Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Top advertising campaigns that used animation & vfx in Indian

Today we’ll discuss about few advertisement that have used vfx in its making.Below are top advertisements that have used a perfect combination of vfx and animation.

Vodafone zoo zoo campaign

This was launched in 2009 by Vodafone. Zoo zoo character took away many hearts. This commercial is one of the most successful commercials in India.

According to few facts, zoo zoo were not animated characters. They were real human in such costumes. Special suits were made for the actors keeping in mind the colour combination to focus on the character. Character modelling, lighting, rendering and sound effects were made in post production with maximum use of vfx. The sound effects were too great that they delivered the desired outcome without speaking a single word.

Thanks to the vfx that the entire campaign looked like animated.

Happydent city light campaign

Another brilliant example of combination of vfx and animation. This ad was on the concept ‘chewing gum for sparkling teeth.’

MTS internet baby ad campaign

This is an interesting ad about technology freak baby from the moment it is born. As the baby comes out it cuts its umbilical cord and takes a selfie with the nurse. Funny! Isn’t it? All of this is broadcasted live from a mobile camera. Baby and all its actions are created by vfx. The purpose of the ad was well served that they are the fastest provider of internet.

Animation was done so nicely that the ad looked humours and knowledgeable about service provided by the brand.

Kitkat dancing ad campaign

This ad involves babies in the hospital ward who are playing with their toys and suddenly starts dancing at the sight of kitkat chocolate. The brand delivers its massage that the chocolate is refreshing and enjoyable at the same time. Also emphasised on the importance of tak
ing a break. All the babies in the commercial were real, however the dancing and giggling was computer generated.

Complan takat ka bhoot ad campaign

This as was a combination of real humans and animation which is inspired by a hit film Bhootnath where Amitabh Bachapn plays a role of a friendly ghost. Is the ad the star is plays a role of takat ka bhoot. This ad shows the benefit of the health product. The main character is animated to give a bhoot character.

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