Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Three Realms of Multimedia

 Graphics, 3D animation and VFX are now a day has become a part of our daily life.
Graphics- Graphics is very important part in our daily life. Every industry needs promotion and branding of their brand. Graphics and web are the essential part of publicity. For example, we see advertisement of different brand in the daily news paper. Simply newspapers have become a healthy communication medium for branding and advertising. Advertising of own brands through web is also the best way of branding. It totally depends on the graphic and web designer how their design will look.  It should always be eye catching so that the other part should find interest in it.
Animation--Animation is a very interesting subject today in terms entertainment, education and advertisement. We all have grown up by watching cartoon characters and assume it as a greater part of entertainment. But when animation comes with education, it defines the subject with depth and makes it easier to understand. When animation is integrated with advertisement, it adds interest to all age groups. Everybody loves watching it. It Also defines the products better.t . In Every sphere of life animation is used today.
VFX- Visual Effects have always been an useful part in giving finishing touch to the videos. It is widely being used in all types of movies, serials, cartoons advertisements etc. VFX is used to achieve everything that is impossible to create or shoot. There are many places where filming is just impossible, but filmmakers accomplish all those shots with the help of VFX. It gives realistic feeling to any unreal element.
Future of the industry- Whatever field you choose, say it as graphics, web, animation or VFX, there are innumerable scopes for it in the future. Animation and VFX is the booming industry in the world and India too. The use of these elements is increasing day by day. Everyday new trends are coming and so you have to keep yourself updated. We can predict with almost a 100%`certainty that growth is guaranteed. Technology has a way of creating new avenues. As this industry grows with every step, forward that technology takes and spread across different specialized segments, we see a whole new job titles taking the spotlight. Studios will require professionals with different skill sets to create a well rounded team. So, there is a never ending requirement in these fields. 

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Animation kolkata is one of the best and oldest MAAC centre in Eastern India. It is a part of MAAC family since nearly the inception of MAAC in Kolkata and having three branches at Kolkata. MAAC CHOWRINGHEEMAAC KANKURGACHI & MAAC RASHBEHARI and one in Delhi namely MAAC South Ex. With more than 3000 students taught and over 1000 placed, one of the leading 3D animation institute in Kolkata and INDIA too.

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