Sunday, 23 October 2016

I Got My First Job At Deluxe Entertainment Through Maac Chowringhee Placement

  1. MAAC CHOWRINGHEE PLACEMENTHi Sudipta, how are you?
Hello, I am good with all blessings of you and my parents.
  1. Can you share with us how’s life is after Maac Chowringhee?       
It’s pretty much easy to say that my dream came true after completing my course from MAAC.
  1. How was the experience after learning from Maac Chowringhee?
When I joined my job, from that day till now I always feel it was my one of the best decision to get admitted in Maac Chowringhee, because I had learned a good technical skill that always help me to grow till date.
  1. Share some experience of your work in movies?
I have worked for few international projects and I feel myself lucky person to get a chance to work on some of well known blockbuster films. As I am at a responsible designation so I am not able share the film’s names.
  1. Did you get lucky meeting any movie star?
As of my role I am in post-production, so never got a chance to meet with any film star. But I had met with some of the film directors and line producers.
  1. Since you are working in such a big company like Deluxe Entertainment India, what was the atmosphere over there?
Deluxe India’s working environment is highly professional and healthy; we always love and enjoy working in such environment.
  1. What are your future plans? 
This is a hidden magic that I am not supposed to expose but make more dream as a reality.
  1. Say something about Maac Chowringhee.
Maac Chowringhee is the one of the best institute because I have met lots of students from different colleges and institutes, but those students are from Maac, they are really more technically sound and best from artist vision, because Maac have great faculties and infra to build a good future for this industries. The course design was very much realistic to be an industry leader.
  1. Did you miss any of your staff or Instructor from Maac Chowringhee?
There was no chance to forget our faculties; it is because of them what I am today.
  1. Hope you had a great time chatting with us and we at Maac Chowringhee pray for your bright future.
Yes, it was a good chat session and I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you. Thank you.

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