambassador.

The amul girl was previously in 2d format but they decided to make it 3d format.

Amul has not changed the advertisement theme and has kept the amul butter girl in the ad but she is seen taking the kids to colourful world of dream and fantasy.

Which indeed make the advertisement attractive and interesting?


Everyone knows the duracell bunny.

Because of the bunny that is the fluffy soft rabbit shown in the ad as toy that runs on duracell battery.

The ad comments that the duracell battery has long life as compared to other batteries.

This has been picturised as different bunny using different battery is racing and at the end the bunny with duracell wins.

Duracell bunny advertisement has made a mark in the advertisement industry. It became so popular that even the latest duracell advertises features the bunny itself.

Cadbury Dairymilk

You must have seen the latest cadbury ad of aliens.

These aliens are dancing on the song “intersteller party”. The concept is pretty cute and cool.

The music of song is good and the aliens dancing on the song makes it more entertaining.

The commercial has very nice concept, Cadbury is too good that when the aliens taste it, they become fan of it and dance in joy.

So we have seen some examples of advertises that has used animation in it.

Animation is used in every field of entertainment so how advertisements can can escape from it.

Using animation in commercials has given an additional plus point to it.

It not too far that animation will be ruling the entertainment industry. The best part is it is attractive fun filled to watch and of course cost effective too.

We can see good scope for aspirant animator in every field whether it is movies, television, and advertisement animation is showing its prominent presence in the entire field.

So guys still thinking whether to choose animation as a career? There are ample animation jobs available in the market. Need to grab the opportunity with right skill and right guidance.

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