Friday, 17 June 2016

2D Animation v/s 3D Animation

We are sure many of you must be wondering, what’s the difference between 2d and 3D animation.
Today in our blog we’ll be discussing the major difference b/w both. Let’s talk about 2D animation.

2D Animation

It is one of the traditional animation processes that have been used since hundreds of years. 2D animated videos can be created either by hand or by computer. It requires single image to be followed by the other one in a slightly different position, again followed by another image in another position and it goes on in order to create movement. It was flipbook alike.

In the process, a flat image is produced that has movement and is represented by its height & the width but not depth. Before the computer era the images were created by hand. During this time artists drew pencil sketches of every frame. To give the effect of illusion of movement to this drawing they used to photograph these images one at a time.

Examples of 2D animation:

Tom & Jerry
Family Guy
King of the Hill
Dragonball Z and many more...


Snow white & the seven Dwarves
The Iron Giant
The Lion King
Aladdin and many more...

Before 3D animation 2D animation was at the hype. Then 3D animation entered the market.

3D Animation

3D animation produces a more realistic character as they created using computer software applications that is represented in all three dimensions i.s; height, width and depth.
Besides the benefit of creating realistic character in 3D animation it is also useful as once created the 3D image it can be treated much like a physical object or an actor. Lights and cameras can be changed and moved just like in any other traditional films which are not possible in 2D animation as the light cameras are also drawn as per the requirement.

Examples of 3D Animation:


Star War Rebels
Max Steel
Kung Fu Panda: Legend of awesomeness and many more...

Toy Story
Big Hero 6
How to train your Dragon and many more...

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In our next blog we will be talking about some interesting facts on VFX. Stay tuned! 

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