Thursday, 23 June 2016

Animation can be used in different sector other than Media and Entertainment

When 2D animation started with paper and sketches everyone had an idea that it was restricted to only drawing creating cartoons. As the industry matured and computers are introduced, the perception started changing gradually. From cartoons there was a steady growth in other area like gaming industry, animation movies, video games etc.

 In today’s time, animation has convinced professionals from various fields that it should not be restricted to a particular skill set, but should be used as a medium of expression or communication. For example, when we use animation in education, it can used to explain theory and concepts to students in a more convincing and interesting manner.
Now –a- days, animation is used in a variety of industries away from the big screen or consoles. 3D animation is actually a very practical tool in itself with various useful applications in a variety of fields.  So guys let us take a look at some industries which use animation, but are not related to the media & entertainment sectors.

Medical Animation

Medical Animation  are  short educational film which helps the aspirants medical students to learn about different body parts , or surgical topics, to give more realistic feel by using 3D animation and graphics. Medical animation is most commonly utilized as an instructional tool for medical professionals or their patients.

Architecture Visualization

Architectural Animation is a short 3D architectural movie created with the help of computer. A computer-generated building is created along with landscaping and sometimes moving people & vehicles. This gives the feel of the project and its outcome in a real way. It helps to get good business.
Mechanical Animation

Using 3D Animation and modeling one can create virtual models of products and mechanical designs that can save companies millions by just cutting down on development costs. Working in a virtual world can let developers eliminate a lot of problems that would normally require extensive physical test models & experimentation.

Forensic Animation

Forensic animation is a animated recreation in 3D animation which are created to aid investigators & helps in solving different cases with ease.  For examples it includes the use of computer animation, stills, and other audio visual aids.

Animation in Education

Animation has recently become a popular tool in classroom teaching and learning. The ebooks, learning with Animation has actually increase interest & motivation among students. It has taken education to next level where students tend to learn things faster and can grasp in a better way. It’s most effective way of teaching in recent days.

Similarly animation is also used in various other industries. The scope of animator is immense provided you have learned it from experts.  Career after doing an animation course is therefore unlimited. With the right skill & training, one can hold a creative job in any industry today.

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